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Have you been meaning to enter the world of business, but don't know where to start? Have you always wanted to open a store, but you can't because you don't have enough resources to put up a physical store to start with? Well, there is one avenue that will perfectly suit you - eBay! Be ready to open the doors of business and overflowing opportunities because this article will teach you how to build your own online store in eBay!

eBay Newbies Guide

eBay in a Nutshell

eBay Inc. is an American multinational internet consumer-to-consumer corporation, which serves as a gateway for private and commercial entities around the world to sell their products and services. Making an account in the eBay store means displaying your merchandise listings of any format in one convenient location. What's great about it is you can create a personalized eBay storefront to your liking, as well as putting up a unique website address. You are also given access to eBay Store tools that you can utilize to promote, manage, build, and track your business.

Before You Proceed


There will be lots of considerations on your part before starting an online business. You have to consider your overall experience with eBay, selling goods and listing volume. eBay said that those with high volume inventory sell better and have the best client satisfaction. You have to be committed to grow your sales and expect to have a part-time and even a full-time business on eBay. See the checklist below for why you should sell on eBay.

  • Traffic
  • Website assistance
  • Fixed priced and auctions
  • Listing Sales
  • User Friendly

As an aspiring eBay seller, be aware that selling and listing allowances sometimes apply to new accounts as moderation for selling practices. Take note that eBay subscribers who have an allowance placed on their accounts will not have full access to the benefits and features of their stuff. This article will cover increasing your allowance later on.

To sign up for an eBay Shop, simply follow this link: [1] and follow the simple instructions located therein.


Basic Steps in Selling with eBay Shops

  1. 1
    Subscribe to eBay Shops
    eBay Shop is the interface inside eBay designed to maximize your selling potential on eBay, as well as the internet. You will need to give monthly fees to eBay to use these tools, which in turn allows you to manage, build, track and promote your business.
    1. Subscription Level. The first step, right after signing up, is choosing a subscription level. It will depend on your decision about short term goals and needs.
    2. Shop Name. eBay also allows its users to choose their shop names. The name you choose will determine your shop's web address, so choose a unique and easily identifiable name.
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  2. 2
    Designing your eBay Shop
    This is the fun stage where you get to customize how your items on the site is shown. In this step, you will brand, design, and customize your shop. Be sure to make it appealing, easy and unique enough for the buyers to get curious and browse, which will then increase your chances for sells and success.
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  3. 3
    Listing of Items
    Once your shop is set up, you can now start selling. eBay Shop sellers are allowed to list their wares in two formats: Fixed Price or Auction Price. Take note that listing formats are automatically shown in your shop and can be tweaked using the Sell Your Item form, Selling Manager Pro, Turbo Lister, and your favored listing tool.
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    Managing Your eBay Shop
    You must learn to be a better seller once you're done setting up your shop and listing all items. Always utilize eBay's Shop features including promotion of items in your shop or placing it on holiday sale.
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  5. 5
    Marketing Your eBay Shop
    Remember to create hype in your shop by making sure that stocks are always available, and that the listing looks good and uncluttered. Make sure that your customers will come back for more by utilizing sales, using Markdown Manager and sending out mail to highlight seasonal or new items.
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Advanced eBay Navigation

Increasing your Allowance

eBay commits itself to ensure a safe and trusted marketplace for all buyers and sellers. This promise comes with support for a complete, positive and successful sale for both the buyer and seller. Many sellers have a selling or listing allowance placed on their accounts or their items, until they confirm key personal information.


The 3 types of selling allowances that applies depending on the seller.

  • Account-based selling allowances. Account-based allowances allow the user to review their account activities, as well as confirm any key personal information from a seller. These allowances can vary depending on the sellers and can be increased based on the current overall selling activity.
  • Category-based listing allowances. For specific types of sellers, you may see a limit on the number of merchandise you can list in a calendar month. It can only be increased once you establish a positive selling history in the category you are posting.
  • Item-based listing allowances. This one is created to make a safer buying and selling experience on eBay; certain items may be subject to supplemental restrictions. For example, eBay does not allow listings for counterfeit (fake) items, replicas, or unauthorized copies of digital nature. Such items can infringe someone else's trademark or copyright and are damaging to legitimate buyers, sellers, and eBay.

Benefits of Subscription Levels

You will need to choose a subscription level to suit your needs when setting up an eBay Shop. Each level will offer different benefits like:

  • Ability to customize a professional-looking shop in short time.
  • Advanced selling as well as cross-promotion tools.
  • Viewing of Sales Reports Plus to evaluate and track your eBay sales.
  • Real-time traffic reports of your shops which include referring web addresses, page views and keywords used by potential customers.
  • Inclusion of eBay Shop Directory and optimization of your shop pages to get the best rankings on all search engines.
    Shop Type and Corresponding Fees (U.K.)

Take note that the selling manager Pro subscription fee can be waived if you maintain Featured or Anchor Shop subscriptions. If you already possess a Selling Manager Pro subscription then it is reflected on your next invoice for the next billing cycle. Qualifying for this offer requires you to subscribe to Selling Manager Pro on the eBay Country where you set up your eBay Shop.

Personalizing Your eBay shop


As a beginner in using eBay, you can simply use Quick Hop Setup. After subscribing to your very own shop, you'll have the choice to use the particular Quick Shop Setup feature to generate the appearance and feel of your store. This feature provides design and marketing recommendations, which are popular with different shop sellers. Using the click of a new button, you can apply each of the recommended settings, or you may edit them to fit your own needs. This feature is only available at the time period you open your shop. To use Quick Shop Tune Up:

  • Look for and click My eBay at the top of the eBay page.
  • Log in to eBay using your user ID and password.
  • Click the Manage My Shop link under the My Subscriptions on the left-part side of the eBay page.
  • Click the Start Quick Shop Tune Up, located under Related Links at the bottom part of the navigation links seen on the left.
  • As the new Shop design and marketing recommendations are added, you can simply be able to view them from Quick Shop Tune Up feature of eBay.
  • To see the options, just click Quick Shop Tune Up located on the left-hand side of Manage My Shop page.

Placing your Shop on holiday

If you know that you're going to be away for some time, avoid leaving potential buyers hanging by using eBay Shop holiday options. You can customize your fixed price listings to unavailable, and show potential buyers a message to let them see that there might be some delay in receiving their purchases.

Promote Other Items in Your Shop


Promotion boxes are graphics that you can utilize in your shop to specialize your featured items, announce specialties, or evaluate alternative ways to go over your items.

Tips, Tricks and Warning

  • All items you put on eBay will appear in your personalized eBay Shop; it doesn't matter which selling formats you pick - Fixed Price, Auction-Style or Classified Ad.
  • After setting up your eBay Shop, you can repeatedly manage your eBay Shop using My eBay. For example, you can tweak your shop's name and item categories.
  • Regulations for selling apply to eBay Shops. Remember that you check selling policies to avoid future problems with your item listings.
  • Promoting your eBay Shop will boost its sales.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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