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Keep car from getting towed

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How are tow trucks able to tow cars in apartment underground parking?

They are still able to do so, in cooperation with the management of the apartment parking. They will still be able to enter the premises and then do the towing as normal, especially base don violated rules. If they towed your car without any sufficient reason, you can always file a complaint to the apartment manager.

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Tow truck driver dragged the car while it was in park, damage to tires or alignment?

You can make a formal complaint as to how your car was handled during the towing. However, you will need to show a proof that the problem to your tires or alignment had actually been caused by the towing and not something else. It is also not always that your car will have a problem with its tires or alignment when it's dragged that way, especially if the distance is not that far.

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Can you tow a car while it is in park?

Yes, you can tow a car while it is in the park but it also depends on the circumstances. First, if the car is parked in a proper parking area, obviously you can't tow that car, but if it's parked illegally, then that is when you can tow a car. Second, a car may be towed if it is parked on private property, whether that car has or has not caused damage to property. Third, if a person leaves his car in a restaurant parking lot, it may be towed, unless the driver had permission to park there. That land belongs to the owners. Fourth, when a car is illegally parked, and your pet is in the back seat, one may tow the car and take that pet with him or her. There are many different ways to tow a car. The simplest way is to call a towing company that has a spacious flat deck to lift the car onto the deck.

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Yes, it is possible for your vehicle to be towed while it is in the park. Also, understand that most vehicles are towed from the park position. If your vehicle is parked or even the emergency brake is engaged the vehicle can still be pulled by a chain to be placed on a flatbed.

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How to avoid getting your car stolen with a tow truck?

Yesterday someone stole a car from my house, this is the 3rd car that has been stolen from this home. We believe is a tow truck, we made a police report but things haven't changed.

Tow trucks don't need the key to take your car. By them lifting two wheels off the ground they effectively bypass any brakes or locks. Their truck is so much more powerful, that all they really need to do is put the car in neutral, and they don't even need to do that most of the time. Also even if you have a steering wheel lock on they can take it by picking it up on the wheels that turn to bypass that. About the only thing that would keep them from towing your vehicle against your will is a good fence or one of those boots that the city puts on cars.

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Keep car from getting towed
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My car was towed and now my shifter is stuck in park? What could have caused this?

My car was towed yesterday, it was never any problems. The car is a 2009 Honda Accord When picking my car up the shifter was stuck in park. The mechanic at the tow yard told me to push the button on the side to use shifter. Also, will this affect my transmission? After driving the VSA light has come on. Is this a result from being towed? My car was toed and now the shifter is stuck in park. I've never had a problem with my shifter, gears, or transmission. I wanted to know if my car being towed affected the shifter. I have tried: Removing the clip on the side to push down to shift. That has been the only option the towing company has given me. The gears do move after using the button. I think it was caused by: Improper towing of the car. The car was in park when it was towed from the front, which I've read is okay.

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I have a Jeep Wrangler stick shift what do I need to do to safely tow it behind my motorhome?

What do I have to do to safely tow my jeep wrangler stick shift behind my motorhome

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Towing company damaged my alignment and refuses to accept responsibility?

What can I do as far as not letting them get away with this?

Minor scratches will not be taken care of by the towing company. However, dents and other damage -- including damage that could render the car un-drivable -- can be covered by the towing company.

To make the towing company pay for damages:

  • Take your car to three separate body shops for estimates.
  • Let the mechanics explain how the damage could have been caused and get the estimates and reasons in writing.
  • Write a letter to the towing company asking that they pay for the majority of the bill since they were the ones who damaged your car.
  • If they refuse and you still believe you are entitled to payment, you can take the company to small claims court.
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My is up for repo I have a title loan how can I stop the tow?

I need to stop them from towing the car I park in backward

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Well just afraid someone might tow it?

What to do in the morning to keep the car

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Damage to the transmission with all wheels locked? Automatic lever not working, sliding yet no shifting?

Will there be a damage to the transmission of Chevrolet Captiva automatic 4x4 in the case of all-wheel not turning due to both some gear level issue and then apparently a pulled up handbrake by the tow company which raised the car on it rear wheels and dragged it 2 meters? This particular case: all tires locked due to automatic lever as well as subsequent pulling up of the handbrake (claims the tow company as a safety feature), and dragged as is for two meters. I have tried: The car is service now, thus far they see the need for replacing a broken cable and then will see for further issues why the automatic shifting lever quit, this is the main issue with the car. Question is if there could be potential damage caused to a car in such condition? I think it was caused by: Don't know. The car is in good condition as it is a company car and serviced well. It is winter now, had it parked with the engine on and then this happened.

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My 300 was dragged in parked what damage should I be looking for?

Hello my 300 rwd was dragged by a truck out of a parking spot beside my apt building about 30 feet what is the worst that could've happen to my car? . I really am lost to why or who dragged it, I was told it was a pickup truck like a RAM. the car has been sitting for over a month but I live there, so I'm allowed to a spot , the building management knows nothing about it, they said it wasn't them who had it moved. I'm really lost for words on why or whom thought they can just move my car in the daytime. I haven't seen anything about a 300, or it being moved just for the hell of it in parked and just left. I have tried: I had it towed to a shop and I have the trying to see if any damages are done. I think it was caused by: The guy who moved it with the pickup truck out of the blue

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Tow getting illegal parked vehicles and how much damage can it cause?

I see frequently parked vehicles sitting illegaly on a certain parking lot, then the tow with a wheel lifting arm comes, and he gets them out of the lot and I am wondering how much damage can that cause, he sometimes drags out the car with the front wheel then he swaps to the rear ones to move and I think this is disgustingly bad for the transmission. I am talking about transmission damage, yeah, you can pretty much brute force any vehicle into getting towed but can it make good damage to the car?

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