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You are watching VisiHow. This is a tutorial on how to choose a nation in the Dominations game. At present, there are seven nations in the game we can choose from. The seven nations are the Chinese, the British, the French, the Germans, the Greeks, the Japanese, and the Romans. We will explain each of these in detail, starting at the top with the Chinese.


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    The Chinese nation receives a bonus to the number of citizens, which means we have an extra person to move around and perform tasks or build or upgrade things in the game, which is helpful as we progress up through the ranks of the game. In each age, when our town is created, we will have bonus defenders, which means there are more people to help defend our hometown. The Chinese have a unique fighting unit, which does a fair amount of damage, called the Chu Ko Nu. They are a nice all-around unit that we can choose if it fits our playing style.
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    The British have more gold and have the Longbowmen unit. The British have always been very good at getting and collecting money. So, this increases the money they collect by 5%. They also have the Longbowman, which has a greater range than any other ranged unit. When used wisely in attacking this unit can do quite a bit of damage to enemy defenses without being in range of the enemy's defense attacks. The British are good a good choice if we like this play style and are interested in having extra money.
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    The French have the Chevalier unit and a 20% reduction in the time it takes to train an army. This is helpful if we are online a lot and are constantly attacking because it means it takes less time to train a new army once the old army has been destroyed. Also, the Chevalier is the strongest unit in the game, which means that when attacking, combined with the 20% reduction in training time, we will have a much stronger set of military units to field under our command.
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    The Germans are a tactical and more intelligence based group of people. Rally is their special ability. Rally means that we pick a point on the map and we rally our troops there to attack it. The Germans also allow us to increase the duration of rally. This is useful because when we rally troops to a point, they will run towards that point for a limited amount of time and if the rally cry finishes before then the troops will attack whatever is nearest to them, which may not be what was intended. The Germans have the Vandal unit, which is a high damage unit, but is not high in health. If our style is such that we wish to rally our troops more often, the Germans would be a good choice.
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    The Greeks have the Companion unit, and a bonus for architecture. Anytime we are upgrading something, the cost is reduced by 5%. In the game, when we reach five minutes or less, we can finish our construction for free. With the Greeks, for each age as we progress, we will receive an extra five minutes of free upgrades. This is helpful if we are timing the upgrades well. If we are not timing upgrades well, we will not see much benefit from this bonus. For example, if we start a 23-hour build, and we are waiting for it to arrive but have work or a meeting, we may miss the benefit of this bonus. The Companion unit is a relatively powerful attack unit, although it is not the best. Some people consider it to be the second best attack unit in the game, after the Chevalier.
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    The Japanese are interesting because their town center attacks invaders. This means that if we attack the Japanese, the town center will actually defend itself, similar to an archer tower, as opposed to getting run over and destroyed as in other nations. In the game, when a nation is attacked, there is a peace treaty which prevents new invaders from attacking them for a period of time. The Japanese have a 25% increase to the length of time the peace treaty is in effect. The Japanese have the Bushi unit, which is also a powerful attack unit. However, the real benefit for the Japanese is that the town center defends itself when attacked. The problem with the Japanese is that, due to the extended peace treaty, they will not be able to attack another nation as long as that peace treaty is still in effect. The Japanese would be a good choice for someone who does not play the game every day, as they would not mind waiting out the peace treaty. Someone who does play every day should not pick the Japanese. If we were to pick the Japanese, but the increase in peace treaty time is too long, and we break the peace treaty, that makes the 25% increase bonus worthless.
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    The Romans have larger armies. Obviously, in a game where we are attacking people, military strength is key to success. Having the 10% larger army can make or break a nation. Many people consider the best two nations to the French and the Romans. The Romans have the Legion unit, which is also a powerful attack unit, although not as powerful as the Chevalier. However, there are 10% more of them. For example, a 100 unit space for the Legion becomes 110 versus 100 for the French or anyone else.
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    This concludes the summary of the different nations. Keep in mind, once we have picked a nation, we can always change it to a different nation later in another age. Simply tap the change icon, and pay a small price. The price sometimes changes from time to time, depending on the game developers, and their views on balance. Therefore, you should choose your nation carefully. For us, it will be a choice between the Romans for their 10% increase in army size, the Japanese for their peace treaties, or the French because we do quite a bit of attacking.
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    This concludes the tutorial on how to choose a nation when playing the Dominations game. Remember, the choice is personal. There is no best unit for everyone. Thank you for watching VisiHow.
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