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Use Cinnamon for Menstrual Cramps and Fertility

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Can I take cinnamon powder to abort?

I want to do an abortion but I don't have money so what can I do I really need help

You would need to consume toxic levels of cinnamon which could cause your death or liver failure! However here are some low cost and FREE alternatives to abortion:

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    It takes two people to make a baby. The first step would be to contact the father. If you are unaware of who the father is, you can request a paternity test during pregnancy or wait for the birth and have a paternity test. Financially if you apply for child support upon the birth of the baby, courts may cover the cost of the paternity test if you are seeking government financial or medical assistance.
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    Temporary Foster Care
    In situations where a mother is unable to provide for her child, there is the option of putting the child in temporary foster care. These programs not only care for the child but most offer educational and housing assistance to the mother so that she can provide for the baby in a short amount of time.
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    Financial Assistance
    Depending on your location, government agencies are in place to help women in situations like unplanned pregnancy. In the United States, there is Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program which will give you food checks as well as help you with other agencies that can support you through your pregnancy and afterward.
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    Adoption Agencies like courageouschoice.com offer financial support during the birth mother's pregnancy and you would be able to help decide which family adopts your baby. This is just one agency but there are hundreds of reputable adoption agencies with thousands of prospective adoptive parents waiting for the privilege of raising a child. You could decide on an open adoption where you would work out with the adoptive parent's ways to see pictures of your child and even be in the child's life as they grow up.
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It is human to panic in an unplanned pregnancy, but if you stop and search your heart you will realize that it is possible. Avoid the feeling of guilt. Though the path of an unplanned pregnancy can be tough, the reward of making the right decision will far outweigh the panic you are feeling right now. You will see that you are not alone in this pregnancy.

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Whatever decision you make from the list above, you would be giving the life growing inside you a chance. He/she could cure cancers someday. Be a leader of a country. Win an Oscar. Lead their team to a Super Bowl victory. If you choose adoption you would be completing a family for a couple that has so much love to give yet can not conceive.

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Can I take cinnamon stick if I'm 5 weeks pregnant?

Last month my MC is very low in quantity, and this month it became late by 5 weeks so, I am taking cinnamon since 3 days, but my MC has not started.. I have tried: Cinnamon piece since 3 days. I think it was caused by: May be pregnant

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If you have experienced delayed periods in the past then you could have a hormonal condition. But a 5 week delay is a definite reason to take a pregnancy test. There are numerous reasons that could delay a period such as an increase in exercise, stress, weight loss/gain, and age.

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Uterus: can cinnamon reduce enlarged uterus?

Can cinnamon reduce enlarged uterus. I have tried: Tumeric powder. I think it was caused by: Unexplained

An enlarged uterus is caused by Fibroids. These can be controlled with cinnamon and other items like Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. Yoga is also recommended to treat Fibroids naturally. Avoid foods that boost estrogen in a female. Fibroids can be painful and cause excessive menstrual flow. If you experience either in an extreme form, please consult your physician immediately.

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I don't know if I'm pregnant or not but I need help to prevent it?

I support to see my menstruation tomorrow but there is no sign yet

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