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An auto responder or a site responder that will help to answer your emails and to automatically send out auto response emails to the new customers and clients who come to your website will be a necessity. You can't stand around doing nothing else but waiting for someone to come to your website and to request an email or a free brochure. The auto responder software can do that for you very effectively and very efficiently, allowing you to keep your hands free to do other things. Using an auto-responder allows you to create a series of messages to send automatically to your website users. That list can offer them viable products, sales information, pitches about new products and even information about how to use the products that they currently have.  Today, a mailing list is a necessity for making money. If you're going to have any kind of product or services that you're going to offer to your customers, a mailing list will be the best way to go.

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    Using a squeeze page, you'll want to place more than one newsletter signup area, while telling them on the page what you'll be offering them for their email
    A simple statement that tells them what it's all about and what they will get out of it is a good start. In many cases today, you're going to need to prove that you are worth their time. The way that you're going to accomplish that is to give them a little something extra for their effort.
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    Many people have given away or sold users email addresses and users today are far more reticent to offer their email address to anyone
    It may be necessary to send a small report or to bribe your users with a small product sample in order to get them to leave you an email address.
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    Creating a squeeze page that will allow the reader to go directly to the incentive that you have to give them for their email address will help to make the process easier and more readily convince the user to sign up
    A squeeze page is a specific page that is crafted to showcase your incentives and to either sell a product or to get a certain response from your readers. In this case, we want them to sign up for the email newsletter to allow you to market to them.
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    Add your incentive product to some of your messages
    Better still, add more than one of them and that will keep them coming back and checking again and again. Even if all they come to do is download your incentive, it's going to get them on your site and reading the information.
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  • Usually this doesn't take a lot; an e-report or a product sample or a free product of some type will do it. In some cases, don't be disappointed if they do take your free report and unsubscribe since the average mailing list loses about two for every four they sign up. If your retention rate is 50 percent, you've done very well and can use those emails that you have to market your products.

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