Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Follow the steps below to charge your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Also included are some tips on how to optimize and conserve your battery use.

Charging Your Tab

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    Plug the USB cable into the USB port of the device on the bottom
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    Plug the other end of the USB cable into the charging adapter
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    Plug the adapter into a power outlet
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Optimizing Your Battery

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    Scroll the notifications bar down on the home screen
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    From here, you can turn the WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS off when not in use
    You can also put the phone on silent mode if necessary. Adjusting the screen brightness will also help save your battery.
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    Avoiding live wallpapers will lower your battery consumption
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Optimize the Use of Your Samsung Galaxy Tab by Charging it Efficiently, and Monitoring the Level of the Battery's

There is no doubt that Tabs have radically changed the way people do things. In fact, their popularity has been unprecedented. When Tabs were first introduced, there were only a couple of big players. Now, even local brands and gadget manufacturers are venturing into the Tab industry. No one can deny the convenience of a Tab. Manufacturers of laptops and cell phones should feel threatened by the increase in popularity of the Tabs.

Why are Tabs so convenient? They are very portable. You can work anytime, anywhere. You can also check your email, even when you are on the road. During a long trip, you can play games, watch movies or listen to music. There are countless things you can do with your Tab. The money you spent on your Tab, however, will be wasted if you don't maximize its functions because it keeps on running low on battery. This article will explain how to make the most of your device by learning to effectively charge and monitor your Tab's battery.

Charging your Samsung Galaxy Tab

After purchasing your Samsung Galaxy Tab, the first thing you should do is to fully charge the battery. Your Tab comes with a wall adapter and a USB cable. Attach the USB cable to the wall adapter. Once your Table is ready for charging, connect the USB cable to your device. Afterwards, plug the adapter into the wall. You will know your Tab is charging because you will see a large battery icon on the touch screen of your device.

The battery icon will also show the progress of the charging process. If you do not see the battery icon, there may be a problem with the outlet, the adapter or the Tab itself. Try connecting it to other outlets. If it's still not charging, you should bring it to the nearest Samsung service center. You can also charge your Samsung Galaxy Tab by connecting it to a computer or Laptop through the USB cable.

Just attach the USB cable to the tab then connect it to the computer's USB port. Once the connection is good, the battery icon will appear. Nevertheless, it's better to charge your tab using wall outlets, rather than charging it using a computer. Avoid overcharging your device. Make sure to remove it from the computer or from the wall outlet once the battery icon reveals 100% charged status.

Monitoring the Battery Status of Your Samsung Galaxy Tab

Check the bottom right part of the screen on your device, you are most likely find the battery icon beside the time display. The icon is completely colored when it's fully charged. The color goes down as the charge is depleted. If a big exclamation point appears inside the battery icon, it's a signal that your battery is running low and you should stop using it, and recharge. If you use your device until the battery runs out, you risk losing what you are working on. When the battery is in the midst of charging, you'll notice a bolt symbol inside the battery icon.

Questions and Answers

I've got problems.

Usually when my Tab is fully charged, the status icon appears, but lately, the status icon doesn't appear, although the percentage of battery charge shows 100%.

The status icon will only appear when your phone is fully charged. Sometimes your battery indicator will read 100%, but your phone is not fully charged yet. You also might have gotten a software update that took this feature away; you can Download the Battery 100% Alarm Application to restore the function.

Hello, I just unpacked this Galaxy Tab 4, and I can't seem to get to the Home page?

I am seeing a sort of setup screen with 4 tabs across the top: Connections, device, controls, and general. I must have missed something...

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