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Finding a job online is not really that difficult, in spite of what people may think. With vast opportunities on the Internet and the fact that many companies already have an online presence, it is not impossible to earn a decent living, even from the comfort of your own home. Transcriber jobs are among the most popular online work available for all types of freelancers. Just as long as you have the right equipment and necessary skills, you can land a decent-paying transcription job even if you are not a college degree holder. Transcription work involves converting audio or video files into text through typing using a foot pedal and a transcription software. This can be a lucrative income for people who are used to the task and can complete few hours' worth of audio a day.

How to Become a Homebased Transcriber

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    Choose a perfect transcription software that works for you
    Though most transcription software programs have similar features, it is important that you choose the one that best suits your technical skills. There is a lot of free transcription software available online, but you can choose to upgrade to the pro version for a fee to take advantage of advanced features such as converting direct video playback, noise reduction, audio booster, and others. The section below contains some of the commonly used audio transcription programs.
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    Test and practice your typing speed
    Speed and accuracy are important skills in transcription jobs. As you go through the process, you will learn about words per minute (WPM) and adjusted words per minute (AWPM).
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    Develop your short-term auditory memory skills
    Being able to accurately remember spoken details without taking away from the meaning is an important skill to have when working as a transcriber. There are tons of auditory memory and listening tests and [1] available on the Internet, so take advantage of these to improve your transcription skills.
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    Be familiar with foreign accents
    Most, if not all, transcription job ads are looking for native language speakers. This means that they prefer applicants who use English, Mandarin, French, Spanish etc. as their first language. If you do not have this qualification, make time to practice listening to other accents such as British, American, Australian, and Asian. Listening to TOFEL and TESL audio kit are good practice for hearing and understanding other accents.
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    Purchase a good quality headset
    The key to hearing and typing accurately is a good quality headset with noise reduction capability and audio boost. Depending on your level of comfort, you can choose between headsets or earplugs, whichever is most effective for you to decipher audio.
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    Be familiar with audio processing techniques
    Although this is not a requirement, this skill can become very handy when you encounter an inaudible audio file. There are a lot of software available online where you can cut, merge, noise reduce, audio boost, and many more for ease of transcribing.
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    Get a foot pedal
    When you install an audio transcription software, you have an option to associate a foot pedal that you can use to control the audio speed using your foot. You can rewind, play or pause, and fast forward using three basic buttons.
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    Apply for a home based transcription job online
    Work-from-home jobs have been abundant since a lot of companies have already opted to telecommuting. When applying for an online transcription job, you will be asked to undergo a test audio file to gauge your accuracy and turnaround time. In actual work, an hour worth of audio is expected to be delivered within 24 hours depending on the difficulty of the file. Google is a friend; just type in the right keywords.
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    Take a course in specialized transcription subjects
    While it's not a requirement for most general transcription work, becoming certified in medical or legal transcription can open up new opportunities for you. Most companies in these specialized fields prefer certified candidates. Many schools and universities offer online courses in these subject areas that you can complete from your own home.
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Best Transcription Software

  • Express Scribe. Can be used in Mac or PC with features for multi-channel control and playback
    Express scribe 1.jpg
  • EureScribe. Supports WMA, WAV, MPEG, AVI, DVD, and MP3
  • MAXQDA. Built-in media player and tools such as pause and playback, sync mode, time stamps
  • HyperTranscribe. Supports files like MP3, MPEG, WAV and AVI
  • MacSpeech Scribe. Supports audio files such as WAV, MP4, M4A, M4V, AIF, and AIFF
  • Dragon NaturallSpeaking. Features main functions like command input, dictation, and text-to-speech
  • InqScribe. Can support multiple languages, time stamping, and subtitling
  • Enhilex Medical Transcription Software. Specifically-designed for medical transcriptionists, sorting function for folders and files
  • VoxSigma. Multiple language support; designed for call center transcription
  • Listen N Write. Designed to support MP3 and WAV files
    Listen n write.jpg

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