Change Date and Time Settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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Learning about all the available features and settings on your smartphone can be a daunting task. Something as simple as changing the date and time on your Galaxy Note2 can be intimidating when you are faced with all the settings available. This "How To" article will explain how to set the date and time on your Galaxy Note2 - so you can get back to the important things in your phone.


For a quick video on accessing the date and time settings, click HERE.

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    From your home screen, access Settings (gear icon) by swiping down from the top of your screen.
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    From the Settings screen, under System, press "Date and Time"
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    You will see a list of settings you can modify
    When you have completed the settings, you can return to the home screen by hitting the back button a few times, or simply tap the "Home" button. See the following for the explanation of each setting:  
    1. Automatic Date and Time. Selecting this will disable "Set Date" and "Set Time". While this is selected, your phone will automatically set the date and time based on data collected from your current network.
    2. Set Date. Here you can manually set the date if you have unselected "Automatic Date and Time".
    3. Set Time. Here you can manually set the time if you have unselected "Automatic Date and Time".
    4. Automatic Time Zone. Selecting this will disable "Select Time Zone". While this is selected your phone will automatically set the time zone based on data collected from your current network.
    5. Select Time Zone. Here you can manually set the time zone for your location if you have unselected "Automatic Time Zone".
    6. Use 24-Hour Format. Selecting this will show the time on your phone in 24-hour format e.g. 3:08 pm will become 15:08.
    7. Select Date Format. Set the correct date format for your part of the world.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • In most cases, it's best to leave automatic date and time enabled. Situations where you might need to change this are if you are traveling, but still want your "Home" time still set on the phone, or if you have no network connection on your phone and the time and date are incorrect.
  • Data charges - letting your phone automatically set date and time will not count toward any data charges.

Common Issues Encountered

If you encounter some issues changing your phone's date and time, the following troubleshooting tips will help you.

I cannot change the Date, Time and Time Zone on my phone. The options are grayed-out. What should I do?

You are not allowed to edit the date or time, nor select the time zone on your phone's settings when you have enabled "Automatic Date and Time", as this option allows your phone to adjust based on the network provider's date and time. Should you want to manually change it, make sure that the checkbox for "Automatic Date and Time" is unchecked.

The date on my phone skipped by more than a month. Yesterday it was November 02, 2013, now it's December 02, 2013. How can I fix this?

Actually, there is nothing wrong with your phone. You just have set the date format into DD/MM/YYYY. The actual date is not November 02, 2013 but February 11, 2013. So the next day it becomes February 12, 2013 and not December 02, 2013. To change date format go to Home > Menu > Settings > More > Date and Time > Select Date format > Choose the format of your choice.

Every time I restart my phone, the displayed time is different. No matter how I adjust it to the correct time, it always ends up a few hours ahead or behind.

Your phone's time will differ from the actual time by a few hours if you've set the wrong Time Zone, and at the same time, enabled the "Automatic Date and Time" option. When you adjust your phone's time to the correct one, and you restart it your phone, the time will automatically be set to the network operator's time. If you have chosen the wrong time zone, your phone's time will add or deduct hours from the network time based on your chosen time zone. To change your time zone go to Home > Menu > Settings > More > Date and Time > Select Tim Zone > Choose the correct Time Zone for your correct location.

Questions and Answers

Current network time is different.

I changed the automatic date and time zone. But time is different - 6 minutes behind.

Some carriers do have wrong time in minutes. I suggest you put a check beside "Automatic Date and Time". Got back to home, and then go back and uncheck it. Now set up time manually to adjust the time to the proper one.

My phone is running 20 minutes fast. Calendar reminders alter time settings.

Calendar reminders alter time settings, even though I have "Auto Date and Time" unchecked. The reminders override the settings, and checks the box.

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