Become a Successful Single Mom

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Being a mother is not an easy task, and it is much more challenging if you are a single mother. All the duties and responsibilities of parents are yours.

The most crucial year is the first. If you are a single mom, you have to take good care of your child and, at the same time, earn for both of you. Having a baby is expensive, and to rear them all alone can be burdensome.

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But your life is not over if you have a child. Carry your burdens and you will reap the rewards in the future. Being a single mom should not become a hindrance in having a happy and meaningful life.

Let this experience be a lesson to learn. You have to be strong, despite all the judgments. You have to move forward because you cannot bring back the time when you were all alone and didn't have a child. Just let this experience be a reminder that you need to strive more, to be more responsible with your actions, and life must go on.

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To Become a Successful Single Mom

  1. 1
    Rely on Your Support Group
    Your Support Group can include your own family, friends and even the father of your child. They can help you in bringing up your child. You can ask for financial support from the father. After all, being a single mom does not prohibit him from being a father, even if you do not live together. But if he is irresponsible, then don't depend on him for support, because this can just lead to a more stressful life. Your family and friends may help you. They can support you financially, morally and emotionally while you do your best to earn. They can also serve as babysitters while you go to work. Through this, you can provide for you and your child without worrying that your child is not safe.
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    Strive to Become Successful
    If you focus on becoming successful, you will achieve it. If you have not finished your schooling, you may still go back and finish it. And once you finish your studies, you can get the job that you want, and secure your future and the future of your child. While doing this, you can ask help from your family, if they can babysit your child for you so that you can focus on your studies.
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    Stay Away from Negative Influences
    It is not healthy to stay in a place where all you can hear is negativity. Try to be in a place where you can have a peaceful mind. Try to reach out to friends who will help you to create a positive environment in which to rear your child. You can ignore the people who only know how to judge and hurt you. If you have people in your life who cannot accept that you are a single mom, it is better for you to let them go, and find a place where you can be comfortable and can support you as your child is growing.
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    Consider Your Children's Needs
    Do not have another child if you cannot make sure of the future of the child that you already have. Although it is possible to raise children on your own, it is not a good idea to put yourself and your children in a bad situation by taking on more than you can handle.
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    Have a Stable Job
    Do your best to secure a job that can help you to bring up your child normally. A workplace with a good environment is a great help to being a successful single mom. Make sure your company will not be judgmental to your circumstances. If it is, then try to weigh the positives and negatives about whether you should move on from the company soon, or if you can ignore it and can still work efficiently. You do not need a job where your co-workers are spreading gossip about you. It will not be a healthy working environment so find one where people will respect you. If you cannot find a job in your own community, you can also try to work online. There are jobs online which can help you fund your needs without worrying about being judged.
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  6. 6
    Keep Yourself Healthy
    A healthy mom can make sure that her child is also healthy. Living a healthy lifestyle will help your child grow healthy too. As your child is growing up, you can teach him or her proper hygiene, exercise, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. You can be his or her role model. Being healthy is not just being physically fit. You also have to balance your life -- emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Do not resort to alcoholism and drug addiction when you become overwhelmed with rearing your child on your own. These things will be harmful to both of you.
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  7. 7
    Secure the Future of Your Child
    You can save from your earnings for your child's future. You should try to contribute regularly to college savings funds or college assurance plans from insurance companies to secure his or her studies in the future. Save as much as you can for emergency purposes too. Anything can happen, so you have to be prepared for situations in which you get laid off, have an accident and are unable to work, etc. It is necessary to have money saved, so that no matter what, you can still ensure the welfare of your child. Securing his or her future is one of the best gifts you can give.
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    Stay Positive
    Being happy is a choice. We all have the right to be happy. Strive to become happy, whether you are alone or in a relationship. Having a child should not make you unhappy, even if you get overwhelmed at times. Happiness should emanate from home, and your child will have a happy life too if you will let him or her feel that you are happy. Giving your child some quality time amidst your busy life needs you to help him or her grow to be a happy person. Share every moment that you can with your child so that he or she will be content in life. Do things that make him or her proud of you, and let your child know that you are proud of him or her too.
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    Join Support Groups
    There are most likely groups of single parents in your community that could offer you support and advice as needed. You can also find groups like this online. Associate yourself with these groups and you can exchange thoughts or ideas on how to become a better single mom. You can learn from each others' experiences and learnings. Everyone can share methods and strategies on how to cope with different situations. From these, you may find new friends who can lend you support as you rear your child. And you can be there for them as well.
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  • Regard your child as a blessing.
  • Take a break once in a while.
  • Pamper yourself and give yourself a treat if you have done something good.
  • Be thankful to all the people who support you.
  • Pray for guidance.
  • Cherish every moment with your child.
  • Be your child's friend.
  • Try to listen.
  • Communicate with the father of your child if you can.
  • Your child will generally benefit from keeping up a relationship with his or her father as well.
  • Reunite with your family.

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