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Legally Monitor your Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone. Works for your Girlfriend or Boyfriend with Permission.

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Can I put a free, invisible app on my boyfriend's phone from my phone that will let me read his texts?

Yes, there is an application called "SMS Tracker" which can be downloaded to his phone from the application store. This application will be invisible to him and will prevent him from being able to see it after you download the application onto his phone. Additionally, you must download the application and set up a profile on the device you will be monitoring him from before downloading it onto his phone.

This application will remain silent and invisible for the entire time that it is on the person's phone while you are monitoring.

Here is the link to the website so that you can view the other things you can do on the application such as GPS, call details and email spying as well.


Keep in mind that this application is for Android only and is not available through iTunes. For this application to work with the iPhone or the iPad, you will need to jailbreak the operating system.

I think my boyfriend is using a secret app to text another woman. I also get a text from a random number saying things like, "I'm heading over" do you think my phone is interfering with their conversation?

What does it mean when I get a random text from a random # saying things like "I'm heading over" right when I think he's texting someone

Sounds like he is texting you by accident possibly. Another reason though could be that someone has your number and thinks they are texting someone else. I doubt there is any cross interference because if he was using an app on his phone that was also on your phone with the same account and password on both phones, you would see everything messaged and not just one or two snippets.

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My husband has an HTC phone like mine but says he inactivated the internet after I kept finding things on it. I know he didn't, it's just incognito. How do I put an app on his phone if I can't open his internet?

Need to know how to put an app on a phone that has internet hidden

Use an app that has keylogging software like mSpy or Auto Forward. This will give you browsing history as well as any logins or passwords he may be using.

I found out that my husband is texting and sending pictures to a female. He deletes the texts and pictures before he comes home. Is there an app I can use so I can determine what's being said?

I found out that my husband is texting and sending pictures to a female. He deletes the texts and pictures before he comes home. Is there an app I can use so I can determine what's being said?

Most spy apps will not only give you what he texts but apps like mSpy can record cell phone conversations. All of the apps will also show you any pics that are on the phone and in messaging.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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Hello, I need help trying to put a tracking device or something. Because I need to know if my boyfriend is cheating on me?

I need a track to Facebook, call logs, messages, etc.

A spy app will track his location information as well as monitor all other data from his phone. If you have a suspicion that he is cheating you should, at least, give him a chance to add some clarity to your doubts before you install a spy app on his phone.

I know he is cheating on me! Aways texting and hiding phone?

Need invisible app to view text messages on his phone without installing app on his phone or knowing his password from my computer I do not want him to know I am looking at his texts. I know he is cheating in my heart I pay all his bills and he hides his phone and changes password all the time. He is always texting on on Facebook with someone not sure who it is. Well I pay all his bills, he says he is not cheating but I know he is with someone on his phone and Facebook.

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