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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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I am a president in our classroom here in the Philippines, but when I started controlling them I didn't notice that my voice is starting to damage, Since June when I have my singing voice it destroyed in just a minute until right now, I have phlegm, I can't sing my falsetto anymore and also because of my puberty stage my voice is changing, so what will I do? to heal my voice and get it back to normal?

What will I do to gain it back and heal my voice?

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Does this mean permanent damage, can I speak with my natural voice again? Supposedly my voice is healed less than 3 months. *crying?

It was almost 3 months. I went to a youth camp. Since I had flu and cough on last December and I cannot even speak or whispering, I forced my voice to talk and sing when they were praise and worship concerts and my voice was all out. Because of that I cannot sing proper and perform anymore. Before this, I'm used to be in the first Soprano and now I'm becoming an alto. Next semester I will take classical vocal applied as my major subject for my degree for the next 5 month. I pray to God almost every day. Now I have to speak with force and more air used to speak softly. I feel terrible now!

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How to have a powerful voice? and how to manage your voice?

I can't sing the song with a high note, I don't know how to do...

Hi, I sing in the UK in a barbershop chorus and quartet. I sing tenor and often find that I have to stretch to hit my notes. But this is usually because I have not warmed up enough. A good warm up is key. If I shave a big event I will often start warming my voice from the time I wake up until the time I perform. Nothing too strenuous. Say I will be in the car and be singing my favorite songs for example. Warm up is the key.

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What herbs help repair damaged vocal cords/singing voice?

Oregano has been very popular as a herb for cough, mainly because of its minty flavor. At the same time, it has also been gaining popularity among singers to use it after a performance. Ginger drinks had been one of the most common drinks for vocal cords that had been popular since generations ago. Hot ginger drink, with a splash of cinnamon, is good in toning down the inflammation caused by too much use of the vocal cords all day. Cinnamon is well known for its anti-inflammatory power and so further mixing it with ginger will definitely benefit your vocal cords positively.

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Vitamin A,C, and E will be the best vitamins in order for you to repair and take care of your vocal chords. These vitamins will help to strengthen your vocals as well as killing of the phlegm or mucus that is in your throat.

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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids
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Can you damage your voice with one shouting session?

A singer's livelihood is their voice. However, we all can let our emotions get the best of us. Whether you were yelling too much at a sport event or you got angry, the vocal cords bear the brunt of the damage. Certainly yelling to the point where you lose your voice, or have a sore throat is bad for your singing voice. Vocal cords, however, are rarely damaged by one overuse. The real damage occurs when you ignore the warning symptoms and ignore the pain. Using your voice while it hurts means you are further damaging already damaged tissue. The body's response to this abuse is to build up scar tissue to protect you. This can lead to scarring on your vocal cords, or vocal cord nodules. So the answer to your question is "no" one session of yelling is not likely to cause permanent vocal cord damage but using your voice before it has time to heal will likely cause permanent tissue damage and adversely affect your singing voice.

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Yes, without the proper warm up and training you can damage your voice very easily. It is rare that it will be damaged after one shouting session but it can happen.

I sang last night at Karaoke, I have been having vocal training..my voice was fine whilst singing..but after I had slept my high notes are really hoarse?

It didn't feel like I was pushing my voice at all

Again this will be to do with warming up. Often at karaoke events, you may not find you have time to warm up. The whole point of karaoke is to be fun and spontaneous. Only nerds warm up before karaoke, right? Nope. If a top lining artist warms up before their performance what makes us different? Nothing. Always warm up your vocal chords will be ready and won't be irritated or stretched the morning after and to will find your voice is just as good as it sounded last night, minus the hangover lol.

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My voice is damaged. Can it heal without surgery?

A damaged voice can only be graded and diagnosed by a speech therapist or a specialist for the throat. The doctor will give you the information on whether you damaged voice will heal with or without surgery, after a series of diagnostic tests and evaluation.

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Yes it is very possible, that it will heal on its own without surgery. Just take it easy, allow your throat to rest and heal. Do your best to stay away from things like tobacco, alcohol, highly acidic drinks or foods, and anything overly hot/cold that could cause any extra damage. Overall just try to stay hydrated, eat foods that are easy going down, and don't overdo it with singing/talking too loudly or for long. It is always best to seek advice from medical professional regarding any sort of illness or injury. In order to know if you will be able to heal on your own or need surgery, you need to let a doctor take a look at your throat. It could always be something simple like vocal cord strain, but something as bad as an infection that needs medication to treat it.

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What sweets are good for a damaged voice?

Sweet foods do no good to the vocal cords. This is one reason why many people who have to make use of their voice a lot, like singers, avoid them. Sweets are big no-nos if you want to retain a good voice. Sweets in any form should be avoided.

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Nope, it is not good for damaged voice. What you will need is just water, and also gargle some water with salt in it. It can help your throat to sooth.

No, in regards to sweets they are not good for your voice in terms of singing, if you need something quick that is sweet then you can take a spoonful of honey that is sweet but will still help to coat your throat without harming your vocals.

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Does gargling with too much salt cause permanent damage to vocal salt?

Gargling with excessive salt

is this permanent damage tot he vocal cords

Gargling once in a while with too much salt will not mostly cause permanent damage to vocal cords because your vocal cords will naturally heal themselves. Gargling with a warm glass of water with a tablespoon of salt will effectively soothe the throat, reduces bacterial infections and relieves post-nasal drips. Salt is commonly used in gargling because of its positive effects on the voice and on the throat. On the other hand, if you make it a habit and you gargle with too much salt more frequently (more than 2 tablespoons of salt), the excessive salt will irritate your vocal cords leading to the formation of nodules and eventually leads to permanent vocal damage. Irritated vocal cords will slowly form abnormal tissue growths and form blister-like scars over time which is called a nodule. Hard vocal cords nodules are mostly irreversible because of their scar formations which greatly changes your vocal quality and often leads to permanent damage to vocal cords. In general, if you only gargle with excessive salt a few times a week or a month, the excessive salt will not mostly cause permanent damage to your vocal cords not unlike if you frequently gargle.

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