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To keep everything organized and easy to find on VisiHow, all of our articles need to be categorized. If a user doesn't know exactly what to search for, then our categories will help them find articles related to their interests.

Categories are also useful for people casually browsing the site. If we haven't categorized an article, it will only be searchable and won't appear in any relevant category. Read through the article below to learn how to categorize your own How To Wikis.

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Checking the Available Categories

Before you can add your article into a category, you need to find the most relevant one for your topic. Writers cannot add their own categories, so if you feel none of our categories are applicable, talk to an admin for their guidance on adding a new category or recommending the most appropriate one for your article.

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    View the VisiHow categories here
    Yassora Category Photo-1.png
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    Some categories also have subcategories
    Just open up your chosen category to check if there are subcategories relevant to your article.
    Yassora Sub-Cat Photo-2.png
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Knowing Which Tag to Use for Your Category

So that VisiHow knows where to put the article, it will need a small piece of wiki code to identify the category.

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    Take a look at any article on VisiHow
    Mouse over the last category in the trail at the top left and you will see the category tag.
    Yassora Cat Tag Photo-3.png
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    So in the example given, the tag is "Category:Gaming"
    Always make sure that you are getting your tag from the last category or subcategory shown in the trail.
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    Convert your tag to MediaWiki code
    So that the back end of VisiHow will understand your tag, you need to convert it to code. For our example, we would use [[Category:Gaming]]
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    Use the same format for any category, substituting "Gaming" for your chosen category.
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Adding a Category to Your Article

Once you have settled on the relevant category, you will need to tag your article to let it sit inside that category.

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    Tagging through the guided editor
    Adding the code anywhere in your article will assign it to the correct category. This can be right after the intro, or at the bottom of the article.
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    From the guided editor, enter your formatted tag, just like is shown in the example
    In the example, the article will end up in the Samsung Galaxy category.
    Yassora Cat. Edit Photo-4.png
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    If you're using the advanced editor to make your page, the code format and process is exactly the same.
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  • Tips and Tricks

    • If you are not sure to which category you need to assign your article, leave it UN-categorized, ENG. Will assign it.
    • Manual assigning needs careful and precise coding; wrong coding will not categorize your article correctly and will also mess the Cat. Tree list. Please, if you are not sure, do not code.

    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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