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Family is a basic unit of socialization in the community. Parents all have their own way of dealing with their children, but the most important thing is that parents also needs to build a relationship with their children. Some parents are usually strict with their children, not because they want their children to miss out on doing some things, but because they are concerned and love them. It is a parent's job to consider the things that may affect their children, but having a good relationship with them is better than anything.


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    Eat with your teenager regularly
    Dinner is the best place to discuss matters that happened at their school during the day. It is also the best way to talk about the things you want to know about your child. Ask about his or her experiences in school, love life since he or she is now teenager, and also help him with his or her schooling and plans for the future. What does he plan to do - college, the courses that he or she wants to take, and his goals.
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    Give time to your teenager and assist him or her in the morning while getting ready for school
    Help them in the preparation of food and things. You may ask your teenager also if he or she has forgotten anything such as his assignments, projects or take home exams. It is also the time you remind them what to do or not when in school.
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    Saying "take care" to your teenager will let him realize that he or she is worth caring for
    It is not awkward for a parent to say "take care" to your teenager; in fact it shows that you love him or her. Make sure your teenager can feel that you love him or her more than anything. You will lose nothing in caring for your teenager; thus you gain respect and they will love you more. Caring includes understanding, respect, and counseling.
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    Watch with them while they are watching the television or movies
    Sometimes, having fun with them is good. Have a simple family forum about the insights you all get from the movie. You can also ask his or her responses on how he or she relates to the moral lesson from the movie to the family, in which case, you can monitor his awareness about his attitude towards the whole family.
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    Have time to have leisure life with your teen once or twice every weekend in a month, so you will see his attitude if it was changed or not
    You can also observe his or her attitude towards his family. Have a walk in the park, picnic or other family bonding, or even have fun by just chasing one another.
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    Give your teenager credit when he or she wins an award or even have a good grade
    In this case, earning praise may make him or her enjoy going to school more, and besides you are building your relationship with him or her. You may give your teenager presents, like treat him or her to a movie, road trip, tour or even attend some festivals. Bring your whole family and enjoy the bonding with your teenager.
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    Find time to do your hobbies together
    Jogging, playing your favorite sports, listening to your favorite musics and much more. Be with and support him or her regarding personal interests in life. Enjoy doing your hobbies together.
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    Parents counsel will be sufficient to have a good relationship with your teenager
    Tell him or her your experiences that you don't want him or her to encounter so that they will listen. Have a forum, talk about what you don't want him or her doing, but also ask him or her whether you are a strict parents. Ask for your teenager's opinion, so he or she can share with you, and then explain why you are doing such things, like barring him do get home late at night, going to a party, or going out with friends who are bad influences. This way, he or she can have a better idea about the right friends to choose and things to do.
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    Lastly share your respect, love, care and understand him
    Listen to his explanation. After explaining his side, you can also explain your side to make things clearer.
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    Hopefully these steps will help you to build a better relationship with your teenager.
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  • Try to remain calm, always, when dealing with your teenager.

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