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The dawn of computers has long been seen; now is the golden age of technology, and everywhere you go, you see people in all walks of life using personal computers, abbreviated as P.C. These personal computers have a large array of uses. It could be utilized to purchase online stuff like clothes, bags, etc. It can also be used to do some grunt work like encoding, printing, picture edits done through programs like Corel, or Adobe Photoshop. And most of all, it can be used for leisure and relaxation, which is often called "gaming". What better way to relax and bust stress than by diving into your favorite games like the famous Dota 2, a remake or improved version of Dota one widely known as Defense of the Ancients made by Ice frog? Gaming is not limited to standalone executable programs; you can also log in to your social networking account and play some browser games integrated with flash animations like FarmVille 2, a revision of the original FarmVille browser game, which was a big hit in recent years. Gaming is fun, pleasurable and gives you an outlet from any mundane activities. A nice set of computer specifications could bolster your gaming experience even more. You could opt for a better visual experience if you have a graphics card suited for "gaming". Whether you're an avid gamer like me or just transitioning toward being a gamer, you need to know how to choose the right video card for optimal gaming experience. Choosing a video card for gaming is something you must think about. Follow these steps my fellow gamer!


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    Distinguish between what you want and what you need
    The first step is crucial. Choosing the right "gaming" video card could be gruesome, considering the amount of jargon you may encounter from the mental choices you make. But first let me ask you what video card do you want? And secondly, what video card do you need? The former question is really easy to answer. Heck, I would say I want the best graphics card out there! And the more important question is the latter, what graphics card do you need? The second question determines the suitable video card for your personal computer. Unless you would opt for some major upgrade, you must bear in mind the limitations of your computer and some of its compatibility issues with certain products. You do not want to buy a $300 video, and soon get a headache after knowing it does not fit your computer's motherboard. More important is to determine the "games" you would want to play upon the installation of the video card, which would bring us to the second step.
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    Know the right specifications
    First, you must determine your PC's specifications. And then if you are targeting a specific game, such as Dota 2, which considers high PC specifications, you must religiously jot down the minimum graphics card requirement. See if it matches the specifications of the your other PC hardware; otherwise you're in for some major upgrades. Guys and gals, let me give you a slight tip. If you are not a computer specification enthusiast, and you get a little bit dizzy from headache inducing jargon such as GPU clock speed (MHz), size of the memory bus (bits), amount of available memory (MB), memory clock rate (MHz), memory bandwidth (GB/s), and RAMDAC speed (MHz), all of which contribute to a better performance of a graphics card, consider getting the help of an expert. Getting the help of an expert could be done online by searching for graphic card reviews. Although personal help of certified experts is much more reliable than reviews, both could clearly help.
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    Spend and purchase smartly
    Whether you are on budget or have the means to purchase whatever you want, you should still consider spending smartly. This means you must purchase a graphics card which is not that new (as it would be utterly expensive) and not that old (as it may be obsolete). To make it shorter, purchase something that is in between.
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  • You can do a simple specifications check on Windows by pressing Windows + R keys, which brings up the command dialog box, and typing "dxdiag". After this, you can check your display properties, and jot down your current graphics card. Consecutively, search and compare prices on the internet before going to computer hardware stores to buy them. This will give you an general idea of the prices.
  • You can check for Mac specifications by selecting the Apple menu on the top left corner of your Mac screen and pressing "About This Mac" from the current menu. This will show what operating system is installed, the processor speed and its type, and its total memory or RAM integrated. If you want to see more info, such as the graphics card and display properties, click on "More Info", and a bunch of cool system info will be displayed.

Questions and Answers

How do I check the PCI Version of my PC's motherboard?

For checking out suitable graphics card.


To check the version of PCI that your computer's motherboard uses, download and install CPU-Z. When it's installed, run the program and click the Mainboard tab. Near the bottom, you will see Graphic Interface box with all the information you need to find a compatible graphics card.

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