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Today we are going to teach you how to become a video game tester. Often if you look up this job online you will run into many scams and people telling you it's easy. You can test games professionally or for fun, but they are two entirely different things. Read on to learn the difference between the two and how you can become a tester either professionally or for fun.

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    Choose a Route
    1. For Fun. This is just for fun as you are not going to get paid. Many times people become beta-testers to gain access to a game early, help out the developers and be involved in the process without a having to devote as much time as a paid tester. For fun testing may not have any requirements beyond minimal system requirements to run the game. Sometimes you may need to register if the developers are looking for varying systems and hardware specifications.
    2. Professionally. Professional testing of video games is also known as 'Quality Assurance Testing' or 'QA'. If you think video game testing is "fun" and being able to try a video game would be the best job ever QA would probably change your mind. When you do QA, you have to try any game they give you. You may luck out and get a game you like. You will have to try many things from a technical standpoint which may cause you to lose interest in the game before the final version is released. It is a real job that requires 40-hours or more per week. In order to test games professionally you must meet the requirements needed by the developer. This may include experience or a degree in a related field.
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    Search online for your chosen route
    Many times developers will also have internships, QA jobs, as well as for 'fun' or non-paid opportunities posted on their websites.
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Types of Non-paid Testing Options

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    Open Beta Testing
    Today, unlike in the past, many game developers do not issue 'Demos' instead they may hold an 'open beta weekend' or weeks where they will give access to the game to anyone who wants to play it. Beta-testing in many instances isn't like traditional beta-testing, where feature-wise everything was there but it was buggy,as now they are used mainly to help advertise the game while it is still being produced without the expectation of a fully finished working product.
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    Closed Beta Testing
    There are also 'closed beta testing' where you have to register ahead of time to be considered. You usually will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and agree to their terms. Afterwards, if they want you to play they will select you. The selection is usually based on your hardware because they want to get feedback from different types of people with computers of varying specifications.
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    Many times games will have pre-order beta testing. These are usually very short-term and only let in people who signed up and pre-ordered. Pre-ordering guarantees you a spot.
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    Early Access
    Many games also offer 'Early Access' which gives you access to the game and its current version, however you are essentially paying to test the game for them. Sometimes this could be beneficial if the updated version is released soon, however there are some that do not release and update on time or regularly enough to satisfy people who paid for early access to the game.
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  • Video: Become a Video Game Tester

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