Care for Your Fingers in General

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They may be often overlooked but, just like all other parts of the body, your fingers also deserve some tender loving care. It is also important to do this mainly because it is easily noticeable by other people and you use your hands for many types of activities. The usual care required by your fingers does not have to be very tedious, but there are definitely things that are non-negotiable when it comes to what you need to do.

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    Do not let your fingernails get too long.
    Long Nail.jpg
    If it is longer than normal, it may be more difficult for you to handle certain things and this may lead to accidents
    Also, in case you pointed your hand to the wrong direction and caused some force against your fingernail, it can make your nail turn over and that will really be very painful. It also takes a while to recover because you would have to wait for your nail to get long again and having an exposed nail bed is not only painful and uncomfortable, it also makes you hand prone to further injuries.
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    Use some tools when you have to open a can or remove a staple wire
    Use other tools in opening cans.jpg
    These are some of the things that are commonly done with your fingers but are in fact better off done with the appropriate tools. Eventually, if you keep on doing these things, you will see that your nails and fingers are badly injured and it will already be difficult to treat.
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    Avoid pulling out your cuticles.
    If you go for manicure, removing the cuticles is one of the most common things that's done
    This is because they say fingers without cuticles look neater and nicer. However, the truth here is that if you keep on doing this on your fingers, you end up not getting protected from dirt and other bacteria. Cuticles are actually there to somewhat ward off these things. Therefore, the likelihood of getting an infection is higher if you keep your fingers without cuticles.
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    Stop nail-biting or playing around with the skin around your fingers
    Biting Teeth 2.jpg
    This is a very common tendency when a person is stressed out. Either he bites his fingernails or keeps on pulling the loose skin around the nails that it starts to cause some bleeding. When you're feeling stressed, reach out for the stress ball so that you hands have something else to play around with. Resist the urge to touch your nails. If you keep on biting your nails, you will also notice that your nails will not be growing properly and the direction of the nails will not be right as well.
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