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Repair a Damaged Throat from Smoking

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Best way to flatten deep scars from chickenpox?

The best way to flatten deep chickenpox scars is to apply a moisturizer with vitamin E and Aloe Vera extracts directly onto the pitted scar. Pitted scars, also known as "Atrophic scars", are deep scars commonly caused by chickenpox. These pitted scars make skin regeneration slower and often leads to a permanent scarring. There are various ways to properly manage pitted scars and some of them are vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which helps minimize or prevents cellular damage to the skin and neutralizes free radicals. It is also a good skin moisturizer and aids in wound healing. Aloe vera is a very potent herbal remedy used to treat scars because it whitens the scars, promotes faster wound healing and nourishes the skin. To use, apply an ample amount of the moisturizer skin lotion to the affected part (in the morning and in the evening) and gently massage it for better skin absorption and blood circulation. Doing this will also help improve the skin's regeneration ability by flattening your deep hole chickenpox scars.

40 years ago I had suffered from Small Pox severely and after long 3 months when I had recouped, deep small pox spots developed on my face and nose and made me ugly and since then I am ugly looking only?

On this subject, we can continuously discuss at length for an unlimited time, but I want instant results i.e. the day I start applying any such cream which starts rubbing the deep blackish spots into the natural skin with a glow and that is only my wishful thinking.

There are no instant results. Even with a laser treatment method, you have to wait for the treated area to heal for at least a week before you see results. If you want a fast success rate then you will have to have a laser treatment or chemical peel applied. Because your scars are so old you really should seek a dermatologist opinion for something like laser treatment. You can try lemon, Vitamin E and cinnamon as a facial scrub to the area to see if you can get at least a better result than you have now but it most likely will not give you the smoothness you want like laser therapy would.

I was burned helping a friend put out a kitchen fire - After various treatments have atrophy scars, something I am not used to as my complexion is clear. I was told that I can put salicylic acid into the carindented scars. I was also told to use silicone sheets but aren't the sheets for hypertrophy scars?

OH I think I explained it above. I have on my nose as a result of a burn from oil on fire in a pan atrophy scars. It could be that the scaring came from what I put on it, the doctor gave me an antibiotic as it was infected and antibiotic ointment. I was then told it had become cellulitis which was frightening. As a result, I am left with a nose that has atrophy scarring 7 want to know how can I treat it at home. It made sense to me that applying salicylic acid into the scars might help? But I do not want to make things worse. I also have a lot of redness. I can wait and let it heal, but silicone patches work best if used sooner rather than later. There are so many different things suggested. I don't know what to do?

Cellulitis will have to fully heal before you add anything other than something like Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Coconut oil which all have healing properties. You also can treat with potato peels although because of the infection you should wait until the cellulitis is no longer present. Here are some more VisiHow articles on scars. Although they are all different types of scars the healing methods mentioned are universal for healing any type of scar.

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I have scars on my face? how do I get rid of them naturally?

How to get rid of chickenpox scars naturally? Even though I applied lemon juice and Aloe Vera gel, it doesn't have much effect on it.

Lemon juice with aloe vera is a great way to fade scars. You can add Vitamin E to what you are doing already but keep it up and the scar should fade. If it does not within 60 days of treatments you may need to seek the advice of a dermatologist for further treatment such as laser removal options.

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Repair a Damaged Throat from Smoking
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How can I remove my scars? What treatment I should use?

How can I remove my scars? What treatment I should use ?

Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter are a great way to remove or fade scars. Nothing works overnight so you will have to keep up with applying these to the scar areas several times a day and within a month you will see significant fading.

I'm taking a chemical peel and RF Microneedling for pits on my face, is this the best for me?

I want to know about pits on my face, I am taking a chemical peel and RF Microneedling, is this the best treatment for me

Your treatment is perfectly fine for anyone to try. Everyone has different sensitivities and success so if the chemical peel is working for you then you should keep it up.

How can I remove dent of my cheek?

I have some deep dent of my cheek after acne. Kindly suggest me any cream and herbal remedy by natural

If it is a scar using collagen and retinol will puff up the skin or you can rub cinnamon on the area to wake up the blood flow and essentially swell the skin. Otherwise, our face can get natural dents in cheeks otherwise known as dimples.

After eCO2, I had a deep depress line 4cm on my cheek. Was the line already there before eCO2?

After 3 sessions of eCO2, I think the line tear apart when swollen, now one year later, the line is deep and wide. I didn't have any injury before just a small atrophy line years ago but had it smoothed by laser

Yes, the line just became more prominent as dead skin cells were removed. You may have to treat the area with a laser as you did previously. Super oxygenation opens up the pores and sloughs all dead skin away so your scar was just uncovered more than usual.

I have a crater mark spot on my forehead?

I had chickenpox when I was grade 5 I think. I scratched it that is why I have a crater mark spot on my forehead and I don't want to go out and be embarrassed by everyone. Now I'm using contractubex because it said that it can rejuvenate your skin. Please give me more advice to remove this scar. Thanks. I have tried: I tried putting contractubex to It.. I think it was caused by: This is caused by chickenpox

You may not have been using the cream for the amount of time needed to remove the scar. You can add Vitamin E and Vitamin C to the area to help the healing process, though. Keep in mind all treatments take at least 30 days before you see dramatic improvement.

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