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This article will be on how you can gain muscle mass the most effective way possible. Building muscle is not something that a person can do overnight or even in a few days it will take a number of different things all put together in order to make this gain successful. Aside from obviously working out you will also need to get on a diet plan in order to help the process of you gaining muscle mass. By taking this guide you will be able to efficiently build muscle as fast as you can if possible. Understand that if you do not completely do this guide your success rate will be cut, but if you do follow the guide perfectly then you will gain a good amount of muscle mass in adequate amount of time.

Guidelines to Gain Muscle Mass

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    Increase the calories being input into your body by eating the right things necessary to get your caloric rate up
    Whatever your calorie rate is you will need to boost that rate by at least 500 more calories. Some people look at calories as a bad thing but when trying to develop muscle mass calories are a big help to gaining your muscle mass. The calories will be something that is contributed to the fat in the body and when trying to build muscle there needs to be some sort of fat for the muscles to be developed on for you will not gain muscle by lifting weights for ever for you will get ripped but you will not develop the adequate amount of muscles mass for which you are aiming for so if you are trying to get the bulky big muscle mass or even just muscles above your body type then you will need to firs focus on getting those extra calories into your system first.
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    Take protein to help your muscle growth, protein can be bought at different stores that sell anything dealing with medicine and fat burners
    Take the necessary amount of protein depending on the weight of the person taking it for some will need to take more or less than others when using protein drinks. Take your protein every day when working out and also doing anything that involves doing some sort of working out during the process. A good rule of thumb is taking enough grams of protein according to your weight so if you weigh 200 pounds then you will need to take at least 200 grams of protein, but do not over take protein if you do not plan on working out when taking it as it will not benefit you in any type of way by taking the protein.
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    In order to build muscle your body will need the adequate amount of water in your water body
    If you do not keep the right amount of water in your body then you will not have a success rate for gaining muscle. Water in fact is in your muscles to begin with so understand that keeping water in your body does contribute to your success, a good amount of water to drink daily is a gallon when not working out and when you are working out 2 gallons throughout your day is a good amount. Be careful to not drink too much water for you can make yourself sick when drinking too much water, so balance out how much water you drink according to if you are working out, not working out or working out with protein in your body during the workout regiments. Taking protein without drinking water can harm you so ensure that you drink the adequate amount of water while taking protein.
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    Eat daily but make sure that you eat enough daily for if you are looking to gain muscle you will need to eat a lot during the day
    Instead of having only three meals a deal ensure that you eat a little more than that during the day breaking up your traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner, replacing it with breakfast, protein shake, lunch, protein based meal and then dinner. You will only be adding a couple of extra meals to your day but the point is to get more protein into your body through your meals as well as taking your shakes to boost up your calorie and protein count in your body. When taking your protein shake you can either create on yourself through searching different shakes online or you can purchase specific protein flavored powder shakes in a retail store to get you extra boost of protein for a day, when drinking protein you are basically filling yourself up with a full meal which can be replacement for a full meal depending on how much protein you are consuming.
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    Eat fatty foods to help you to build up your muscle mass
    Fatty foods have vitamins A, D, E and K which are essential to the up keep of the body. Fat may be bad for a person who is trying to lose weight instead of trying to gain muscle mass. When eating fats do not over use this part by eating too much fatty foods for you are eating it for the vitamins to help build the muscle mass and not to contribute to your fat cells which will make you gain the unwanted weight versus the weight you are trying to gain. There are different types of fats out there that you can eat which are:  
    1. Non saturated fats- oils
    2. Peanuts
    3. Pistachios
    4. Almonds
    5. Omega 3 fats- salmon, tuna, flounder, trout and sardines etc.
    6. These types of fats are the perfect types of fats in order to help for you to gain muscle mass, notice there isn't steak or any types of fattening foods of that sort (but is possible to consume just not a lot) but these types of fats are the positive ones in question.
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  6. 6
    Taking multivitamins can also help in your efforts to build up muscles for you may not get all the vitamins your body needs by eating especially if there are certain foods you are not comfortable eating at times
    Taking your necessary vitamins will ensure that your body is getting the proper nutrition that it needs in order to keep up with your routine of gaining muscle. There a lot of different vitamin plans that you can pick but most will be labeled to do specifically what it is that you are wanting in this case it will be to gain muscle mass. Ensure to pick the proper one for your gender and also your regiment in order to get the best and proper nutrition.
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    Aside from getting all the proteins and all necessary things into your body you will also need to work out as well for having all those things in your body alone will not help you to gain muscle so working out or exercising is essential to your muscle growth in this process
    Some activities contribute to different parts of your body so it is important to focus on what you are planning on gaining muscle to before working out. Before any workout of course it is important to stretch and also to get you body ready for the regiment that you are about to participate in for the day. Stretching is important for it prevents injuries for an injury can stop your progress on trying to gain your muscle mass so be sure to stretch and also warm your body up before participating in any kind of activity.
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    Work your body for shorter times but harder, this means that just because you are working out for a long period time doesn't necessary mean that you are fully working your muscles past its capacity
    When working out you need to push yourself to the limit to tear your muscles for after tearing them they will build themselves back but only stronger than before so keep your workouts short but intense. Regardless of what you are doing ensure to do more reps and tired yourself out more when doing each workout training, go past your limit till you cannot go anymore and then go some more for this means that your muscle are tiring themselves out and tearing for this is exactly what you want to for during your workout sessions. Before working out set a limit so that you can force yourself and push yourself as much before your time is out for the day. Setting a limit gives you something to work towards for with time winding down you have to push yourself to get the best workout you can possibly get but also having a limit gives you something to look forward to in order to stop yourself after you have worked out past your limit.
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    Workout different parts of your body instead of the same part of your body all the time for if you do not get the proper rest in that section of the body that you have worked out in, it will never get its time to rebuild itself for you will just be tearing the same muscle with little or no results so do different routines daily in your workouts
    A good rule of thumb is to train the same part of the body every other day to ensure that you get the proper rest and also for your muscles to build back up before you go to that section of the body again at a later date in training. When gaining muscle you will not only want to get one part of your body muscular so focus on every part of your body to get a perfect overall balance so that when you gain muscles all of your body will be in sync to balance out your look that you are aiming for in working out.
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    Do not do too much of cardio for cardio workouts are to burn fat muscles so if you do your cardio workouts it will take away from the muscle that you are trying to gain in the process so do a little cardio just to keep everything together but do not over do it for it will not benefit you gaining the proper muscle mass to your body.
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