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With Pokemon X and Y being released for the Nintendo 3DS this past October and the Pokemon phenomenon showing no signs of slowing down, many users are picking up and starting a new adventure this holiday season. As in the past, with every new Pokemon game comes three new starter Pokemon, of which you can choose only one and set out on your quest. But how do you know which one best fits your play style and what are some of the things to worry about when choosing? Read on below to get all the fluffy little details.

Choosing Your Starter Pokemon

True to the well known format, in the beginning of Pokemon X & Y you will choose between three Pokemon of different types to start off on your adventure. Below we will list each Pokemon, their evolutionary stages and the type of moves and strengths/weaknesses of each Pokemon.

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    Fennekin is a fire type Pokemon. For fans of Charmander in the original Pokemon games, this one could be for you. Naturally it will be most effective against other Pokemon who are weak to fire types. When leveling this Pokemon, be sure to keep the ember move through the early stages of the game. This move has a good power level as well as a 100 accuracy rating.
    1. Resistant to: Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Fairy and Ice type Pokemon.
    2. Weak Against: Ground, Rock and Water types.
    3. Evolution: Fennekin - Braixen - Delphox.
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    Julian Froakie 01.png
    Froakie is a water type Pokemon. This Pokemon has only two weaknesses against other types which means it can be a safe bet for beginners, but it also only has four types of resistance. The best and most effective moves to learn early on in the game are Bubble and Quick Attack. Bubble is a water move with a 100 accuracy rating, while Quick Attack is a Normal-type physical move with the same high level of accuracy but with the added bonus of making the first move against an opponent in combat.
    1. Resistant to: Steel, Fire, Ice and Water.
    2. Weak Against: Grass and Electric.
    3. Evolution: Froakie - Frogadier - Greninja.
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    Julian Chespin 01.png
    Chespin is a grass type Pokemon and completes the roundup of the three available starters in the game. As has been the same in previous Pokemon games, the grass type is arguably one of the weakest, and therefore hardest types to train and use. This is due to the starter grass type having more weaknesses than the other starter Pokemon. For those who do persevere with this Pokemon there are some strong moves to be learned. Vine Whip is an early move with high power relative to other Pokemon at similar levels. Leech seed is also an early level move that lets you drain health from the opponent throughout the battle. If you do choose to go with Chespin, your tactics will be more about strategy than brute force.  
    1. Resistant to: Ground, Electric, Grass and Water.
    2. Weak Against: Flying, Poison, Fire, Ice, and Bug.
    3. Evolution: Chespin - Quilladin - Chesnaught.
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Now that you're familiar with the three starter Pokemon in X and Y, why not begin on your own Pokemon adventure? As your Pokemon grow and you add more to your ranks, be sure to share your tips and strategies in the comments below.

Stuck Deciding Between Pokemon X and Y?

If you're still wondering which game to go for, the only difference you will find between the two are the Pokemon available. The starter Pokemon are the same for each game, but in addition to these there are nine exclusive Pokemon to find and catch (not including their evolved stages). It's still possible to get the other versions of exclusive Pokemon by trading with a friend.

Pokemon X Pokemon Y
Staryu & Starmie Shellder & Cloyster
Pinsir Heracross
Houndour and Houndoom Larvitar, Pupitar, and Tyranitar
Poochyena and Mightyena Electric and Manectric
Aron, Lairon, and Aggron Purrloin and Liepard
Sawk Throh
Swirlix and Slurpuff Spritzee and Aromatisse
Clauncher and Clawitzer Skrelp and Dragalge
Xerneas Yveltal. Dark

Tips, Tricks & Warnings

  • Remember that although these are your starter Pokemon, you will still be catching more along the way. Try to build a team that balances different types so you can switch between them to offset any strengths and weaknesses.

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