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Use Cinnamon for Menstrual Cramps and Fertility

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How can I tell the difference between cassia cinnamon and true cinnamon when I buy it in the store?

How do I know I am not buying cassia when there is so little labeling on spices?. I have tried: Shopping in bulk food stores for cinnamon, shopping in specialty spice stores and shopping for cinnamon in the spice aisle of the grocery store.

There is not a dramatic difference between Cassia Cinnamon and Ceylon Cinnamon. They are both from the same plant and carry the same healing and taste properties. What you should be looking for is how old the cinnamon spice is. Spices have a short shelf life and the fresher the spice, the better the taste or effectiveness. You can also purchase cinnamon sticks or bark and grate it at home.

Can cinnamon powder induce a miscarriage?

Excessive amounts of cinnamon powder stimulate uterine contraction which can induce premature labor or miscarriage if you have other high risk complications and there are also other countries that use cinnamon as a form of birth control method. According to some research, the cinnamon powder has a coumarin compound which is toxic to the liver and has a rodenticide properties (which is a poisonous substance to rats). They also found out that in one kilogram cinnamon powder has about 2100 to 4400 mg of the toxic compound coumarin which means that in one teaspoon powder of cinnamon approximately contains 5.8 to 12.1 mg of coumarin. Moreover, cinnamon powder if taken excessively also causes allergic reactions, diarrhea, gastritis and depresses the central nervous system which can lead to death in some people. If you are pregnant, I recommend avoiding taking cinnamon powder or oil as it may put your pregnancy at risk for premature labor or miscarriage.

How often do I need to drink cinnamon tea to help regulate my hormones and ovulation?

I am having trouble conceiving, I have regular monthly cycles that are painful and pregnancies that end in miscarriage. My last pregnancy was two months ago and my body is not well. I have nausea and hot flashes.

I feel like my hormones are unbalanced.

Drink the cinnamon tea daily and add more cinnamon spice to your regular diet. You may want to ask your medical provider to test you for PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome which not only can cause trouble conceiving but also a higher risk of miscarriage. Introduce fiber rich foods into your diet with smarter switches. For example swap out white rice for brown rice. Limit the amount of carbohydrates you eat in a meal by adding vegetables to half of your dinner plate, leaving the other half for your protein and carbohydrates. Choose snacks like cheese, hard boiled eggs, and Greek yogurt which are high in protein. Protein rich diets have shown to be effective in trying to conceive.

Can you take cinnamon powder during ovulation. Is it induction medicine or not?

Columbia University Medical Center performed a study of cinnamon benefits for those with polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. Cinnamon was shown to aid in the regulation of menstrual cycles which are needed for ovulation. Up to 10% of women have PCOS.

Cinnamon is believed to lower insulin resistance and improve the body's glucose functions. Insulin resistance can be a cause for non ovulation and taking cinnamon may be able to help with ovulation cycles. Taking cinnamon during ovulation has no benefits to ovulation unless you have hormonal issues such as diabetes or PCOS which cause insulin resistance.The herb Vitex is shown to increase LH in the body. Luteinizing Hormone (LH) inducing ovulation during a menstrual cycle. Red Raspberry Leaf and Green Tea are also helpful for stimulating ovulation.

Two to three cinnamon sticks boiled in 1 cup of water make a tea that can be taken close to your pregnancy due date. Steep the cinnamon sticks or bark in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. Sweeten with honey. Cinnamon tea helps to ripen the cervix which may induce labor.

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Use Cinnamon for Menstrual Cramps and Fertility
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Can I intake cinnamon powder during my menstrual periods?

I have irregular periods and underwent ectopic pregnancy surgery 18 months ago, tried many medicines to conceive, yet because of hormonal imbalance unable to conceive, I am 32 years old

Yes, you want to take the cinnamon daily through the entire cycle to aid in regulating your hormones. Monitor your ovulation using an Ovulation Prediction Kit, which are available in pharmacies as well as some dollar stores. Take Vitex as well throughout your cycle to boost your ovulation. If your ovary was damaged just keep in mind that it may take several cycles to conceive because you are only ovulating when your one functioning ovary releases an egg. This could happen every cycle or every other.

Hello sir, I am suffering from PCOS, so please tell me how much cinnamon is effective for me?

I am suffering from PCOS.. please suggest how much cinnamon is effective for me?

Those of us with PCOS mimic Type 2 diabetes in terms of our hormonal balance and insulin resistance. Cinnamon can regulate your cycle so that you have regular cycles of menstrual flow as well as predicted ovulation. It also can help you lose weight because it will regulate your hormones like Cortisol which is higher in women with PCOS than normal levels.

You will want to take 3 capsules of a cinnamon extract,112 milligrams per capsule, daily to reduce your PCOS symptoms. This is equivalent to around 4 grams of the Cinnamon spice. It is better to use in capsule form as, by the time you buy the spice in the grocery store, the potency is reduced dramatically. You can also add one teaspoon of the spice to a tea before you eat foods that are high in white starches. One of the best teas for PCOS is to combine the one teaspoon of cinnamon with Rooibos tea. When you do consume foods like pasta, potatoes, and rice, choose [How to Lose Weight With Resistant Starch Foods|resistant starch methods]] of cooking and eating these foods.

We had unsafe sex on the 19th day after my menstrual cycle after that I had a pill to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, now my period is delayed am I pregnant?

We had unsafe sex on the 19th day after my menstrual cycle after that I had a pill to avoid unwanted pregnancy, now my period is delayed am I pregnant .

The morning after pill can delay a period for more than a week. The only way to know for sure will be to take a pregnancy test but the results should be negative. If you have not started your period after two more weeks then you should seek the advice of a medical professional to see if your hormones are now in fluctuation and this is causing the delay. Something they do not tell you when you get this pill is that your menstrual cycle could change drastically over the course of several months.

PCOS and irregular periods, not sure of ovulation?

Hi , I had PCOS problems for 7 years and my periods are very irregular and sometimes medicine induced only. Please help since my periods are irregular I can't know when I am ovulating

  • Please start drinking the cinnamon tea daily. You need to regulate your hormones and cinnamon with assist with this.
  • Start using Ovulation Predictor Kits daily from CD (Cycle Day) 12 until you see a positive result. Because your periods are erratic these kits will let you know when your conception window is.
  • Eat your largest meal at breakfast and lighter caloric options for the rest of the day. Studies have shown that this can actually reduce the testosterone from PCOS by 50%. It also helps with insulin.
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Take 300 mg of magnesium at bedtime
  • 200 mcg daily of chromium picolinate will reduce resting blood sugars
  • Take an Omega-3 supplement like Krill Oil

Trying to conceive for 6 years, please help me?

Hi, I have been trying to conceive for 6 years, my cycle is 28 days, but it comes 1-4 days

before sometimes, I have a retroverted uterus, I have a few simple cysts. I have some allergies too, the last few months I am facing white discharge problems. This is causing urinary incontinence and frequent urination problems, but I am taking a cinnamon powder on and off for more than a year. Please help me to conceive, and how and when to use cinnamon powder. Thanks.

You want to take the cinnamon daily. Add Evening Primrose Oil and a Cranberry supplement daily and Vitamin C to boost your luteal phase.

Reason for a late period, actually my period is always irregular, but this time it is 14 days late. What may be the reason behind that?

Actually, my period always irregular but this time it is 14 days late. What may be the reason behind that? I am afraid because of pregnancy. Some say that pregnancy may occur without sexual intercourse. I am very much upset because of my period is 14 days late. My pregnancy happened accidentally like any way I touched the semen after that my finger touched with genital parts. My question is; Can I get pregnant this way?

Getting pregnant in your situation is extremely unlikely. Late periods are common without the presence of pregnancy. Factors such as diet and stress or exercise can delay a period.

I missed my period and I need an urgent remedy because my exams are coming up in less than two weeks?

I just missed my period, what can I do?. I have tried: nothing

Start taking an Omega 3 supplement daily as well as cinnamon. Both will help regulate your cycle again. There are many things that can delay a period so think back to see if you have changed anything recently. Are you exercising more? Are you stressed out about your exams? These are factors that have a high chance to cause irregular cycles.

Had Unsafe sex period is not coming it's been one month please advise how to over come?

We had unsafe sex just after period,now it seems there complications of getting pregnant, because it's more then one month and my period has not come yet please advise and tell me how to stop my pregnancy I don't want to get pregnant now as I am not prepared...please advise me asap.... Thank you. We had unsafe sex just after period,now it seems there complications of getting pregnant, because it's more then one month and my period has not come yet please advise and tell me how to stop my pregnancy I don't want to get pregnant now as I am not prepared...please advise me asap...

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