Bring the Start Menu Back to Windows 8

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Windows 8 is a cool and innovative OS platform with a clean Metro User Interface. The whole system runs totally smooth and fast. But there is one thing that is missing from Windows 8 to make the system more manageable -- the start menu button. Those who have been PC users for several years may have used the start menu button as part of their cursor routine in finding my applications and folders. In Windows 8, there is no start menu button, so you need to find your applications and folders in the METRO UI icon, which is a waste of time. But there is a sneaky way to get back your start menu button where it actually belongs.

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    Download Classic Shell
    You can download it here for free [1].
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    Install The Shell
    After downloading the installer, install it properly by following the screenshots below. By following the screenshots guide, you will able to install that completely.
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    After the installation process, you will notice the shell icon below your toolbar
    It is not exactly the same, but it has the same function.
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    To return your default Windows Start Screen, just right-click your shell icon and click Settings > Basic Settings > Windows Start Screen, and simply hit "OK."
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Alternative Techniques

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    This is a replacement for Windows 8 start menu that will look exactly the same with Windows 7. If that is what you want, then this app is for you. You will get the similar Start button orb icon as well as the similar start menu search box, it even has the same jump lists, even better it has the same Aero transparency we came to love. StartIsBack will even detect your system for system patch application before restart, same with the Windows 7 native Start menu.

    StartIsBack exactly diverges in the Windows 7 Start off menu, even though, is customization: StartIsBack can be fully personalized, and includes a number of useful Glass Windows 8-specific features, too. You'll be able to configure which hot edges are permitted, make your PC jump straight to the Desktop when that first boots up, and customize an important combo to show the Glass Windows 8 Start off screen (Win+Ctrl by simply default).
    In the event Start menu selection and task-bar visibility aren't is not to your liking, StartIsBack will let you disable that - and change the start button orb icon as well. If you're looking for a Windows 8 Start off menu substitution that looks just like Windows 7, StartIsBack is made for you.

    You can download StartIsBack here: [2]
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    Unlike StartIsback who's trying to replicate Windows 7 interface, Pokki (which is free by the way) is its own beast! Pokki is even better to some because it utilizes neat "pinning" system that is very similar to the home-screen of some Smartphone or Tablet today (although Pokki does a better job than all of them) With Pokki, you can add widgets, such as Facebook and Gmail, which will display your current status updates and email.

    Automatically, Pokki will customize/configure the Windows 8 system on top of that straight to the Desktop - and there exists an option that could just completely disable your hot 4 corners, if you wish so. (Remember, Win+C is no longer secure open your Charms menu list, if you'll need. ) In case you're buying Windows 8 start menu/button substitution that isn't reminiscent of Windows Vista/7, Pokki is good for you.

    You can download Pokki here: [3]
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    If you want the Windows 7 Start off menu look-and-feel, but you're not ready to fork out some dollars with regard to StartIsBack or Start8, StartMenu8 is usually a solid alternative. While the actual interface won't get any awards - the item feels as being similar to the earlier Linux applications that ruthlessly scammed Windows - you have a fair amount of configurable options, and a few Windows 8-specific toggles which can be very beneficial.

    Automatically, StartMenu8 will certainly skip the actual Windows 8 Start screen as well as go straight away to the Computer, and disable Microsoft Windows 8's hot corners. There's also the alternative to disable the actual sidebar, if you really don't ever wish to see Microsoft Windows 8 ever again. The StartMenu8 switch icon could be altered, and you will add as well as remove which usually links appear in the right side in the Start menu. Overall, StartMenu8 appears to be and feels a tad clunky - as well as, incidentally, look for some delightful bundle ware throughout the installation method.

    Download StartMenu8 here: [4]
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Congratulations! You have now a start menu button on your Windows 8 computer.

Tips, Tricks and Warning

  • The brand new Start button only will be a way of accessing the beginning Screen which consists of Modern tiles. Thus, it will not likely include this familiar Start menu intended for finding in addition to launching software programs.
  • Although Microsoft justified itself, removing the Start off button using data coming from its Buyer Experience Enhancement Program, the reinstatement is caused by customer suggestions.

Questions and Answers

StartMenu8 skips the Windows 8 Start Screen and goes straight to the Desktop. I need StartMenu8 to go to the Start Screen after I turn on the laptop. How do I this?

StartMenu8 is a great application that allows users of Windows 8 to use the classic Windows Start menu that Microsoft took out of its newest operating system. It also bypasses the Start Screen as a default option since most people do not like it. However, it's just a setting that can be changed in the StartMenu8 application. To change StartMenu8's settings so it will boot your computer to Windows 8's Start Screen, follow the simple steps below:

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  • Right-click the Start button.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click General Settings.
  • Uncheck the box for Skip Metro screen.
  • Click Apply.
  • Click Okay.
  • Restart your computer.

Your computer will now boot up to Windows 8's Start Screen instead of going straight to the desktop.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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