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Because it's possible to make so much money as an mSpy affiliate, many people try to become affiliates. However, very few of them are actually approved. We'll show you exactly what you have to do to get your affiliate application accepted. By using the tips and tricks in this article, you'll be able to learn what it takes to be an affiliate, and exactly what you need to do to get the approval moving fast and start making commissions. Read on to learn how you can make money as an mSpy Affiliate.

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Navigate to the mSpy Affiliate Page

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    To get started as an mSpy affiliate, you're going to need to be on the affiliate page
    The affiliate page lists information and specifics about the mSpy affiliate program. We encourage you to read through these items before applying.
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    Once you have read through the relevant items and have decided to become an affiliate, you will need to click the green 'Become a Partner' button
    Clicking this button will take you to the sign-up page where you will need to fill out an application to become an mSpy affiliate.
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Fill out the mSpy Affiliate Application

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    You will be required to fill in specific account details
    This is where you should put in your name or company name, address, and telephone. Each of these items is important. Failing to fill the form out completely will certainly cause your application to be rejected.
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    Next you will be asked to fill in user details
    User details are simply information about yourself, your email, and your desired password. You will also be asked your name again, as some people choose to list a company instead of a person in the 'Account Details' section.
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    Now you will need to answer some additional questions
    This is by far the most important section of the mSpy affiliate application. You will be asked how you plan to promote site, where you plan to promote it, how you heard about the site in the first place, and also your own website URL. The people at mSpy take their affiliate program very seriously. They do not just give it to anyone, so you should not waste your time or theirs applying if you aren't serious. Give clear answers on how you will really promote, and how you expect to make money.
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    After carefully filling out the 'Additional Questions' section, making sure to be very detailed and very specific, you will want to check the box agreeing to the terms
    Then click one time on the 'Sign Up' button. This will take you to the mSpy affiliate login window.
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    As you are not yet approved as an affiliate, you can only view the affiliate window
    You will not be able to login and view the details of your account until it is approved. You should receive an email telling you that your application has been received, and will be reviewed. In the event you do not receive an email, or an approval email, we encourage you to click the main page icon of mSpy, and then click the blue chat bubble in the lower right-hand side to can speak with a representative.
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Additional Tips

  • In our experience, it's easy to make at least $20 per sale, but the possibility exists to earn significantly more.

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