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Let's face it, mostly all us women love wearing makeup to improve the look of our appearance. We have a lot of fun doing it too! But did you ever have a day when you put on your makeup, and look after you're done and think that something just doesn't look right? I know I have personally experienced that.

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This article will discuss choosing the right color of eye shadow. When choosing a color, there are some factors that must be considered. This includes the color of clothes we will be wearing, the color of our hair, skin tone and the color of our eyes. We want everything to look just right don't we? Here are some eye shadow options.

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Which Shadows Are Best For Your Eye Color?

  1. 1
    Blue Eye Color:
    If you are blessed with eye color like the skies, there are different eye shadow options you can choose from. The blue eye color is naturally bright looking; the eye color can be complemented well with pink, blue, brown, violet, white, gold, & silver colors. One way of creating a great impression with your eye shadow is choosing a darker shade of blue to make your eyes pop and stand out.
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    Green Eye Color:
    Individuals who are born with eye color like the trees and leaves have different eye shadow color options. Contrasting colors are best paired with the green eye color; these include shades of rust, purples, plums, copper, & fuchsia. Make sure to pair your bright eye colors with lighter shades for the cheeks and lips.
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    Brown Eye Color:
    If your parents passed on the eye color of earth then you have a neutral extravaganza in your hands. Brown eyed individuals will do well to choose eye shadow colors like white, toffee, beige, chocolates, purples and grays and darker blues for a smoky look. Bronzy looks are great for brown eyed individuals which can be complemented with nude and orange shades of lip color.
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  4. 4
    Hazel Eye Color:
    For hazy colored eyes there are a variety of colors that look good. Choosing in the creamy color palette will be the best choice, hues like beige, browns, cream colors and even select gray shades will make eyes look beautiful without being too bold.
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When choosing these eye shadow colors also consider the texture or consistency of shadow. Some of the different choices for eye shadows are the following:

  • Powder - These are great for finishing touches but require a primer to stay in place for the entire day.
  • Cream - The consistency of the cream eye shadow allows the user to create depth but can be sticky and messy when not set with powder.
  • Pencil - For precise eye shadow application the pencil is ideal. However, this can be very harsh and must be blended with a brush.
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Another factor that comes in to play when choosing the right eye shadow color is the skin tone.

Which Eye Shadows are best for Different Skin Tones?

  1. 1
    Brown or Dark Skin: There is a lot if misconception that dark skinned individuals must only opt for neutral palette. However, deep colors also look great for this skin tone, shades like dark blue, purple and corals are very attractive and can be used with different blending techniques to achieve a polished look.
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    Light Skin: Most people think that light skinned individuals can practically wear any color, although this may be true, the devil is in the details. These colors have different shades and light skinned individuals must pick warm shades such as light pinks, greens and purples. Light grays are great for creating a smoky look.
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  3. 3
    Olive Toned Skin: Individuals with olive skin are challenged with finding the right shades to bring out the beauty of their skin color. Bronzed effects are great for olive skin like browns, gold, and amber colors.
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    Medium Skin Tone: One can stand out in a crowd with a medium skin tone when the right eye shadows are chosen. These include smoky grays, darker browns, and bolder pink and deeper purples.
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When out eye shadow shopping make sure to try everything and find the best shade that makes your eyes look gorgeous.

Tips, Tricks and Warnings

  • Make sure your eye shadow color does not clash with your clothing.
  • Play around and try different shades to see what looks best on you.
  • Get a friend's opinion when applying makeup.
  • Check out different tutorial videos online for makeup application techniques.
  • Browse magazines to see what new products are test these out.
  • Ask for tips from professionals when you get the chance.
  • Find celebrities who have the same eye color or skin tone and get inspiration.
  • Always consider the occasion when choosing your eye shadow color.
  • Find a neutral shade that works best for you for daily use.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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