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Hello, and welcome to VisiHow. In this video, I'm going to show you a very easy way of working out the percentage of a number.


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    In this example here, we want to find out what is 13 percent of 245. I'm going to show you a very simple and easy method, one we all know but have probably forgotten many times, how to perform this calculation. We want to find 13 percent of 245. 245 = 100%. It is the complete total, the complete number. So we divide 245 by 100, 245 divided by 100. We can do this with the calculator. 245 divided by 100.
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    With hundreds, you can just take two notches off. So two notches off here would be 2.45. If we do it with the calculator we see that 245 divided by 100 equals 2.45.
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    So there are one hundred 2.45s in 245. That means that 2.45 is 1 percent or one hundredth, the fraction is one hundredth of the total. So, 2.45 is 1 percent. We want to find thirteen one percents because thirteen one percents equals thirteen percent. So, to do that we're going to times 2.45 by 13.
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    If we calculate 2.45 times 13 we get 31.85. So, we can see that 13% of 245 equals 31.85.
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    It's a very simple method for working out percentages, working out a percent of a total number. You can use this in almost every situation. Good luck with that. If you have any questions or would like to know more about percentages or have any suggestions for videos in the future about percentages, then please leave these in the comments section below. You've been watching VisiHow. Goodbye for now.
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Video: Calculate Percentages

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