Choose a Sugar-Free Aspartame-Free GMO-Free Protein Powder

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I am Mackenzie Cole, a certified Personal trainer and a sales consultant here at Nutrition House in the Tecumseh Mall. I'm sampling and demoing a Whey Protein, it's the New Zealand PERFECT Whey.

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    It is a very good product, it is sugar-free Aspartame free GMO-free
    It is good for vegetarians, gluten free, so it's very natural. There is no added sugar or preservatives so it is very good for the whole family. I've been using it for about 2 or 3 years after workouts, and I definitely noticed a big difference as a muscle repair, recovery rate, and the taste of it is excellent! I've never had to change or switch Protein since. I definitely put all my faith into this product.
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    Why is the Perfect Whey gaining so much recognition for being good for everybody
    It is that it's accessible to the whole family. Whey protein produce by extracting casein from milk. You can really trust this product in terms giving it to any kids, and anyone of any age. It's very good to be a good thing to start the day off. A very clean product so parents don't have to worry about any extra sugar that could affect or harm anybody. Those who suffer from diabetes or any other conditions where sugar is condoned, this product would be a great Protein for them to take because there is no added sugar in it.
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    New Zealand PERFECT Whey is very good for the price
    The price of it averages around $49.99 and we regularly offer a 15% discount.
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    That's very good for the money considering one serving of Perfect Whey as a 28g a protein, 5g of Glutamine, and 6g branched chain of Amino acids
    So it's very good for use as a recovery drink. A great way to recover after a hard workout, run, or any physical activity. Amino acids are shown to improve muscle repair and help lessen recovery time as long as paired with Glutamine together.
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    New Zealand PERFECT Whey would be great to take anytime during the day
    In the morning would be excellent because that's is a great way to start your morning off with high Protein because it's going to put your body in a fat burning state.
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    You can mix it with smoothies or with Almond milk
    You can add a Peanut butter. You can add any greens, berries which make it a very good meal replacement. A post workout would be excellent as well because once your body completed of all essential proteins, Vitamins, and minerals you need to replenish yourself and this would a great way to do it rather than have to cook a meal that takes 45 minutes or an hour. You can use this product right here and save a lot of time, money and actually gets better results than you would from that meal.
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