Choose a Hair Color That Will Complement Your Skin Complexion

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If you've been changing your hair color as often as the seasons change, you know it can be totally overwhelming to make a choice from all the colors offered in the market. Should you choose to have a darker or lighter shade? Or should you retain your natural shade and highlight it with another shade? Will you look as gorgeous as the supermodel in the magazine if you pick the same color as hers for your hair? Whatever hairstyle you prefer, you want a hair color that will be flattering to your overall look. How do you choose a hair color that will complement your skin complexion?

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Your skin tone has been handed down to you from many generations in your family. There are natural factors in your genes that determine the color of your eyes, hair, and skin. The amount and type of melanin that gives color to your skin dictates what shade of hair color will work best for you. Knowing your particular skin tone will help you in selecting the perfect hair color for you. Choosing a hair color can be very tricky. If you pick the wrong color for your hair, you will look ashen and washed out. However, picking the right color can give life and healthy glow to your hair, making every other woman green with envy.


How to Determine Your Skin Tone

For you to find your skin tone, you must first determine what type of undertone your skin has. This will help you know whether your skin tone is cool or warm.

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  • Do your veins look blue or green under natural light? A cool skin tone (pink or blue undertone) will appear blue, while veins of a warm skin tone (yellow undertones) will have a green or turquoise color.
  • Which makes you look better: Gold or silver? You have a warm skin tone if your answer is gold. If you answered silver, your skin tone is cool.
  • Does black or brown complement you? Black looks better on a cool skin tone, while brown suits a warm skin tone.

Know Your Skin's Complexion

Cool Skin:

The two categories are:

  • Light Cools
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    People with light cools possess rosy-pink, pearly or pinkish-beige skin. They have eyes that are grayish-blue, light blue or bluish-green colors. The recommended hair colors for this skin type must be lighter, such as platinum blond, white blond, and light brown.
  • Medium to Deep Colors
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    These are skin colors that are light to dark olive or dark brown in shade. The eyes are brown, deep blue, bluish-green or deep green. The best hair colors for this skin type are black or deep coffee brown, as well as burgundy, mahogany or any red-based hair coloring.

Warm Skin: There are likewise two categories

  • Light Warm
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    The skin is ivory white and the eyes are yellow-brown or green-hazel. The hair color must not be too dark, so light ash brown or golden blond are the best choices. Highlights can be in beige blond or even golden-copper red.
  • Medium to Deep Warms
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    The skin has yellow undertones and the complexion is golden brown or reddish. Deep rich colors of dark golden brown, chocolate and espresso are great complements for this type of skin complexion.

Guide in Choosing Hair Color for Your Particular Skin Tone

  • Porcelain White Skin Complexion:
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    If you have a pale complexion, create contrast by choosing a natural-looking, red color for your mane. Maybe Julianne Moore can convince you - the actress looks stunning with her straight red locks. Warm copper, cinnamon browns, and strawberry blond hair also do wonders in adding color to pale skin tones. Avoid black or very dark hair colors if you are extremely pale; otherwise, you'll end up looking paler and older than you really are.
  • Sun-Kissed Skin Complexion:
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    Your love for the sun allows you to wear any hair color, from dark brown to reddish. Choosing dark hair can merit you a second look because it's the best compliment for a sun-baked skin. Avoid getting light-bleached hair. With a tan, you'll easily look like a fake blond.
  • Natural Tan Skin Complexion:
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    Most people endowed with a natural tan are born with black hair. What you can do to add a little flair to such great hair is to lighten the color to a warm brown shade, and add streaks of honey-colored highlights. If you have a lighter skin color, you can be funky by adding purple, blue or red to your dark hair. The shades will be more obvious once light shines on the hair.
  • Reddish Skin Complexion:
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    You can counteract the redness of your skin by opting for light-brown hair colors with honey-colored highlights. Avoid hair colors that are too bright and overly bleached.

Tips, Tricks, and Warnings

  • Choose a hair color that is two shades lighter or darker than the color you're currently using to achieve a flawless finish. Never go over three shades either lighter or darker. Don't try to lighten already dyed dark hair with lighter hair dyes. You'll need to bleach the hair first, and this isn't recommended for beginners.
  • The best time to apply color is before washing the hair. The natural oils will serve to protect the hair from harmful ingredients contained in the product.
  • Keep in mind that hair color can darken or hide gray hairs only for a certain amount of time. The hair's natural color will eventually appear as new strands grow.
  • If you have a neutral skin tone, you can wear hair colors recommended for any type of skin complexion.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment in your desire to find the right hair color that best suits your skin tone. Hair color products are not as harsh as in the past.
  • Don't fix a color mistake by using another box of different hair color. Wash the hair two to three consecutive times with clarifying shampoo. If the mistake is too big to handle, see a hair expert.

It is definitely important to first determine your skin tone and complexion before you can choose the right hair color to flatter your looks. Once you are able to find the perfect hair color that matches your skin tone, you'll be amazed at the great difference it makes in brightening your features and giving you a stunning appearance you've always wanted for yourself.

Questions and Answers

Which hair color suits me, I'm dark Indian?

Which hair color suits me, I'm dark Indian

Finding your perfect hair color depends on your skin's undertones, and whether they're warm or cool. If you look better in white and silver, you're most likely cool. If you look better in cream and gold, you're warm. Once you've determined that, you can find a good color. Warmer skin tones look best with gold-based hair colors, while cooler skin looks best with ash and violet-based hair colors. One general rule to stick to is to keep your hair color a few shades lighter or darker than your skin color to keep it from blending with your skin. Maintaining contrast between your skin and hair makes you look brighter and healthier.

Query about hair color and what color will suit Indian tan skin tone?

Hi. I want to dye my hair, but I'm not sure which color will suit me. I think I fall into the warm category. I'm Indian and tan. I was thinking of golden brown or light golden brown, but I'm afraid if it does not suit me! Please help...

Warmer hair colors look the best with warm skin tones, and they'll brighten up your skin. Stick with darker, warm-toned brunettes or browns. Auburn and mahoganies are good choices, as well. You can try a golden or light golden brown, but make sure it's not too close to your skin tone, as you want a much lighter or darker color to help maintain contrast between your hair and skin.

I dyed my hair with a warm brown color and it looks almost black. Can I redye it with a lighter color?

I'm getting my hair highlighted on Friday and the base is darker than I wanted it to be. It's very dark brown. Too dark for me. Can I dye it with a lighter color? I just dyed it on Sunday and today is Tuesday

You can't lighten dyed dark hair with hair dye. You'll need to use bleach. If you're getting your hair highlighted in a few days, it's best to wait until you go to the salon and consult with a professional. Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo to remove some excess color in the meantime.

Blue / gray eyes, pale / fair skin. What light shade would look good, not wash me out?

I currently have dark brown hair. I'm only 36 but I'm almost fully gray (silver, actually, and shiny, super noticeable) in the front around the face. Some silver on top and sides. With my dark hair, it's so obvious when it grows out. Like in a week and a half, if I pull a ponytail, the contrast is ugly. Scared to go too light and wash me out. Any suggestions?

You should not go lighter than 2 shades of your normal hair color. A light golden brown would look lovely on you. Look for shades that are from a warm honey color palette. Keep in mind that any gray hair is going to need a little extra processing time unless you choose a kit that has 100% gray coverage. If you do not want to begin maintenance every 6 weeks with a new hair dye, choose a color that you can use a touch-up kit to extend the time between applications. This will save your hair from damage in the long run.

Can you help me decide what color I should dye the tips of my hair?

I have blond hair, but like a little brown in it. I have natural highlights.

If you decide to go for the natural look you would probably look great with hair tips that are honey blond. You could also go with a creamy white platinum blond. Stay away from colors that are too cool like lavender or pink. If you wanted to go darker you could pull off a ginger red or a charcoal black.

I am warm tone but I look better in silver? Which category am I under; warm or cool?

I am a tanned golden Asian girl with really dark brown hair and I am looking for a light color that will accentuate my features and skin color. What can you suggest?

You are still in the warm category but can wear neutral colors. If you feel that you look good wearing silver, look for light peach and pink colors to see how you feel when wearing them. Just because you are warm toned does not mean that you have to wear certain colors all the time.

Pastel colors support please?

Hi, I have silver pastel bleached hair with dark roots, I love it, I have quite dark skin & dark eyes, but I fancy a change & love the pastel pink, would I suit that color being dark & if I did go pastel pink/candyfloss, would it be easy to get the silver-tone back? At home without salon help i.e. I do not want the epic to stain my hair & add more orange tones to it while trying to go bright silver-white?

Be very careful when adding pink highlights to your hair at home. These can stain the hair until your hair completely grows out. For instance, years ago Herbal Essence had a hair highlighter kit that was pink in color guide so you could see where you placed the highlights. Well on the copper areas of my natural hair color that pink stain did not wash out for 6 months. It was permanently there. If you want to go back to the silver then I suggest using kits that say they only stay in for a few days. Do a test patch and see how well it wears out.

My natural hair color is brown. I tan easily. My eyes are green and gold. I wear silver, pink, seafoam green, or ice blue nail polish which looks great with my skin tone. My hair is currently highlighted blond and is beautiful. I can wear espresso, chocolate burgundy, and blond equally well. However, I would like to know the best and most flattering color for my skin and eyes?

My natural hair color is brown. I tan easily. My eyes are green and gold. I wear silver, pink, seafoam green, or ice blue nail polish which looks great with my skin tone. My hair is currently highlighted blond and is beautiful. I can wear espresso, chocolate burgundy, and blond equally well. However, I would like to know the best and most flattering color for my skin and eyes.

You are a more neutral tone and can wear any hair color. From dark brown to bleach blonde. Depending on how you feel about the blonde, you can introduce golden or copper highlights to test if you like the red panel of hair color choices.

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I have pale skin but rosy cheeks?

My hair color is dark brown but want to start to go a little lighter as I am getting older and have a few gray hairs

Assuming that you have cool skin, you can go a few shades lighter to a medium or light ash brunette for a more natural-looking hair color. If you really want to brighten up your skin tone, try a violet/red-based hair color like burgundy, ruby, garnet or mahogany. If you're looking to go even lighter, a golden blond might even be flattering.

Can I get a look that compliments people?

I need a look that people will appreciate in me

People feel what they feel by how we exhibit our confidence. Find clothes and hairstyles that make you feel confident. There is no one set of ideas when it comes to style and hair that everyone likes. It is how we portray ourselves that make people feel relaxed and confident in us. For instance, clothing colors like blue relax a person while red means take me seriously. Yet, if you do not have confidence those feelings from the other person will not change.

Hi , my hair is bleached currently,it's kind of orange at the top and blonde at the bottom, I have a deep warm skin tone and wanted to ask whether I should dye my hair a red velvet color or go back to my original color being brown?

Hi , how are you? My hair is bleached currently , it's kind of orange at the top but some of my roots are still brown and it's blonde at the bottom ,I have medium length hair , it was my first time ever dying/bleaching my hair I have serious regrets now , my hair has never been in the best condition yet it's never been to it's breaking point , must hair is thick and frizzy naturally anyway I have a deep warm skin tone and was wondering whether I should dye my hair a red velvet color like the way Ariana Grande had hers before ( my skin tone is similar/slightly darker than her current skin color ) or maybe I should go back to my original color being brown. My hair is frizzy , thick and not on the nutritious or healthy side that it should be , another point is the fact that my hair is bleached. I have tried: I have tried coffee , but it did not work that effectively in staining my hair back to brown. I think it was caused by: My mom , I mean it was all fine , but I'd really like a different color not sure whether I should go back to brown or try out red

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I'm not sure whether or not silver ombre will suit my skin tone?

Hi. I fall into the warm category. I'm Indian and I have caramel skin. I'm 16 and I haven't had any hair treatments before. My hair is thick, jet black and dead straight and I want to change it for prom. I'm thinking of getting a silver ombre but I'm not sure if it would suit me. I don't want to risk dyeing it before I'm sure, because I'll have to bleach it, which will damage it. I also don't want it to look bad for prom. Do you think it would suit me, and if not, what could be an alternative? Silver hair/ombre for warm toned skin isn't spoken about in the article. I have tried: I've tried researching to see pictures of girls with the same skin tone as me with silver hair/ombre. I think it was caused by: I couldn't find a single one, all of the girls had lighter or darker skin than me

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