Change CMOS Battery

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Although your computer will run even having a drained CMOS battery you will experience a change in performance of your Personal Computer. It can be Long booting time, you cannot access websites because your time is not in sync. This is a tutorial on how you will change the battery of your CMOS.

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    Prepare the tools that you need
    A Screw driver, and a replacement battery if you don't know the size of your CMOS battery you can first remove the battery and go to an electronic shop and buy a new one there. Let them see the battery so they know what to give you.
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    Prepare the CPU
    Put the CPU where you can work easily, put in a table and on a well lit place you can use an extra lamp to look inside the CPU.
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    Remove the side cover
    Use the screw driver to loosen the screws of the side cover to remove it. Look for CMOS battery. Motherboard manufacturers commonly use a coin cell type of battery. Locate for this flat and round battery on the motherboard. If the motherboard has an on-board type of battery and then the battery cannot be replaced. Look for the provided empty "coin cell" battery slot in the motherboard that you can use when you replace the primary battery dies.
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    Removing the Battery
    Carefully look inside the CPU locate the battery, it looks like a sliver round coin. Gently lift the clip holding the battery in place and remove the battery by sliding it out.
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    Replace the battery with a new one by sliding the battery inside the clip making sure that it is in the right place.
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    Upon start up go to BIOS, and to optimized/default settings
    Exit and save changes.
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    Your computer will reboot and you have successfully change your CMOS battery.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Safety first. Make sure that you disconnect all cables first so that no electricity runs through your computer.
  • Do not play around, just do what you intend to do.

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