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Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third installment in the Dragon Age series and picks up the story from where it left off in Dragon Age II. The Mages, having suffered years of abuse have rebelled against the Chantry and their Templar jailers. Circles all over southern Thedas have fallen, and the Mages and Templars are engaged in an all-out war. The Conclave, a gathering of free Mages, Templars, and Chantry officials organized by Divine Justinia to negotiate peace between the two sides, has exploded, leaving behind a giant tear in the sky, known as the Breach, which is pouring demons from the Fade into the world. You are the only survivor of the disaster: you fell out of the Fade with a mark on your hand that spits green fire and apparently closes rifts. You are Thedas' only hope of closing the Breach, and ultimately fighting against whoever caused the explosion that created it in the first place.

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