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A domain name is your address online. It is the single thing by which you will be known online. The selection of the domain name which will largely brand you and your business as an important part of the website building process. Building around the keywords that describe what you do means that you will be found more readily and the keywords that you are targeting may be what will be used to search out your products. When you are creating a new site, the best method of making sure that it's more visible in search is to make sure that at least some of what you do is reflected in the domain name that you choose. The question is, how do you choose that domain name?

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    Make a list of the words or key words that best describe what you do
    If you are selling real estate, for example, you won't use the keyword "bananas". Put your list down on paper and take a look at the key words that you have.
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    Go to a domain tool that allows you to seek out domain names
    Consider combining your name or your business name with what you do. One example of a good domain name choice for a man named Coe who owned a real estate company in Omaha, Nebraska might be This reflects not only what they do, but who they are and the local area from which they might expect most of their business.
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    Seeking out the keywords most commonly associated with what you do and noting the number of websites that appear in response will help you to gain some insights into which keywords are the most competitive
    In many cases you want to use some of the moderately competitive keywords in order to rank a little more rapidly for those keywords.
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    Free keyword tools are available online
    One such tool, keyword discovery is very forthcoming with good keyword suggestions which can be used to select a domain name.
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    Try to be certain that, along with being relevant to what you do, your domain name is as short as possible, easily remembered, relevant to the website content that you will add to the site and is also friendly so far as SEO goes.
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    Once you have selected the domain name and set up the hosting and website, you'll begin to add the text
    Try to keep a reasonable amount of keyword inclusion in your front page text. For example, add an H1 tag with at least one instance of your keyword and sprinkle it, or some facsimile of it, into the content in order to ensure that it is found in search.
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  • If you buy a domain name that you are not happy with, you can change it, but it takes a great deal of effort and sometimes causes some real problems. Don't choose domain names randomly because you'll end up with a vast array of domain names that you have no use for.
  • Domain names can be costly. Make sure that you're looking in the right place. The company that charges you $30 per year may not be giving you anything that the one which offers you the domain for $5 is giving you.

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