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To have a smoother ride and keeping the engine in good shape, it is better to change your engine oil regularly every 6 months. It is important because it serves as a lubricant to moving parts of your engine and also serves as a coolant. It also cleans parts of the engine by carrying away the dirt and depositing it in the oil filter plus it has an anti corrosion effect on the engine parts. Now let us begin this simple tutorial on how you can change your engine oil for your motorcycle.


  1. 1
    Gather materials needed for oil change
    You'll need replacement engine oil, long nose pliers, socket wrench, a basin or pan, extra rugs and a funnel.
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    First open the oil filler cap
    It is located at the right side of the engine that can be easily distinguish by its color black and is made of plastic. Use your long nose pliers to open the cap. Opening it will allow air to go in while you are draining the oil thus as a result it will be faster to drain your engine oil.
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    Second drain the oil
    Using your socket wrench remove the drain plug underneath the oil pan. Make sure that you have the basin or pan placed under it so that it will catch the oil draining from your engine. Wait until there is no more oil dripping.
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    Third clean the drain plug and replace the crush washer
    Use the rug to clean the drain plug and also replace the existing crush washer.
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    While draining your oil you can clean the mesh filter
    It is located at the side of the engine, remove it and wipe it using the rag to clean it.
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    Place back the drain plug and mesh filter and start refilling the engine with the new engine oil
    Use the manual to know the oil capacity of your engine and using the a funnel fill in the engine with the new oil. After you fill in our oil replace the oil cap and you are good to go.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Safety first. Make sure you did not use your motorcycle to ensure that the engine is not hot. hot engines means hot oil, and you might hurt yourself.
  • Properly dispose the used engine oil. you can recycle it or use it as lubricant in rusted screws.

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