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This article will be on how to create a start menu for Windows 8. Some users are having an issue with the Windows 8 OS not having a start menu so here are the steps to start creating a menu for your new Windows 8 Operating System.

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    You will first need to download the software called "pokki" which is a free application to download for Windows 8
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    Once the download has started you will need to wait for the pop up after the installation is finished and you will be asked if you would like to use Pokki and your start up menu check the box so that it will be placed in the position that you are used to having your start up menu from the previous Windows Operating Systems.
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    Once the download have finished and you have checked the box to use Pokki as a start menu icon.
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    Once you are finished with all the necessary downloading you will notice that the pokki icon is not located on your desktop screen as a start menu for you to use.
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    The start menu will resemble a peanut and there you go you now have brought back the start menu from previous Windows OS
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Now that you have your old fashioned start menu back you can now use your new OS just like you have used your previous OS software.

Questions and Answers

Is there another option beside the Pokki app you are suggesting?

Where to download?

There are numerous other software alternatives besides Pokki. You can use these applications to return your beloved Start menu option in Windows 8. To install these applications, simply follow onscreen instructions that come with the programs. Here they are:

  • Stardock Start8 1.3.1
  • 8StartButton 2.5.3
  • StartW8
  • Win8 Start Button
  • StartMenu8 1.1.0
  • Power8
Follow this link. [1]

As of right now Pokki is the best application that you can download in order to bring back the start menu on your computer at this time. But if you would like to try the other applications there are two other apps called start 8 or IObit start menu.

What is the Quick Starter bar for Samsung PC's?

Samsung returns the classic Start menu to Windows 8 with their free application known as "Quick Starter app" (previously called S Launcher). It was primarily due to ship with the new Windows 8 devices, but instead Samsung made it available as a free download program when Samsung machines hits the market. Perhaps knowing that not everyone loves a big change in the user interface and knowing that it might actually put some consumers off buying the Windows 8 equipment, Samsung offered users different options between the old and new. It's going to be available to download from the S Manager room - a portal to the latest drivers and software within Samsung's Glass Windows 8 machines.

Included inside S Manager is Samsung's Quick Nice feature, which adds a toolbar and start button to this Windows 8 program. This provides users with a choice of interface and supplies a familiar navigation plan.

Is the Quick Starter a replacement for the Start button?

Yes. It basically rewired and revolutionized the Start button that most users has familiarized with. If you have never used a Windows 8 system before, then you're in for a surprise as you won't be seeing the familiar Start button icon on the lower-left side of your screen, instead you will see floating tiles of programs and applications rather than icons.

No, the quick starter is in fact not a replacement for the push to start button. The push to start button is located inside of the vehicle and the quick starter button is located on your key remote to start the vehicle before you enter.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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