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Clone phones are not compatible to original parts?

A Samsung phone made from Korea, the touch screen is not working. I went to repair shop they said that the phone is a clone and the touch screen they are selling is not compatible.

Clone phone can have slight variations on the screen so yes an original part will not be compatible. You will have to find out what the knock-off name is and try to order the part. Still, do some code tests to verify that you actually do have a cloned phone. The techs could have been wrong.

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Can I buy cloned phone? Will it work properly?

I want buy a cloned phone but I am confused on whether it will work or not.

Cloned phones do work, but they are not as reliable as genuine Samsung devices. Something is very likely to go wrong in a short amount of time; and when your cloned phone does work, it will not be a pleasant experience since cloned phones use cheap and unreliable components that are slow and sometimes simply don't work. In addition, when something inevitably goes wrong with your phone, you may not be able to get it fixed since manufacturers of cloned devices are not as reputable or upstanding as Samsung; when you call to schedule a repair, they may ask you to pay and not honor your warranty, or they may ask you to purchase a new device from them and refuse to repair your phone. Although they're cheaper, cloned phones are bad investments since you will need to buy a new phone much, much sooner than you would need to if you spent the money on a real Samsung device.

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Won a Samsung phone in a raffle, the (fame one) the pamphlet that came with it is written in Chinese only, does that mean it is a fake?

Why is it written in only Chinese and if it is fake, what do I do about it?

You can go to the Samsung website and download a manual in English. This does not necessarily mean that your phone is a clone, but you can do the Samsung Kies test to check where you install Kies on the computer and try to connect the phone.

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Are mobiles In custom deal site original?

I want to buy an iPhone from a custom deal on an online shopping site. I have tried: Is It original or not?

Read the reviews from the online shopping seller. If a clone phone was bought from them it is usually in one of the reviews. Ask for a screen shot to be sent of the phone's internal specs and compare them to the stock specs of a genuine phone. A reputable company will provide you with these specs if you ask. You also can ask about a return policy in the event that you receive the phone and learn that it is a clone. Cover all your bases before buying a phone online if you must have a genuine phone.

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Know if Your Best Friend Is Falling for You
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I am planning to buy a used Samsung Note3 7505 but it is made in Vietnam, so is it original?

I am planning to buy a used Samsung Note3 7505 but not sure if its original, also it has the United Arab Emirates in its "about phone"

The Samsung Note 3 Neo specs can be referenced to see if the phone is genuine. In the about phone the United Arab Emirates means that they are using firmware from there. This could be a clone phone and if you are buying it online then perhaps you should pass to another model if you do not want a clone phone.

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I am looking to buy a Samsung S5 Galaxy in the Philippines, but I'm not sure if it will work in Australia my home country?

Will phone work in another country?

If you do not have a service provider in Australia then you can purchase it and shop for the provider that is compatible with your phone. GSM or CDMA is usually what the service providers use so ask what version the phone is before you purchase it and compare to the providers in Australia.

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