Charge a DJI Phantom 2 Battery

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    This is a Phantom 2 battery
    The Phantom 2 battery is not compatible with either the Phantom 1 or the Phantom 3 batteries. Make sure that you're purchasing the correct battery for your specific model of Phantom. The battery has LED indicators on the front. They indicate the battery charge.
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    Press the circular button once
    The battery shows that it has one green bar. One bar means that the battery has 12.5-25 % of the battery level. The Phantom 2 battery is a 5200 mAh 57.72 Wh 11.1 V battery.
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    To turn on the battery, press and hold the circular button just as you would on the Phantom
    The reason that you may need to turn on the battery before charging is to see if the current capacity of the battery is over 75 percent.
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    The batteries should be charged with the DJI charger
    To begin charging, simply connect the charging port to the back of the Phantom battery.
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    The light on the power adapter will turn red, indicating that the battery is charging
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    Also, the battery will begin showing the process of charging with the LED indicators
    The blinking LED 1 indicates that the charge is at the 0-25 % level; two LEDs denote 25-50 %; three LEDs denote 50-75 %; four LEDs denote 75-100 %. When no lights are blinking, the battery is fully charged.
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Questions and Answers

Battery says it's charged, but the drone says it low?? Help?

Plain and simple the battery has 4 green lights, but the drone shows red lights and won't spool up. Whats the problem???. Thanks,. Pete. They don't cover my problem, and using lipos for planes it doesn't seem to be a poor amperage problem with the battery. BTW, both batteries do the same thing. In addition, I just bought this from my neighbor. He's clueless.............. Pete

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