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A Walkthrough of Bioshock Infinite for Xbox360

This is a simple walkthrough of the video game Bioshock Infinite for Xbox360 but can also be applied to PS3 platform and PC too. You may find the tips below on how you can beat the chapters in no time from side quests and to the main mission.

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Left Stick = Lets you move your character Right Stick = Used to rotate camera or to look around X Button = Used for interacting and reloading weapons. You can press and hold to open or tear A Button = Used for jumping and for Skyline Y Button = Hold to execute or for melee attack B Button = Used for crouching Right Trigger (RT) = Firing a weapon Left Trigger (LT) = To fire a vigor Right Button (RB)= Switching a Weapon Left Button (LB)= Switch your Vigor or press and hold to open your Vigor Menu Right Stick In = To use your iron sights Left Stick in = To Sprint Up D-Pad = To use a NAV Aid Down D-Pad = For Voxaphone

Act I Bring Us The Girl 1. Chapter 01 The Lighthouse

At the start, you will be in a boat with two other people listening in on their conversation. The woman will give you a box that will contain some important and useful items. Soon you will arrive at a dock where you will climb the ladder located to your left. I learned that if you sit for a while you will hear the other people will make a comment in your regard from there. However, when the boat departs from you then leaving you behind. Now go to the shen and examine the place and you will receive there 2 pieces of Silver Eagle *silver eagle x2* on the ground which you will see plenty of times during your play as this will be the currency used in the game. Now continue ahead and make your way to the lighthouse, upon reaching check out the walkway on the left to find another *silver eagle* and a barrel in the corner which will serve as a container of items that you will find useful.

Go back to the door you seen and knock on it booker will open it (if you haven't noticed there is a note on the door and you can feel free to check it out if you desire). Go inside and there will be a dresser, just behind the basin. Simply examine it and you will find there 2 pieces of Silver Eagle, some foods and a barrel in the area that you just need to look around You have the option to use the basin but is not a requirement after that make your way up the flight of stairs. Upon reaching the top of that flight of stairs there will be a cabinet on your left for searching also in this room there will be a *wallet* that will contain a nice chunk of change now make your way up the next flight of stairs where it seems someone has be beaten and tortured, to the right on the table will be *silver eagle x3* also a barrel for the taking. Continue up the stairs to the top of the lighthouse where you will run into bells go past them and you will stumble upon yet another *barrel* return to the bells and use them booker will then pull out a card: Scroll x1 Key x2 Sword x2 This will be the order in which you are to ring the bells proceed to ring the bells *left and right* then you will reach a cut scene and the ends of chapter 1.

Chapter 2 " Welcome Center

After the cut scene is complete you will end up in the place called Beautiful Columbia. Simply observe the place for it's beautiful scenery. That way, you will learn your way to navigate by using the D - pad or Directional Pad. on the D - Pad also you will be given your first objective.

A. Objective

Find A Way Into The City. Simply look for a glass window (Actually, it is just right in front of you) then search under it. You will find there 2 pieces of Silver Eagle, from there just go to the left side where you can find a room. When you reach a cathedral like area you can search one of the cubby storage to the right where you will find a *basket* where you can search also you will find a *silver eagle x3* on the table that has candles on it. The middle area has a *silver bangle x3* and a *gift*. You can also look in the next cubby storage which will contain a *hatbox* and a *fiddle case*. Back track to the middle area and head to the next cathedral area head right where you will meet up with a man, feel free to search through the pews to locate a *bag* that you can search and also in the cubby storage to your right to find a *voxophone* if you have played previous Bioshock games you will understand that the *voxophone* is basically an audio log some tend to be a bit useful while others are just to spice up the story and create suspense continue on the middle area in this part of the room and you will locate *silver eagle x5* and also if you check the left cubby storage also find a *silver eagle* & also a *gift*. From here you can back track to the previous area and head down the flight of stairs where you will pass the man seen earlier continue on straight ahead where you will see a group of people you will notice you can enter the circle among them so continue on to do so, you will be faced with being baptized accept the baptism from here you will awake to a banging noise answer the door to start a new cut scene.

B. Objective

New Garden Of Eden, Locate the statue of Columbia. From the statue where you are standing, use the stairs right next to you then go up. Just feel free to check the benches there and you will find 2 Pieces of silver eagle and foods. As you continue to head forward in the area you will find there a small pond located on your left side, you can dive in to it and you will find there 4 pieces of Silver Eagle and foods. After getting those items, you can continue to the story continue on where you will pass a gazebo that will have food in it if you wish to pick it up approach the doors and continue through.

New Eden Square. As you enter you will stumble upon a trash can to your left , the popcorn table will obviously contain food if you choose to take it, but Hi, it's for free so go head. Continue on where you will see a beautiful statue on your right which you will also notice a shop area where you will find *silver eagle x3* and also food near the bench. From here you can continue into the shop to hear a man complaining. You can entertain yourself by listening or you can continue on to find a *kinetoscope* & on the counter as well as a *voxophone*.

Go back outside then continue the main story or your objective. On the way you will find trash cans for the raiding if chose to do so (it's a great idea to get as much food as possible). Continue on where you will reach a parade, from this location, simply delay your own travel for a little bit. Once you delay it a little bit (After the parade passes across the street) and once the road is wide opens up, continue pass the bridge into the grass where you will find *cotton candy* continue on, next you will find some stairs and from here carry on, once you reach the next area you will find a *barrel* by the stairs and you will find *barrel x2* by the store. On your left you will see a *trash can* to search and *kinetoscope* on the left of the store. Continue into the grocery store where you will have the option to rob for *silver eagle x3*, also there will be a barrel where you can search for *food* and other items such as *salt* & a bit of *alcohol*. You will also find a *first aid kit* but under these circumstances, it will not do you any good as of right now.

Once you have reached outside there are two paths where you can go right or left, you may choose to go left where you will go up the stairs and run into a group of barbers whom will start to sing to you, continue pass them and the bridge. As you continue on you will see a bench to the left, check by it and you will find a *purse* ignore the woman trying to sell you flowers and you will stumble upon a *trashcan* if you continue into the garden you will find a *toolbox*, a *voxophone* on the table and a *wallet* you have explored the whole left path and can now back track and choose to go right to continue on with the objective. Next, take your path to the right and you will notice some fireworks. Check by there for a *barrel*, *food* and some *salt*. Continue on where some kids will come into your view. You will notice behind them that there are apples and food for the taking. Continue onto the set of stairs where you will see a statue, and from there a kid will hand you something which should be a Telegram and now your objective is complete.

C. Objective

Go To Monument Island and Find the Girl. From here you may head left where you will discover a *telescope* and a Silver eagle* also a *trashcan* with of course *food* turn around and take the opposite direction. Continue down the road, up the stairs and up another set of stairs where you will notice a salesman talking about Vigor. You can entertain yourself by watching the demonstration as you will be utilizing this as well very soon. On the other side of the salesman you can find another *Kinetoscope* and watch it, the video may explain some things about the previous BioSchock games we have played onto the fairgrounds.

The Fairgrounds

Once you arrive in this area you will notice there is a cart to your right that will have some food in it, continue onto the street located to your right where you will discover *sky-line vox tent* you may interact with the shotgun to play the game. The game is basically a third person target shooter, You can shoot all of the the Vox and only appears depend to whatever your game score and receive the following in game item rewards:5 points for your cigarettes and 10 Points for Silver Eagles. for 10 Points 20 Silver Eagles for 20 Points There are plenty of minigames for you to play in The Fair Grounds if you choose to do so but one important booth to visit will be the "Possession Booth" located near the "Daisy Fitzroy", when you have reached The "Possession Booth" you will be able to get a free sample from the girl in which you will gain a Vigor (there will be a video which you will see to get a idea of what you can do). With possession you can turn things into an ally of sort you can practice this by pressing the *left Button* with possession equipped to turn the Vigor Vending Machine into an ally and in return it will drop money for you (which will come in handy). In your nearby area you will see a Ticket Booth which you will need to use possession on in order to continue forward to the gate where you will enter and carry on, here you will need to flip a coin for a couple where Booker will pick tails and lose.

Path of the scroll

Here on the Path, you will see a Vendo or Vending Machine. From this machine, you can purchase items as your reward or should I say toys if and only if you like (Don't get me wrong, just an in game toy). From this place, continue to the main objective and go upstairs and here in the middle room you will see a woman whom will make a comment in your regard. Continue on and you will see a *basket* that you may search for some food. Go to the door in the middle to get a *silver eagle x2*. Go down the road and to the right you will find another *barrel* and *trashcan* towards the wall. Go back down the stairs to find a couple talking and a police officer. Continue down the road until you come into an interaction with a statue up ahead. There will be a Trashcan you can search. Continue on to find some kids and you can search the Basket if you would like. Next, proceed to the statue to find Food and a Voxophone on the nearby bench. Also you may continue on further where you will find a Trashcan and a Barrel to search, carry on to the left of the stairs to find two more Barrels. From here you may back track and you will reach a tutorial that will teach you how to sprint by pressing the Left Stick in. You will also see a sign that will say False Shepard which will have the Mark AD located on it. Your character will then notice the same writings on his hand.

  • From now on I will be taking you directly through the main objective of the game story. It is optional that you can check or search the cubbies, trashcan, barrels and the vendo machine. You will need these items later upon the completion of this game

Chapter 3 Raffle Square

Continue passed the gate and start your way up the stairs, to the left will be a searchable area. There will be another set of stairs and use it to go up and proceed, you will know you're going the right way when run into a line of people and come to a fountain. Go passed the fountain and continue on until you enter a room. Here you will be trapped from and you will be signaled by a woman to take a ball. Take the ball and you will automatically win a prize. You will then find a interracial couple hitting the stage and you will be faced with the choice to throw the ball at the couple or the announcer. Now as much as I would like to say that the choice you make will affect the game, it will not, so feel free to choose either choices. Upon picking your choice you will be stopped by a police officer. You will notice the AD on the officers' hand. Booker will then get himself free from the officer and you will then learn how to use the melee attack by pressing the Y button. Use the Y button to kill the other policeman and then you will receive your next objective.

D. Objective

Fight Your Way to Monument Island. Now you will be utilizing your melee attacks to or against multiple policeman that who will be chasing or coming down to you. You would notice that the enemies will be showing a skull over from their head that you will be able to hold the melee button to perform a pretty cool finisher. From here on out you now have the option to loot the bodies after you have defeated your enemies. keep in mind that you will face this option a lot and it is helpful to loot as many bodies as possible.

Continue up the stairs and you will again face a pair of policemen. After taking them out you will notice that the bridge ahead has been raised. More policemen will appear but notice that one of the policeman has a pistol. DO NOT approach him until he has begun his reloading process and rush him. After taking him out, you will be able to grab the pistol. You can check the area for health if you have taken some damage. Next, carry on down the stairs and you will see a vending machine which you can use if you desire. You will again face more policemen on the way and if you used possession on the vending machine prior, then your vending machine will aid you in killing off the policemen. Continue and then you will find yourself back in Raffle Park. Head right and continue where you will run into yet another vending machine where you can now purchase ammo if needed.

Continue ahead and you you will then find another machine that you can use to proceed later. You will come in contact with yet more policemen. Continue on where you will meet up with more bodies to loot. If you continue passed (after searching the area), you will find your self encountering more police. Pass the gate, continue on passed the store (you can loot if you would like) and down the street where you will run into a gate. Open this gate. Now the games gets interesting because you are going to run into a fireman who will shoot fire at you. Ensure that you keep your distance from him and out of his range of fire. Fire upon him until he is down and next you will have another objective to complete.

E. Objective

Take the Vigor from the fireman. After you have defeated the fireman, pick up the lock-box and you will receive the Vigor "Devils Kiss". From here you will be able to throw flame grenades when equipped, and also set traps by holding down the left button. Carry on your way to the right up the stairs where you will see another turret for use for the upcoming policemen. Continue ahead and you will see a restaurant nowhere you can enter (but be sure before entering to check around for pistol ammo and extra items).

Chapter 4

Comstock Center Rooftops. Continue on your path (You will find a lot of items from this area as you move forward. Collect those items to help you and for collectibles). Make sure that you collect all your wad of Silver Eagles along the gold bar. Continue on your way but ensure that you receive the shield upgrade as it is required to advance (see the lady whom will be in your way). After the dialogue, head into the kitchen where you will find a mother load of food and salt for the taking (also ensure you check around for the pot of silver eagle by the door you entered through). Now head outside and follow your path until you reach a dead end.

The Hooks From here look to your left and you will see a hook where you will be instructed to press the A button to use it. You will face this more than once (Collect those items. It is very useful that you collect those to aid you). If you continue on, you will see an enemy where you can learn to strike a target while you are on the sky line for an instant kill to your target. Make sure that you get the weapon (Machine Gun)

that is dropped and you will then be instructed to press the right button to swap between weapons. As you proceed you will notice some soldiers with some heavy Machine guns of their own to use them to kill you (Game Over). Knock them all (Kill to be exact) then go down and check the barrels for some items that you can grab. Continue down by a small shop (which can be searched). You will then come across another turret that you can use for killing if you wish to do so. From here, continue on to encounter a couple more enemies. Just continue forward along the path or you can take the stairs to see the area, but be careful as you can take some damage. Continue down the path and not the stairs. Continue on through the soldiers and you will see a ship in the distance with a battalion of soldiers. From there, you can choose to possess the turret which is located on the ship, to help you while you are trying to deal with the soldiers in that area. After you have completely wiped out everyone you can head to your right. Jump down onto the other roof top area and bust out the Windows so you can enter the building. 

Lansdowne Residence While inside the residence (loot it all) In the bedroom, you can find there a locked chest where you can open to get items. From here, head downstairs and search for a nightstand that will contain a Voxophone. After reviewing the Voxophone you will learn that the key to the locked chest is with "The Feathered Brother". Go down from where you are standing using the main floor and you will encounter a man here. It is best that you search this area then use skyhook right up ahead to get to the Montgomery residence.

  • Montgomery Residence

You can loot the nearby pantry if you wish and then continue on into the room that will be located to your right. You will see flyers that contain the text "progressive" about a Negro cause (I myself did not take this to heart as I am an African American and understand that this is just a game but some have complained about this issue) By the way, do not touch or harm those people around you, but loot the items instead. If you harm any of those people, you will trigger the guards in the area that you have to knock them out. If you trigger the guards, knock them out and continue outside to complete the objective.

  • Montgomery Residence (Outside)

After raiding the vending machine go downstairs where you will locate another Vox (Voxophone), you can now go back to the stairs after dealing with the Vox and continue on by where the enemies appeared to search the crates. Continue on with your objective arrow after you have gathered everything you desire to find doors on your way and enter. Continue on pass the statue where you can find more doors in the area to enter and explore and get more foods as you wish. Simply move to the next room to continue and you will then meet another statue after that head into a room located on your left where you will meet some people simply take them out raid the whole place for items, exit out to a library check this area out and take everything that you can out of this room back track to the lobby area and from here you go up the staircase and continue until you come across a meeting taking place and from here go down regardless of which path you take now be on alert because they are going to attack you take them all out using possession traps, your weapons and melee attacks. If you head down you will find some items especially the key needed to get into the lock chest back in the Lansdowne Residence located on the stage, you will then get an infusion tonic to make the upgrade of your choice. Now from here you can back track to the Lansdowne Residence to get into the chest to receive the Infusion for yet another upgrade. Now use your objective arrow to continue on to the next area and here you will hear an announcement and yes it will involve you, after you have listened to the announcement you may proceed to the left enter the elevator and proceed on where you will reach a lobby area.

After you have raided the vending machine in the area head to the next room and head for the book shelf that when faced with the interaction you can move, here you will find some useful items. Once you have collected all the items (Useful items I should say). Just exit the room and head straight as you will find plenty of items from. From this place, you can go forward until then you will reach a cut scene involving a Chinese person getting killed and you will come across a man named The Crow he will disappear from you for now, go after him after collecting the items in the area.

Now here you will be facing The Crow a way to beat him is simply to utilize whatever weapon that you wished to use in the game but also to make use of the Devils Kiss. The Crow will do his best to get close to you in order to stab you, he will use teleport but you can track where he will teleport to by following the trail of crows. Ensure that you can grab the Vigor "Murder of Crows" do not kill him near the body of water as some of the gamers have the game has the same issue with the vigor not appearing because of killing The Crow near the water. Once he is dead go ahead and loot him to gain the Vigor Murder of Crows. After you are done toying with your new vigor you will be rushed by a group of soldiers, well go ahead and unleash the Murder of Crows and kill of the soldiers continue on by way of your arrow head pass a statue and go up either steps and continue on and you will hear another announcement continue on until you reach the doors that lead outside continue on where you will get another objective.

F. Objective

Go to the Gandola Station, once you have arrive in Gandola use need to use your Sky hook to get to the next balcony, once you move along, you will find there some items that you can grab below. Once you have reached the next balcony you just need to head inside and you will notice the rooms will have some items that are available for the taking upon entering one of the rooms you will hear a woman talking to the police be on alert for she is describing you to them. From here, just use the downstairs to go done and while searching a bit on the way until you are attacked by some policemen where you will rid the poor picture of you after stealing some more items head back to the balcony which you came from, now from here use your sky hook to get to a area where you will encounter soldiers take them out from there you may search for more items and then proceed to the station.

BioShock: Infinite Chapter 5

Main Objective

The main objective of this chapter is to locate the Monument in an island and to find the Gondola. See the instruction below on how you can easily beat the chapter 5 in no time. Once you have arrived in the island, go to the right and you will there a Trashcan and a Kinetoscope. Go to your left where you can find a Soda and a Vending Machine where you can get the following items:

Health Kit that restores 80% of your health and cost $36

Health Kit that restores 20% of your health and cost $14

Salt (100%) cost $67

Salt (25%) cost $19

Pistol and Machine Gun Ammo cost $8 Each

Crows Trap Aid cost $1485

Devil's Aid 1241

Once you purchased the items (Except to those expensive vigor) go to the next area where you will find some enemies and having a big fight with them. You can drag 2 to 3 policeman near the vending machine to beat them up. After beating them, go to the next room then get the large columns as a shield to fend of enemies. Then go forward and you will encounter up to 8 policeman.

Once you are done dealing with the enemies, there will be items in the area. Proceed to the next area and examine some office room where you can get more items from this area. You can find some booze cigars and a disgusting rotten banana. Once you have all the items from the area, just go forward to reach the next area.

Go through the doors in the next area, use the doors on your right to get in the center office and once you are there, check the cabinets for some items again that you can grab. Head to the next door to exit and you will find there another vending machine in the Monument Gateway 2. Same items as the first one.

Once you are done with the vending machine, look for an Airship with an automated pilot that will announce that the ride is not available or out of commission. From there, use the skyline instead but before you use the skyline there are some items inside that you can grab. Once you are ready to take the skyline, simply attache yourself same as you used the sky hook. See the Sky line controls:

Left Analog Stick: For you to throttle

L1: Lock-On on to your target

Circle: Simply to reverse

'X': For you to strike

'X': Dismount

Once you have ride the Sky line and as soon as you move along the way, there will be enemies that you need to strike. Once you have reached the docking area of the Sky line, you will find there some police officer that you need to take them out and head forward. Once you have entered the office building, there are some items that you can find and beer (A lot of beer) you can also find there a rare item (Infusion) and pick up the shield to use it in the future.

Go out from the room where you at and ride the Skyline and once you reached in a building, slow the skyline as enemies will strike you down and you need to take care of them. Eventually, the skyline would stop and in the right side you can find some items that you can grab and take it. You can also find there a lever to use to advance the cargo. Once you see an Airship from policemen, you can do a skyline strike if you want to start a fight with them or does stealth attack to them. Once you have taken them out, simply jump down and you will get 6 pieces of Barrel then look for a hook across the airship and below the ledge has some items. Once you grab those items, the hook will take you in the air to get n the balcony of a building.

In this building, there are a lot of policemen that you need to deal with them to proceed. Once you get in the building you will find some items in the dresser right next to the bed and a new gear item. The new gear would be Coat of Harms, this item has an effect of making your enemies more vulnerable of melee execution. From this place, you will have a new objective. Ascending using the skyline from the building.

You will find yourself to jump from one building to the other and several policemen are waiting. However, they are praying which you will find it not right to kill them here. After you pass the praying policemen, enter the next door where you find more policemen praying. A Comstock will give you the direction and after the conversation, use the lift. Once you leave the middle area of the map, the place will start crumbling.

In the next Area, you will have a new objective. The Board Prophet comstocks zeppelin. While the building is crumbling, you would notice a huge hole in the building but there are policemen that you need to take care again and jump on to the hook and take the opportunity to fire at them. Jump off the hook to go down then you will find some items before going outside.

Go inside and some guards around it again and loot the items after in the room. Once you enter the next room, there are items on the ground and you will start seeing a cutscene where a woman would kill herself at your back and bring the zeppelin from here. To escape the zeppelin, just head out at the back door then jump down and grab the Skyline for you to reach the Monument Island. On the boarding platform, there is a Trashcan that you can loot and some Vending Machine and a Vidor Machine. Purchase anything that you need before you enter the next area for chapter 6.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is not as long as other chapters and this is the easiest chapter in the game. The Chapter is called as Monument tower. Your Objective on this island is to find the girl.

The main gate is tightly sealed that you need to use the hook above it to enter the entrance and go to the tower. Once you are inside, look for some chairs that are being knocked down and you will be able to find there some items to grab and the open locker too. Once you have grab all the items go to the levers and behind it to the left where you can find some more items and the door to enter to the next room and hang to the left side to through the metal door. Once your inside MORE items again and head down the stairs just past the machine to get in the elevator.

Once you go up, and you can use the Specimen tracker to easily locate the Specimen then go to another small room where you need to find Elizabeth for the first time. Use the stairs and follow the path and use the next lever and you will meet Elizabeth here.

After the cutscene of Elizabeth, to the next room where you can find a Vox and a lever again to use. Just keep on going forward until you see a cutscene and wait until it ends. After the Cutscene, everything will be spoon feeding already. You just need to follow Elizabeth till you reach an elevator.

On the next location after Elizabeth would hear music and ran off. You need to find her, however it is so easy as you just need to follow the path starting from the front door and keep on opening some doors and some items in every room until you find her then soon Elizabeth will be caught by two people which would be helping you both and talk to her and make a choice. Either Bird or a Cage choosing any of them will not make any changes but choose whatever you like.

After the selection, you can search the area where you can find some handful of items. But do not forget to follow Elizabeth and once you reached a door with a big lock, Elizabeth will show off her talent here and unlock the door. Once you enter the room, you will find some items again to grab and another Vending machine. Once you move forward, you will find a new Item that can increase weapon accuracy. Keep on following her until you find the exit and be ready for the next Chapter.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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