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Do you struggle with issues about yourself such as the way you look, or your abilities of how you measure up to other people? There are many people who feel this way! You are not the only one. One girl said that her imperfections get her down, and no matter how pretty she feels she comes across people that are better looking. She is always very self conscious around others. Have you ever felt this way? Did you know how you view yourself can affect the way others see you, and even treat you? Don't worry, there are things that can help you to see yourself in a more better way. What can you do?

Ways to Help Yourself

1. Give of Yourself You know the saying there is more happiness in giving than receiving? When you help others and do kind things for them, your sense of well being can rise. Giving love and attention makes people happy, and you will feel better about yourself too. This can take your mind off yourself and your worries. Can you think of someone that you can do something to help them?

2. Make Friends A good friend can be supportive in times of trouble. The thought that someone cares about you can lift your mood. Stick close to those who have a positive influence on you. Real friends won't let you stay down. A word of caution. Make sure the people you hang around with bring out the real you, not a persona you create just to fit in. If you participate in things that are wrong just to impress others, it will leave you feeling degraded and used. Can you think of someone who would truly be a good friend and boost your self confidence?

3. Bounce Back From Your Mistakes There's no way of getting around it. We all fall short in doing right. That means we just say or do wrong things at times. We can't avoid making mistakes, but we can control how we react to them. When we fall, we just get right back up! Sometimes we have low self esteem when we compare our weaknesses with another persons strengths. Everyone has good and bad qualities.

4. Your True Value We all condemn ourselves at times, but each an everyone of us has something valuable in us. Imagine that you had a $100 bill with a tear in it. Would you throw it away or view it as not any good? No, it is still valuable to you!

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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Don't tell yourself you always fail, or don't do anything right.
  • Recognize your strengths.
  • Think Positive

Questions and Answers

How to measure self confidence?

You can always take the psychological Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale test. You can find one here: Take it before following advice from the article and some time after working on your self-confidence.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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