Brighten a Bathroom with No Windows

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Do You Have a Bathroom Without Windows?

If you do have a bathroom without windows, it probably feels dark and dingy. Aside from not having the luxury of an open window allowing a lovely breeze into your bathroom during the warmer months, you also don't have the luxury of the sun, pouring through the window and filling your bathroom with beautiful, natural light.

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Does your bathroom feel this gloomy, dingy and unwelcoming? It doesn't have to.

This article will discuss some easy, and some trickier methods to brighten up your bathroom, in spite of its windowless circumstance.

Techniques to Brighten Your Bathroom

Take a good look at your bathroom. What do you like about it? What don't you like? Are you taking more showers because it feels drab and you don't feel comfortable in there? Do you wish you had a window? Do you want to make it a cozier, brighter room? Here are a few things you can try to brighten a bathroom with no windows. Even if you're bathroom has a small window but it still feels a little drab, some of these suggestions might work for you.

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  1. 1
    Keep it light
    Paint the room white or another light color. If the woodwork is painted, use the same color on the woodwork, rather than a contrasting color. Keep everything in the bathroom the same color - as much as you can, and only add a few splashes of color - towels and a few accent pieces. Frames on mirrors and/or pictures, should be light as well. This will give the illusion of lots of light, and a larger room.
    Keeping the colors light with subtle differences and just a splash of color brightens any bathroom.
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  2. 2
    Lit Shelves
    If you're handy around the house, you could use LED strips and light up your shelves. Consider taking the door off the cabinet that houses your towels, and display them, with lights. Also, colored glass insulators and bottles and jar on a shelf that lights up can create beautiful light in your bathroom.
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  3. 3
    Consider a skylight
    If you own your house, and the bathroom has no windows, and it' might be possible, consider having a skylight installed. It will bathe your room with beautiful sunlight during the day, and moonlight skies at night
    A skylight will add beautiful light to a bathroom without windows.
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  4. 4
    Reflect the light
    In a bathroom without windows, the larger the mirror, the more light will be reflected. The light from the wall sconces and candlelight will be doubled because of the reflected light. A mirrored wall, mirrored tiles and large antique mirrors will all work, depending on the style of your bathroom. Try collecting a lot of small, interesting mirrors and do a small wall in them. Mirrors also help to make the room look larger.
    Mirrors will create more light and more space.
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Make Your Own Window

Don't let not having a window in your bathroom stop you from creating one. This is an easy project that will be inexpensive, and lots of fun. Just follow these suggestions;

Don't have a window? Make your own window.
  1. 1
    Find a window frame
    Older are more interesting. Consider the scale - if the bathroom is small, find a smaller window, and likewise use a larger window in a larger bathroom. As it's in the bathroom, glass still in the window is good, but not necessary.
    1. Go natural. Why not leave the frame intact, either with its rustic peeling paint or its natural looking barn board.
    2. Paint the frame. If that's not to your taste, or won't work with your bathroom, go ahead and paint the frame. Ideally, to keep the bathroom looking larger, choose a color just a bit darker than the color of your room...or paint it any color your heart desires. There are no rules...just suggestions.
    3. Stain. Sand the window down, and stain it with your favorite shade. Cherry stain has a very warming effect.
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  • 2
    Take some time to look through your photographs - especially ones from your vacations
    Find one you love, something you'd like to look at every day. This is your opportunity to create your own view - any way you'd like it. Some ideas for your window view:  
    1. A photo from the garden of your childhood home.
    2. An amazing view of the ocean you took in England.
    3. A primordial forest you wandered through in Ireland.
    4. Take a picture of what the view would be from your window, if you had one.
    5. Choose four different pictures so you can change them with the seasons.
    6. A whimsical landmark might be fun;  
      1. NYC and the Empire State Building.
      2. A Medieval Castle.
      3. Bourbon Street in New Orleans.
      4. The Coliseum in Rome.
      5. A view of the Greek Islands.
      6. The Eiffel Tower in Paris.
        Be whimsical and use your imagination.
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  • 3
    Measure twice - cut once
    This carpenter's creed also works here. Measure the window twice so you'll know what size to enlarge your photo to.
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  • 4
    Enlarge the Photo
    Take your photo in digital form to a business depot like Staples. Often they'll let you enlarge photos to a custom size, and they are priced very reasonably. If you have to choose a size they offer, pick one slightly larger than the frame. You can always trim a little off later.
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  • 5
    Size the photo
    Make sure the photo ends up a little smaller than the window frame, so you won't see edges of the photo, but you also don't want the photo cut too small, where it isn't entirely covered by the frame.
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  • 6
    Attach the Photo
    You could glue it to the frame, use staples, or heavy-duty tape.
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  • 7
    Hang it on the wall and enjoy the view.
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  • Tips and Warnings

    • Painting a room light colours makes it feel more airy, roomy and bright.
    • Use mirrors to reflect unnatural light.
    • Never use bright light bulbs - the light is too harsh.
    • Use soft light - soft white light bulbs.
    • Overhead lighting in a bathroom can cause unwanted shadows when you're trying to put on your mascara - or shave. Consider sconces on either side of the mirror with brighter light, and the overhead fixture giving off a warmer more natural light.

    Questions and Answers

    Please explain what is meant by overhead lighting. Did you mean recessed lights, pendant lights?

    Please explain what is meant by overhead lighting. Did you mean recessed lights, pendant lights...? I'm considering both and I do not wish to have problems with shadowing my makeup application. Currently I have that builders vanity lighting, the row of 6 clear globes like Hollywood. It provides a lot of light which I enjoy with makeup application. However I am currently redoing my bathroom. My designer would like to do 2 tall mirrors and 2 pendant lights hanging over the double sink vanity. Will that be enough light? That is why I am considering recessed lights.. . Please help. . Thanks. Tonya. I'm trying to make my bathroom brighter. One of the tips/warnings included something I was planning on incorporating in my design and need clarification. What is meant by overhead lighting?

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