Cheat and Find Secrets in Zelda: a Link Between Worlds

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The Legend Of Zelda is a game that has been a Nintendo mainstay since the first title launched on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1986.

It was the third game, A Link To The Past in 1991 that really got the attention of gamers, along with widespread critical acclaim. Fast forward to 2013, with over 70 million sales in the series, Zelda is returning to its roots with The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Now this direct sequel to the 1991 classic is shaping up to be one of the hottest games this holiday season. Zelda has never been a game for cheat codes and the like, but some exploits, along with a few handy tricks will have you rampaging around Hyrule like a pro.

StreetPass Exploits

Never Lose In A Shadow Link Battle

If you're facing off against Shadow Link in a StreetPass session, make sure that you save your game just before the battle. If things don't go your way, just turn reset your 3DS and you will be returned to the saved game prior to the battle. You can keep entering the battle until you defeat your opponent.

Get The 999 Bounty Shadow Link

When configuring your own Shadow Link for others to battle in StreetPass mode, you might have noticed the bounty associated with your character. Depending on your progress and in-game items the bounty associated with your character will change. If you want to have the maximum bounty (along with top bragging rights), you will need to configure your Link exactly as below;

  1. 1
    Make sure you upgrade your Master Sword to the maximum level by using 4 Master Ores.
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  2. 2
    Equip the Red Tunic (this can be discovered in Lorule Castle).
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  3. 3
    Have a total of 20 life hearts
    These can be obtained by collecting all of the heart pieces as well as the heart containers scattered around Hyrule and its dungeons.
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  4. 4
    Have the move 'Great Spin Attack'
    This can only be unlocked by obtaining the 100 Maiamais in the game.
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  5. 5
    Equip two upgraded weapons in the spare slots
    You can upgrade the weapons with the 'nice' prefix by collecting and returning Maiamais to their mother.
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A More Difficult Shadow Link With Lower Bounty

You can make your Shadow Link even harder to beat by equipping potions to refill his life meter. Just replace any of the weapons in the empty slots with potions. Your bounty will go down but your opponents will have less chance of beating you.

Wall Merging Mode

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One of the new features in A Link Between Worlds is Link's ability to turn into a 2D painting and move along walls. There are a few Easter eggs and secrets to be found in the game while in this form.

  • Look through houses and stores for paintings and decorations that link can move behind. In your house, you can move behind Majora's mask on the wall to make it look as though you're wearing it. The Stylish Woman from Kakariko Village also has a lipstick stain on the wall of her house that Link can merge with to create an amusing scene.
  • There are many paintings of Rupees (the in-game currency) scattered throughout locations in both Hyrule and Lorule. Merging behind any of these will grant you free Rupees.

Easy Money Found In The Game

Once you've collected and purchased all the main items in the game, money becomes of little consequence. Until then, you will want to get your hands on all the Rupees that you can. The characters tipped below will certainly help you out with that!

  1. 1
    The Cowardly Hinox
    If you head to the upper right areas of Lorule, a small cave can be found, sheltering a single, cowardly hinox. If you talk to him he will respond with 'leave me in peace', offering you 5 rupees to do so. Each time that he offers you a reward you can accept or decline, and each time you decline he will increase the reward. Don't accept until he offers 100 Rupees, after which you can exit the cave. Make sure you don't decline the offer of 100 because the Hinox will become upset and attack you, and in this state, he is invincible.
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  • 2
    In another cave below the Vacant House, you will find the Thief Girl rescued from the Thieves Hideout
    Speaking to her will reveal a chest with a random Rupee reward inside.
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  • Unlimited Heart Refills

    You can probably file this one under unrealistic, but at VisiHow, we aren't going to tell you how to spend your free time.

    If you can survive the Cucco Run Mini Game for 999.99 seconds (that's 16 minutes and 40 seconds), you will be rewarded with a giant Cucco and be proclaimed the Cuccomaster. The Cucco will now remain in front of the mini game pen and give you infinite hearts to refill your life whenever you need them. Pausing repeatedly helps immensely, especially after reaching 300 seconds and onwards.

    Glitch: Super Bug Net Boss Battle

    True to Zelda form, the final boss battle with Yuga involves a segment where you will need to deflect magic shots using your Master Sword. If you previously collected the Super Bug Net (read on to the next section if you don't have it yet) you can actually use this to a much greater advantage in the second stage of the battle. Simply equip the net and deflect the magic shots. The benefit of using the net is that the swing is so long you can deflect two hits with one movement. You won't need to worry about switching back to the Master Sword either, because you can finish off Yuga using the net.

    Unlocking Items Though The Treacherous Tower

    Beating the Treacherous Tower will net you different rewards depending on how may levels you were able to beat.

    1. 1
      5 Levels
      Getting through 5 levels of this gauntlet run will reward you with a random number of Rupees.
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    2. 2
      15 Levels
      Make it through 15 levels and you will receive a Heat Piece along with some Rupees. Each time you collect four Heart Pieces you will be rewarded with a new life heart.
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    3. 3
      50 Levels
      The first time you make it through 50 levels you will receive the Super Lamp along with some Rupees. The Super Lamp allows you to damage nearby enemies.
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    4. 4
      50 Levels (Second Time)
      If you beat 50 levels again, you will be rewarded with a Super Bug Net. This upgraded net can be used as a weapon to damage any enemy.
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    Collect Maiamais

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    Collecting Maiamais is not just a pointless side task. Grab all of them that you can find, because returning them to their mother will get you some unique and powerful upgrades that aren't available any other way.

    Maiamai Rewards
    Upgraded Item Original Item Required Maiamais Required What It Does
    Nice Bow Bow 10 This bow will fire off three arrows at the same time.
    Nice Boomerang Boomerang 10 This Boomerang moves faster and you can send out three at once.
    Nice Hammer Hammer 10 This Hammer has added spikes and the area of effect is increased.
    Nice Hookshot Hookshot 10 This Hookshot shoots faster and has a longer reach than the standard item.
    Nice Bomb Bomb 10 The Nice Bomb is bigger and has a larger blast zone.
    Nice Tornado Rod Tornado Rod 10 Tornadoes created with the upgraded rod will be larger with more affected area.
    Nice Ice Rod Ice Rod 10 Your fire pillar will be larger and faster
    Great Spin Master Sword 100 The classic spin attack with extra devastating power.

    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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