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Job hunting is hard work. If you don't start with a good resume it will be much harder to land a job. Any employer will tell you that the candidates resume is a major part of their decision making process when hiring. It is also their first impression of you. A resume must "sell" you to the perspective employer. It is really hard to get a decent resume online for free so today I am going to walk you through a great quality free resume builder by "Live Career" (


  1. 1
    From the website click on the "Create Resume" button at the top of the screen"
    You will be brought to a page that looks like this:
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    You will see a loading screen while its loads up 114 templates and almost 3000 samples
    It provides amazing quality for free with no catch, except that they will try to upsell you at the end of the free process.
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  3. 3
    First you are asked if you want to create a new resume or not
    You can choose to upload a resume you have previous saved to your computer. In this case we are choosing to create a new resume. Fill in your name and hit continue.
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  4. 4
    Next enter your "Experience Level", "Career Field", and your "Career Sub-Field" as prompted
    Now here is where the power is. To the right you can select some different options relating to your work history. If you select "I have obvious gaps in my work history" this resume builder will automatically format your resume to hide this !! The same thing applies if you select "I have switched jobs frequently". Again your resume will be customized to make this fact less obvious to your perspective employer.
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  5. 5
    This next screen outlines all the resources available to you to help build a professional looking resume
    In addition to having access to thousands of sample resumes and a few hundred templates of both resumes and cover letters, you can even tweet your potential employers or reach out to them on Facebook and LinkedIn. Incredible the power available today using social media. Don't be afraid to use it.
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  6. 6
    On the right are hundreds of sample resume formats
    This next screen is so powerful. You can click around on them and each format will show on the left as a preview of what it would look like. Select the format you think will best present you favorably.
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  7. 7
    On this screen enter your name
    Since this is the name that appears on your resume make sure you use your full name or however you want to present your name on your resume. Most people prefer the official full version of their name to be listed on their resume. Nicknames are not appropriate here.
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  8. 8
    Enter your address here exactly as you would like it to appear on your resume
    Take note that your contact info including your phone number will be visible to whoever you send your resume to. If you want your job search to be private I recommend you use a "pay as you go" dedicated cellphone you purchase just for the purpose of job hunting. See my tip below for more detail.
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  9. 9
    Now enter a description of your background
    Include any special achievements, awards or other interesting facts about you. Remember you are trying to "sell" yourself. Don't be shy.
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  10. 10
    This screen is so powerful
    Based on the profession information you entered earlier, you are presented with lists of highlights. Select as many as apply to you and also enter you're on personalized highlights. Remember to be realistic here. Be prepared to talk about each point in your interview. These points may look impressive but if you are asked about one of them and a blank look comes over your face, you will not be happy with the outcome of your interview.
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  11. 11
    The next screens is a narrative you need to write about your accomplishments
    This is great place to talk about your achievements at your current or past places of employment. Talk about how you benefited the business in concrete specific ways.
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  12. 12
    Finally list your experience at each position you have previously held including your current place of employment
    Make sure you give explain your job responsibilities for each job you have had. Of course you want to make this part sound as impressive as possible, but don't lie here. Remember you will most likely have to go into far more detail in the interview. Also many employers fact check before hiring. So keep it real!
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  13. 13
    List your educational experience
    Be factually accurate here but do make sure to mention any awards you may have gotten while attending this educational institution.
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  14. 14
    Now you will find yourself back at the Name screen
    This means you are done inputting your information. Click on the "Preview Resume" button to see your resume!
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  15. 15
    On this screen you get to see a final preview of your resume
    If after you see it with all the information you have inputted, you don't like something about the layout, you can still change it! Click on the layouts on the right until you are completely satisfied you have chosen the absolute best layout.
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    On the final screen as pictured below, you can either continue on to create a customized cover letter (again free!), or you can choose one of their paid services
    With so much quality built into their online resume builder, as you might imagine, their pay services are definitely worth buying. What is particularly powerful is their new "Interview Videos" which, when combined with their social sharing tools, provides a way to differentiate yourself from all the other job candidates. I highly recommend you consider every option to distinguish yourself. Give the interviewer a reason to pick you out of the pile of resumes! Good luck job hunting!
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There are two types of resumes, and each of them has their own functions

Traditional Resumes

  1. 1
    Chronological Resume - This type of resume is referred to the most recent position listed first.
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  • 2
    Functional Resume - This type of resume is referred to your skills, experience, and expertise of your work history
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  • 3
    Combination Resume - This type of resume is referred to highlights skills and experiences.
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  • Non-Traditional Resumes

    1. 1
      Infographic Resume - This type of resume is a visual tool to showcase the best of your skills.
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    2. 2
      Video Resume - This type of resume is using video, which explains about yourself for the job that you want to apply and to contribute.
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    3. 3
      Social Resume - This type of resume is using blog, E-mails, and other social media profile for applying jobs.
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    Free Resume Sites

    Having a good resume improves your chances of getting that interview where you can personally express what you want. Thus, you should take time to make it and improve its overall look, showcase your talent and abilities and show to the employer that you are a great candidate. If you need some help in creating your own but you do not think Livecareer fits you, you can choose from these other online free resume builders available on the net.

    • Emurse - Sign up for a free account from Emurse to start building your own resume. The resume you made can be downloaded in PDF, RTC, DOC and other formats. Emurse also offers the service of sending the resume directly to the hiring company.
    • Free Resume Creator - The site offers 6 templates that allow you to create your resume easily. You can even create a resume without registering! You can download your finished resume in PDF, HTML, text and other formats. The downside: it does not allow you to add photos to the resume.
    • Resume Builder - This site requires you to sign up in order to create a resume with them. Resume-creation is on a ten-step format and can be downloaded in RTF, PDF and other formats.
    • Ceevee - This site allows you to sign up through the normal registering, or login with your Facebook account for faster site access. Once signed in, you just need to fill in some details and the site does the job for you. You can then download the resume in PDF format, print it directly, or publish it online. The downside: A CeeVee badge
    • My Resume Online - This site allows you to make your own resume by registering with them. The downside - the resume will have a Google AdSense ads on it, you cannot download it online or print it.
    • iDlogik - This site allows you to make your resume with them only until registration. You can then publish the resume online or download it as PDF without any watermark or ads.
    • How to Write a - This site allows you to create a new account with them only after registration. There is one template available for free where you need to complete the 5 steps to finish writing your own resume. You can publish your resume online or download them in HTML or TXT format.
    • Visual CV - This site allows you to create your resume with them only after registration. You can import your Linked account details to your resume. Finished resume can be downloaded as a PDF file but has the Visual CV badge on it.
    • When registering for a site that you will only use once or rarely, it is always wise to register with a dummy email account. This way, you will not be receiving any spams from malicious sites cloaking as one that offers free service.
    • If you have bad experiences with any of the sites mentioned, we'd be grateful if you could share it to use in the comments section.

    Tips Tricks & Warnings

    • If you are trying to keep your job search private consider buying a "pay as you go" cheap cellphone to provide as your contact info both on your resume and on job applications. When this cellphone rings you know its about your job application or an interview, so you can excuse yourself and step into another room for a more professional presentation to your future employers.

    Questions and Answers

    Does LiveCareer allow you to make an online CV without watermarks?

    Yes, the site allows the creation of CV's without watermarks; however all contents and materials that are found on the site are protected by the corresponding patents, copyrights,and other copyrights. The logos and other images and all other content incorporated with the site are protected as a registered or unregistered trademark, and are therefore expected to be used accordingly. In order to protect the user employees and clients of the site, it is also important that all information and images provided are certified true and correct, and the writer should not commit any form of plagiarism.

    Making use of the materials found on this site must be in compliance with the site's terms and conditions, and must be used according to the conditions and legislation applied.

    The watermark is for them to protect what you have created without being tricked out of their money that they are asking for in terms of downloading the resume to their device.

    Yes, but in order for you to be able to print the resume or download it from the site without a watermark you will need to purchase the resume from them on their site.

    See more questions like this: I paid 11.95 last time, I need to download for that price again

    Once I click on the "create resume" button in the corresponding site, it directs me to another site which shows the fonts and templates are loading but after reaching the 100% nothing happens, what should I do?

    I also used different browsers, both chrome and mozilla.

    Try first to delete all of your history on your browser and after you have cleared your history try to log back in with only one window open which you are using in terms of your browser. Once you have completed this option then I will like for you to in fact try to open up the window again to create your resume.

    Pharmacy tech resume template?

    There are a lot and different types of resume that you could use as a template in creating your very own resume. If you want to find such cool and professional looking templates in building your own resume you can try looking at this site is kinda popular in creating and building your own resume using their template. Here is a few template that they have for Pharmacy Tech resume.

    I can not get my resume to load correctly on MS word 2013 to make minor adjustments to the format etc?

    When I download and open in word 13 it is not a usable document at all

    VisiHow QnA. This section is not written yet. Want to join in? Click EDIT to write this answer.

    I wanted to use Livecareer for some homework in class but I do not want to get in trouble for plagiarism?

    The forms will be sent online and through a generator that automatically checks them for plagiarism

    VisiHow QnA. This section is not written yet. Want to join in? Click EDIT to write this answer.

    Why was I charged $40 from Livecareer? I don't remember reading about that fee?

    I signed up for a free 14 day trial, I thought today was the day to cancel but I am a couple days late. Is that why I was charged $40?

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    Hi, I want to build a resume for a development work with an international Non governmental organization?

    I have acquired so much skills that when I put all in my resume it becomes too long, don't know how to make it concise and straight to the point

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    Graphical psd resumes impresses Recruiters more or ordinary pdf resumes?

    Color resumes vs black&white resumes

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    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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