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You may have come across one of our other gaming related articles Connect Xbox 360 controller to Samsung Galaxy S4 on using a USB controller with your Android phone. You might have even gone on to try your controller with your device, and you may again have ended up wondering why some games work with the controller, while others don't. Android is a touch-based operating system by design, but that doesn't mean game developers have forgotten about the handheld controller.

If you've connected your own controller but don't know which games support it, or how to check, then read on below for the How-To.


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    From your Android device, head to the Play Store
    If you've removed the icon from your home screen, just open your apps folder to locate and open the store.
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    Any time you are looking at an app to purchase or download, there will be a description section
    This is often found in a minimized view, so press the arrows next to "Description" to view.
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    There is no standard layout for the description, so it's always best to read through the entire section
    Besides listing USB controller support, you can also find other useful information, such as support information for your specific device.
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    Check the example below for Grand Theft Auto III
    Julian AndroidUSBGC-01.jpg
    You can see in the description: Game-pad support for select USB Controllers.
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    Notice that the description mentions "Select USB controllers"
    As a general rule, if your controller is USB Plug & Play compliant, you should have no problem. If you are using an unbranded device or an adapter for a non-USB device, then you'll have to rely on trial and error to check for compatibility. In any case, it's always recommended to use a Plug & Play compliant controller.
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    You can apply the above to any game in the store
    There is no rule for developers to list compatibility or not, so you may come across games that support your controller that didn't have compatibility listed in the description. If there are contact details in the description or a link for technical support, you can use these to contact the developer directly when in doubt.
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Controller Compatibility List for Android games

  • If your game does not mention compatibility in the Play Store description, or if you just want a quick reference for games that are compatible with a USB controller, simply check our list below.
  • Important note: VisiHow presents this list as a quick reference for compatibility. Compatibility can be affected as developers update or amend games, or Google updates or amends the Android OS. Compatibility also depends on your specific device and controller combination.

Game Game Game
3D Arena A Space Shooter Air Attack HD
Alert Terrorist Alphadia Alphadia, Grinsia
Andor's Trail Another World Antigen
Assaulter Android Avenger
Avoid Baseball Superstars 2009 Baseball Superstars 2012
Battle Bears [Royale] Beach Buggy Blitz Beans Quest
Bike Mania Blazing Souls Accelerate Boulder Cash the Collection
Brain Cube Cafeteria Nipponica Canabalt HD
Cannanbalt Chrono&Cash Cordy
Cordy 2 Covenant of Solitude Crash Drive 3D
Critter Rollers Crusade of Destiny Cup! Cup! Golf 3D
Dark Incursion Dark Gate DB42
Dead Trigger DeadZone Diversion
Diversion Doom GLES DotQuest En
Drag Racing Dragon FLY Dun­geon Village
Earth and Legend Enborn X - LANTANSIA EnbornX
End of Aspiration Epic Astro Story Escape: The Room
Eve of the Genesis Expandable Rearmed Final Freeway 2R
Final Space Lite FPse for Android Frog Jump in Maze
Gachinko Football Gachinko Tennis Gachinko Tennis 2
Gachinko Wars Gailardia Gailardia 2
Gailardia 3 Game Dev Story GameBoid
GBC­oid Gear­oid Gem Breakers
Generation of Chaos Gens­oid Giana Sis­ters
Gnar­Bike Trials Grand Prix Story Grand Theft Auto III
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Grave Digger Grav­iTire 3D
Grinsia Guns'n'Glory Guns'n'Glory WW2
Gunslugs Happy Vik­ings Happy Vikings - HandyGames
Helium Boy Hot Springs Story I Must Run!
Icy Joe Extreme Jump Illusia INC: The Beginning
Inertia: Escape Velocity Jumpy Keidoro Spe­cial Killdroid
Knight of the Earthends Legends of Yore Magical Magic
Marv The Miner 2 Max Payne Mobile Mega Mall Story
Meganoid Meganoid 2 Meganoid
Micronytes Mike V: Skateboard Party Millionaire City
Mini Army Mobile Android Mobile Invaders
Moto X Mayhem Mr. Karoshi Muffin Knight
My Kitty N64oid Neoteria
NESemu Nesoid Ninjammin Beatjitsu
Overkill Pacman Kart Rally Pinball Crazy Castle
Pinball ride Pixeline Jungle Treasure Pix'n Love Rush
Pocket League Story Radiant Raging Thunder
Raging Thunder 2 Reckless Getaway Reckless Racing
Reckless Racing 2 Riptide GP Robot
Roll Rev 99 Tracks R-Type Radiant Samurai 2: Vengeance
Shadowgun Shaolin Jump Shark or Die
Shine Runner Silver Nomir Sky Force
Sleepy Jack Sleepy Jack SNes­oid
Soccer Superstars Lite Sonic 4 Episode 1 Sonic 4 Epis­ode 2
Sonic CD SoulCraft Space Cat 3D
Space War Lite Spectral Souls Sprinkle
Star­dash Steampunk Racing 3D SummitX
SupaSupaCross Super Drill Panic Sym­phony of Eternity
Symphony of the Origin Tank Riders Tap'n'Crash
Temple Run The Bard's Tale The Escape Game
THE KING OF FIGHTERS Android They Need To Be Fed They Need To Be Fed
Thump The Zombie TibiaME MMO Tikki Kart 3D
Top Truck Tower Bloxx: My City Tur­bo Fly 3D
Virtua Tennis Challenge Waveblazer Whale Trail
Wind Up Knight World Cruise Story Tokyo
Zenonia Zenonia 2 Zenonia 3
Zenonia 4


  • The Android ecosystem is vast and fragmented. Compatibility will always depend on the specific game, controller, device and version of Android you are running.
  • If you've purchased a game but still can't get your controller to work, make sure you are refunded for the game at the store within 15 minutes of purchasing it. Just open the Play Store, search for the app you've installed on the app description page and press "Refund."

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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