Catch a Cheater in a Lie by Reading Body Language

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How Body Language Can Reveal the Truth About Cheating

The suspicion of cheating often begins with a nagging gut feeling.

Sometimes you have the feeling that your partner or spouse is cheating on you, but you cannot quite put your finger on why you think that. It is possible that you are picking up on some of the non-verbal cues and body language that cheaters often display, even though verbally they are expressing their utmost devotion to you and fervently denying any infidelity.

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When your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is lying to you, you are usually able to tell by taking cues from how they use their eyes, move their body, evade questioning and evade intimacy. These non-verbal cues function on a subconscious level and the cheater is not even aware of how much information about the truth of their situation they are revealing simply through their expressions and body postures.

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Body Language Signs That Reveal Lying and Cheating

A cheater will evade your questions and pretend to be too busy to deal with you.

If you feel that your partner is cheating you are often right because you are either consciously or unconsciously detecting the following verbal and non-verbal cues that he or she might be unfaithful.

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  1. 1
    If you ask him or her a very direct question about his or her whereabouts or why they were late, they will not make any eye contact with you at all
    The person who is lying about cheating will look away if you catch them off guard with a surprise question. If you ask the liar to look you in the eyes and swear that he or she is telling truth, he or she will refuse, belittle the request or be sardonic about it. A liar will also escalate this into an argument that takes the focus away from the question and turns it back onto you as being an issue you have "with trust."
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  2. 2
    A liar that knows that he or she will be asked a question will look you directly in the eye when making their rehearsed speech to you about where they were last night or why they were late
    Normally, people do not look each other directly when they talk, however, dishonest people will look into your eyes to try and persuade you to believe their concocted tale. Holding your gaze is an attempt to remind you of the bond that the two of you share, in a situation where your partner senses that you may not be trusting him or her anymore at all.
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  3. 3
    People who blink a lot while they are talking to you are probably lying to you
    This seems to be a quirk that many people who tell falsehoods share, although it can also mean that the person is flirting. The blinking occurs because the person is nervous about having their lies found out.
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  4. 4
    A liar will use a lot of facial expressions and exaggerated hand movements while they are telling you a tale
    Liars are essentially actors and subconsciously they express things in a much larger than life way than they need to so that they will believe what you are saying. When lying, people also become suddenly very charming, hoping that their likability and charm will persuade you that what you are telling is the truth.
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  5. 5
    Cheaters tend to fidget with their clothing or play with objects while they are spinning one of their long tales
    They do this because it helps them calm their own nerves. They also hope that you will be distracted by their movements and lose interest in the topic.
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  6. 6
    Liars will often hesitate by saying "Ummm" or "Aaah" or stuttering while speaking
    Watch for this speech pattern because it often reveals a person who is buying time to think of how they will continue to fabricate a believable lie in the next sentence they are about to speak.
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  7. 7
    Cheaters will only offer very short, sparse responses to your questions and attempt to change the topic
    The liar's logic in this case is that the less that they say, the less likely they are to get caught. A cheater can also be very rude, cutting you off in order to divert your attention to a topic that will not lead to any more questions.
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  8. 8
    A cheating liar may avoid holding your hand in public or other displays of public affection
    Often this about avoiding a conversation with you but it can also be about the fear that a lover might see a picture of the two of you together. Usually the cheater has been lying to a lover as well, telling the third party that the two of you are over or that there is no affection, and that is why the affair should continue to exist.
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  9. 9
    He or she may be express physical affection to you like a buddy or a sibling, rather than a lover
    Instead of a passionate embrace, you could find yourself experiencing a playful punch in the arm or being asked to take part in a high-five. Instead of deep kisses, you might get a peck on the cheek before you go to bed at night. Also watch out for the condescending little pat on the back, while you are hugging, which may also be the cheater's subconscious expression of sympathy for being the one who is cheating on.
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  10. 10
    A liar may completely avoid your gaze in a child-like evasive way and talk to you in a cold, sullen tone
    When people are guilty or lying they will often stare at the floor and shuffle their feet. They might, stare at a point behind you and either barely answer you or answer you only in a child like petulant way, even repeating back to the question you just asked them. They may also stare at their cell phone or watch, as if they are barely considering what you are saying, because they have so much else that is much more important on their mind (like leaving the room before they find out the truth.)
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  11. 11
    Liars and cheaters will have sex with you but will refuse you affection and camaraderie or they will withhold all sex and love from you
    The typical cheater will roll over and turn his or her back on you and also pretend not to hear you if you are talking. Cheaters will also block out any potential questions from you, so they don't have to lie, by wearing earplugs.
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Tips and Tricks

Be careful with the liar who reacts to being caught by controlling you physically.

  • It is actually body language and evasive behaviors that trigger our gut feelings about cheating in the first place so be sure to trust any hunches that you might be having about the lover you suspect is lying to you
  • There is a very dangerous type of male cheater who overcompensates by becoming very controlling physically, grabbing you in a way that feels threatening if you offer affection in which case you should leave this person immediately
  • Be aware that some very skilled liars know how to control their speech and body language and that not all liars can be discovered with these methods, mostly because they have even convinced themselves that their lies are true
  • Once you catch a cheater lying you, do not thin better of them if they suddenly become honest about their dishonesty and confess it all as this is one of the ways they keep you trapped in their drama

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