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Riding boots used to be an eclectic specialty item worn only by women riding horses but now equestrian footwear is perceived as a high-end fashion statement that never goes out of style. Pairing riding boots with a riding skirt or riding pants has been a long-term trend since 1950s when celebrities such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Tippi Hedren were often seen casually pairing the knee high boots with riding skirts and velvet riding jackets.

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Black Leather Riding Boots - Photo by Nordlicht8

What is a Classic English Riding Boot?

Riding boots are a knee-high leather boot with a very tight fit around the calves and ankles and a slightly rounded almond toe shape. Real riding boots are only made of leather and true styles are devoid of embellishments even though some styles might come with laces buckles, straps, snaps buttons or zippers. They can also come in two hues of leather with a tan cuff just below the knee. However, to get the classic "riding boot" look it is best to stay to a plain black leather boot.

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Traditional English Fieldboots - Photo by Ealdgyth

Choosing A Riding Boot Heel

A classic leather riding boot will also never have a high heel and especially not a stiletto heel. The heel is usually one inched square and very simple. The heel also usually matches the color of the leather of the boot.

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A Riding Boot With a Typical One Inch Heel - Photo by LAMCMA M.

Measure Your Lower Legs Before You Buy

True riding boots do not have any kind of elastic in them and they may have one zipper at the back of the calf or no zipper at all. This is why it is very important for you to measure the fattest part of your calf before you buy. A measurement of the calf is sometimes called the shaft circumference.

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You also need to measure just below the knee. If you plan to tuck jeans or riding into the top of the boots then add one inch to measured circumference of your leg to get an accurate measurement.

When trying on the riding boot make sure you can sit down without the upper cuff of the boot cutting off your circulation just below your knee.

Should You Buy Fake Leather Riding Boots?

Even though fake leather boots tend to be much less expensive than real leather riding boots they will not have the same ability to wear in and fit very comfortably around your leg because fake materials do not have the same natural stretch as animal skin. Fake leather riding boots also tend to wear out quicker, whereas real leather boots will ask for years.

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Black Aigle Rubber Riding Boots - Photo credit:

What About Rubber Riding Boots?

Rubber riding boots are the same style as the classic leather riding boot except they are made from one molded piece of rubber. Rubber riding boots are in a category all of their own and must fit exactly because they have absolutely no stretch to them. They are not good to wear in the winter because the rubber soles are very slippery. They are inexpensive compared to regular leather riding boots at $59.00 and up. Popular brands are Horze, Dover Saddlery and Ovation Derby.

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Salvatore Ferragamo Italian Black Leather Riding Boots Retail for $1500 -Photo by Jack Kellsboro

How Much Do Real Leather Riding Boots Cost?

You can expect to spend between $200 to $1000 for a quality pair of real leather riding boots. Pricier brands in the $800 and above retail price range are Burberry, Aquatalia and Prada. Leather riding boot brands that cost between $300 and $800 are Cole Haan, Ted Baker, Fry and Tory Burch. For less than $300 you can get a leather riding boot made by Jessica Simpson, Naturalizer and Steve Madden.

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Tips and Tricks

  • To save money on riding boots try shopping online and at the discount auction houses; you can often find discounts of $100 on good quality leather riding boots
  • If you are ordering riding boots online make sure to measure your shoe size, ankle size, calf size and knee size accurately so that the fit is perfect
  • The very best high-quality riding boots are always available at equestrian specialty shops.

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