Beat Grand Theft Auto V Missions 1 - 10

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This article will discuss how to complete Grand Theft Auto 5. This walk through will be completed on the Xbox 360 but will be fully functional for all platforms for the missions and rewards are all the same. Below is the button layout for the game and in each mission the rewards will be explained along with the requirements for each mission to be completed successfully.


Mission 1 (Prologue)

Upon starting, you will notice that you are taking part in a robbery.

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After the shortcut scene of your partner knocking a lady to the ground, you will be directed to approach the guard in the next room. Make your way through the door to approach the guard. Your character will interact with the guard who is begging for his life. You will regain control over your character, who will be instructed to get the hostages into the closet. You can do this by simply pressing the (LT) aim button and they will go into the closet. Complete this simple objective, and move on to the next part of your mission. After your partner closes the door, you will be instructed to set off the explosives by pressing UP on the D pad of your controller, and then pressing the A button to set off the explosives successfully. Now you will be instructed to follow the yellow marker on your mini map, in order to find the vault and collect the money in the vault. After you have collected the money, you will be told it is time to move, and you will need to find your way out of the bank. As you walk out of the vault you will be grabbed by a security guard. Switch characters by using the D pad and the A button. Once you switch characters, aim at the guard and shoot him in the head in order to release your partner from the guard, and continue the mission. From here you need to approach the crates and get under cover by pressing the LB in order to wait for the charges to explode on the door. Once you get outside, you will encounter a number of cops that you will need to take out one by one, while advancing further down the snow path. You will be instructed to switch to a relevant character and from there you will continue on down the road until you reach a vehicle to aid your escape. After you have reached your vehicle, a cut scene will commence showing your driver being shot. Now you will be in charge of driving the vehicle down the road in order to beat the train, as well as the cops, on the way to the plane. You will be hit by the train - forcing you and your crew to exit. During the cut scene, your partners will be shot leaving you alone to keep the cops away. While in this shootout, simply use the aiming system in order to target the cops quickly to take them out. From there, you need to run to your right to trigger the last cut scene of this mission. You will now see a cut scene involving a man in therapy who will be very frustrated. Then you will meet Franklin and Lamar who will be arguing - bringing you to your next mission.

Mission 2 (Franklin and Lamar)


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    Minimal Damage to Vehicle
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    Hit no pedestrians
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    Use Focus ability
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    Win the race
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After you have gained control of your character, you will need to continue down the alley to meet up with your friend, who will ask you which car you want to boost (for that is the mission of these two). Simply pick the vehicle you choose, and hop in using the Y button.


After hopping into the vehicle, you will need to follow Lamar through the city, but at the same time make sure there is minimal damage to the vehicle. Continue driving through the streets as you follow Lamar. You will run into the police shortly, and your mission, for now, is to lose the cops. Use your mini map to locate the cops, shown as blue/red blips on the map. Stay away from them, and you will successfully lose the cops. Now you need to drive the vehicle to the dealership, indicated in yellow on your mini map. After you reach the dealership, you will watch a shortcut scene and take over your character again. Walk out of the shop and enter the vehicle associated with your character. After you enter your vehicle, drive home. There, you will then enter another cut scene. The game will teach you about your wardrobe, regaining health and also how to save your games from now on during game play.

Save your game play and then head outside where you will receive a call from Simeon about a job he wants you to do for him. Select the A button to answer the call. After you have answered the call, and spoken to Simeon, a green $ will appear on your map. Make your way to this point in order to start your new mission. Once you reach the $, you will be entering the shop where Franklin works. From here, you will reach a cut scene where you find out that you have won employee of the month, along with new instructions for your mission.

Mission 3 (Repossession)

No Requirements Approach your vehicle and get into it. Now you will be directed to retrieve a bike as a part of a repo job you are currently working on.


Drive until you reach the end of the yellow waypoint, located on your map. Once you've arrived at the end of the waypoint, get out of your vehicle and follow Lamar until you reach the gate. Climb the gate using the X button on your controller. Once you are over the gate, continue down the alley until you reach the end. Once you reach the end of the alley, begin checking the garages for the bike you're searching to repossess. The bike will not be in any of the garages. Be careful. When you open the last garage, you will be approached by local gang members who will open fire on you. Pick up the weapon on the ground and find cover in order to kill all of the enemies successfully, while continuing back to the gate you climbed earlier. Be careful walking down the alley, for some enemies will be on the balconies firing on you during your advance back to the gate. If you use quick aim, by pressing the left trigger, you will automatically target a nearby enemy instead of having to move your cursor around to find an enemy close to you to shoot. Once you reach the gate, climb the gate and get into your vehicle, but wait for Lamar. Chase down the owner who is driving away on the bike. Since you will be in your own vehicle, don't worry about scratching the paint, just make sure you catch the owner on the bike. When you're close to the owner, use the right button to successfully shoot the owner off the bike. Ramming the bike will cause unnecessary damage. After you have shot the owner off the bike, get out of your vehicle and hop onto the bike. You will be instructed to drive to the car wash where you will reach another cut scene involving Lamar taking the bike, leaving you at the car wash alone. Then you will enter another free roam session to do as you please or follow your mini map $ in order to start your next mission and job. If you are choosing to do something else you can make your way to the ? symbol in order to play a side mission. There, you will be picking up Tanya who will instruct you to pick up a tow truck. This side mission will be explained later, but you are free to take on this mission as you see fit and refer to the wiki entitled GTA V side missions for help.

Mission 3 (Complications)

After your cut scene with Simeon, you will be on your next mission, where you will have to repo another car for your boss, Simeon.

F and son.jpg

Get into a vehicle and follow the waypoint to the house you are headed for in order to repo the car. You will get a phone call from Simeon. He'll call you a thief as he knows about the last repo that went down involving the bike that never made it back to him. He will then let you know you will need to gain access inside the home you are going to, to be able to retrieve the vehicle from the garage. After you reach the home get out of your car and approach the other side of the home near the tennis court. Hop the fence and enter the property of the home. While on the property you will be instructed to press the Left Stick in so that you may enter stealth mode to make your footsteps quieter to sneak around the property. Go up the steps until you reach a truck. Climb onto the top of the truck to be able to reach the top of the house. Get onto the roof and turn to your right where you will notice an open window. Press the X button in order to climb into the house. Once inside, it is important that you don't alert any of the residents. Move quietly down the stairs and follow the blue blip on your map in order to reach the area where the car is being held. Get into the vehicle and drive out of the gate. You will be alarmed by a man in the back seat of the vehicle, who will hold a gun to your head and instruct you to follow your route to the dealership. As you reach the mission point, you will face another cut scene where the man will tell you to drive the vehicle into the dealership, where you will be faced with another cut scene. At this point you will change characters from Franklin to the mysterious man in the car, where you will find yourself in a fight with Simeon. The attack buttons will be A to kick, X to dodge, B to grab and Right trigger to strike with your hands. Use these buttons in order to take Simeon down. When the fight is done, you will have finished mission 3. Now you are in control of another character in the game Michael. If you wish to continue to see what Franklin is up to in this part you can simply hold the down D pad button and select him in order to switch to his side of things, but for now we will stay with Michael.

Mission 4 (Michael) Father and Son

After you take control of Michael, head toward the letter M located on your map to start your new mission with Michael.


Enter your home and head for the M location that will be at your front door. Here you will enter a cut scene. During the cut scene you will be joined by your former character, Franklin, and you both need to get into the nearest vehicle and drive off the property. Follow the waypoint to the Pacific Bluff. On your way, you will notice the boat is being transported on a moving truck. Get close enough to the moving truck so Franklin can hop onto the back of the boat, but make sure you are at the end of the boat rather than the side, otherwise Franklin will refuse to hop aboard the boat. When Franklin jumps onto the boat you can choose to either continue driving behind - manually, or use the B button to trigger a cinematic view so you can follow Franklin's movements on the boat/truck while having your vehicle set to auto pilot. Soon, an enemy will attack Franklin on the boat. You need to use the Left Button + right stick to aim and shoot the enemy. Do not try to be precise, for in this moment, you only need to shoot close enough and not dead on. After you shoot the enemy, Michael's son will be thrown onto a pole that will extend from the road. You will need to drive your vehicle underneath your son (Jimmy) and hold that position until he drops. If you do not make it in time, he will fall onto the road causing the mission to fail. After catching Jimmy, go to the back of the moving truck in order to catch Franklin in the vehicle. When you have collected everyone, you will continue the chase only to learn that your engine has malfunctioned. This will take you out of the current mission and direct you to a shop called, Los Santos Customs, via your waypoint. After you arrive at the repair shop, Michael will leave in a taxi, leaving you and Jimmy alone to take care of the repairs. Drive the vehicle into the repair bay for repairs and simply hit the A button. This is not your vehicle and you are simply getting it repaired. After the vehicle is repaired, press the B button to get the car back on the streets. Follow the waypoint back to Michael's house without causing damage to the vehicle. Upon arriving back to the home and dropping off the vehicle, you will regain control over Franklin again, along with Jimmy's contact information. You will get a call from Simeon who will be yelling at you about the previous issue. Make your way to the F on your mini map to start your new mission.

Mission 5 (Franklin) Chop

You will start your mission by meeting up with your friend, Lamar, and his dog, Chop.


Simply follow Lamar down the street until you reach the van you need to enter. Drive to Vinewood Boulevard, by using your waypoint. Once you reach the destination, drive into the alley in order to continue the mission. After the cut scene, run back to the van and follow the gangsta who is escaping on the bike. While you are driving, just do your best to keep up. You will not catch him in the van. Be aware of the sharp left turns that you will have to make, as these turns can put too much distance between you and the gangsta. When you reach the alley, you will see the gangsta was knocked off of his bike during the pursuit. You and Chop (the dog) will chase the gangsta. While you are in pursuit, remember to use the X button to climb over obstacles. As you continue to chase the gangsta, you will lose him in the passing of the train. Now you will need to rely on Chop to sniff him out in order to capture him. You will be instructed to open the first two railway car doors by using the right on the D pad, but you will not have any luck finding him at that moment. Continue to follow Chop until he starts to hump another dog. You will be instructed to pull Chop off the other dog. Follow Chop until he reaches more railway cars for you to open. When you get to the first railway car, open it. The gangsta you are looking for will be in that railway car. After Chop grabs the gangsta, a shortcut scene will commence and you will be back in control of your character. The objective is to drive the van back to Lamar's house via waypoint. On the way to the location, you will be notified to stop the vehicle. Franklin will toss the cellphone while letting the gangsta out of the van. Your objective will change. Now, travel to the REC center to drop Lamar off. After you drop Lamar off, this mission will be complete. From here you can now head to the M located on your map in order to start your next mission with Michael.

Missions 6 (Marriage Counseling)

Upon your arrival you will run into an issue involving Michael's wife sleeping with another man and you will need to drive to the location (as Michael) to take care of the matter.


Look at your mini map in order to get an exact trace on the guy who will be the red dot on your map. As the guy's vehicle comes into view, you will be cut off by an RV, Franklin will say that you lost him but Michael knows where he stays so now you will be given a waypoint which you will need to follow to get to the tennis coach (guy who slept with Michael's wife). Once you reach the end of the waypoint, you will see the guy's, He will be standing on his balcony. Continue to the waypoint area where the vehicle will be stopped. You will enter a cut scene where Franklin will attach a rope from the end of the truck, to the support beams of the tennis coach's home. After the cut scene is over, you will be instructed to get into the truck. Hold the acceleration button until the entire house falls apart. After the house falls, you need to drive back to Michael's house via the waypoint. On your drive, you will receive a phone call from the tennis coach stating that the house was not his. Then a woman will get on the phone screaming GREEN LIGHT GREEN LIGHT. Then you will be chased by two vehicles. They will begin to open fire on you and Franklin. The easiest way to get the guys off your tail will be to either stop the vehicle get out and shoot them, or cause damage to their vehicles to get them to end the pursuit. After you have gotten rid of the two vehicle you will be instructed to head back to Michael's house via the waypoint. Once you arrive at Michael's house you will be introduced to another cut scene where Michael will end up having to pay for the damage, or lose his life.

Mission 7 (Daddies Little Girl)

Michael will enter the cut scene on the phone with a long time friend. You will be instructed to go back to Michael's home.


Go to Michael's home where you will once again enter another cut scene. After you regain control over Michael, you will be instructed to go to the bike rental shop with your son. Get into your vehicle and make your way to the shop with your son. Once you reach the bike rental place, you will need to park near the marker and exit the vehicle. Walk to your son and pick which bike you want to ride with your son. Race your son to the pier on the bike in order to win the bet between you and your son. Tap the A button in order to pedal faster, to increase your chances of winning the race. After the cut scene Michael will run to the end of the pier and jump into the water. You need to swim to the yacht indicated on your mini map as the blue dot. Once you make it to the yacht, climb aboard using the steps and proceed up the stairs to the party that's taking place. There you will enter another cut scene. After the cut scene is over, you will find yourself on a jet ski with your daughter running away from the men who's party you just crashed. Your objective is to lose the men through maneuvering or by shooting them with your weapon. After you kill the two men, you will be instructed to meet Jimmy back on the shore. Simply go back out the way you came through the tunnel, and drive to the Yellow dot on your mini map. There you will be introduced into another cut scene ending the mission. When you regain control over your character you will then see an L on your map that you will need to explore in order to start your next mission.

Mission 8 (Friend Request)

When you reach the L on the mini map, you will need to approach and knock on the door in order to get Lester's attention.


Once he says, "give me a minute", proceed through the door in order to interact with him in his home. This will trigger a cut scene. After the cut scene, your objective will be to go to the suburban store in Vine Wood via the waypoint on your map. Exit the home, get a vehicle and make your way to the end of the Yellow waypoint. Once you have arrived at the suburban store, exit your vehicle and enter the store. Approach the cashier in order to continue the mission. Purchase the items made available to you and then make your way out of the store, back to your vehicle and on your way to the Yellow dot on your mini map. Make your way to the front door to trigger the cut scene in order to gain access to the building. After entering the building, follow the employee who will open a computer where you will need to perform a task for him by clicking the close buttons in order to gain access to the anti-virus software. After performing this task, the employee will then tell you about the prototype. The prototype is why you've entered the building. Make your way to the prototype room. Once you enter the room, you will trigger a cut scene where you will hook up some equipment to the prototype. Leave the building as instructed and return to Michael's home in order to watch the keynote on TV. After you enter the living room of your home, you will turn on the TV in order to watch the keynote address of the prototype. Switch the channels on the TV until you reach the Live Invader keynote address. You will need to wait for Jay to pull out the prototype on TV to activate your phone by pressing the D pad button up. Search your phone's contact list and call Jay. When Jay pulls out his phone to detonate the phone he is holding to complete the mission. From here you can choose to either meet up with Franklin or Lester, but in this guide we will continue with meeting up with Lester (L on the map).

Mission 9 (Casing the Jewelry Store when you choose to meet Lester)

Follow the waypoint to the factory and walk in to start the cut scene. Once the cut scene is over you, will need to drive Lester to the Rockford Hills in order to case the jewelry store.

Jewelry store.jpg

Once you arrive at the jewelry store, follow the waypoint to the front of the store and enter. Use the D pad right button to access the glasses you need to take pictures of the specific things that Lester is asking for. The camera, alarm system and ventilation system are all located towards the North West part of the store. Be careful that you do not make the mistake of walking behind the counter in the store for you will fail the mission. After you have taken the picture, return to Lester in the vehicle. Now you need to take a drive around the building until you find a construction site with a door opening to gain access to the roof. Go through the door way and make your way upstairs in order to get to the roof which is also set on your mini map in Yellow. Use the ladder to climb to the roof. Once you have reached the roof, wait for Lester to give you directions to the vantage point, so you can take pictures of the ventilation system. Once you reach the vantage point, take a photo of the air conditioning unit indicated by a green dot on your mini map. After the picture has been taken make, your way back down to Lester in the vehicle. Once you've returned to the vehicle, follow your waypoint back to the garment factory in order to continue. When you arrive at the factory, you will enter another cut scene. Choose which way you want to enter the jewelry store - either the smart (tactical) or loud (guns blazing) way of completing the next mission. Also you will need to decide who you want on your team, based on their skills and cut of the money after the mission is completed. Once you are done, you will enter a free roam where you can either wait for the call from Lester or call Franklin by pressing the down on the D pad button. After you have finished on the phone, switch to Franklin where we will be doing a mission for him at this time called, the long stretch.

Mission 10 (The Long Stretch)

Once you have switched to Franklin go to the F on the mini map so you can start the new mission. After arriving at the house you will get thrown into another cut scene. Following the cut scene, you will be instructed to drive to the gun store in order to get some "heat" (weapons). Simply follow the waypoint to get to the store successfully. When you arrive, enter the Ammunition shop.

Stretch 1.jpg

In order to continue, you need to purchase a shotgun, as well as a flashlight for your partners. Once you have purchased the weapon you will need to take you and your homies to the recycling plant located on your mini map. Get back into the vehicle with your homies, and make your way to the recycling plant. Once there, go through the doors and up the steps following your friends, until you reach a cut scene. The whole drug deal will go down completely wrong leaving you and your homies to fight back to the exit of the building. After you take control of Franklin, follow your homies and take cover in the next room. Kill the four gang members in that room. Use your shotgun with the flashlight in order to be more effective in the shootout. After that room is cleared, follow your homies into the next room. Continue down the hallway until Lamar gets blasted through the door. You need to quickly take out two gang members. When you reach the next area, take out the gang member to your left. Taking cover will not help as he approaches you quickly, not leaving you enough time to react properly. In this room, there will be four gang members. Kill the initial gang member who races toward you quickly in this room. Once you have cleared the room continue down the hall and stairs, but beware of one gang member who will be on the stairs waiting to attack you. Once you have killed him, proceed through the double doors and get into cover where you will be faced with a total of 4 gang members one at a time. Continue through the double doors. When you enter you, you will find yourself in a huge area with a total of 10 gang members to kill. Beware of the gang member who will be on the steps to your left, as he will be under cover for most of the shoot-out. Continue through to the Northwest side of the room where two more gang members will come out to attack. After taking them out, continue out the door where you will notice the cops are on to you and your crew. Take out the police in the helicopter by shooting the officer instead of shooting directly at the helicopter. Shooting at the helicopter will waste a lot of hard-earned ammo, but if you wish to take that route then you are welcomed to, the most important thing is to take out the helicopter in order to continue. Climb the ladder to your right and run across the rooftops behind your friend, Lamar. Follow him until you reach the last wall. Climb the wall, and as soon as you land, jump into a car as fast as you can, to get you and your homies out of the range of the police. Once you have evaded the police, you will receive a new objective - go to Franklin's house via the waypoint. When you reach your home you will have completed the mission for Franklin. Here can do a side mission with Franklin, but sticking to the main walk-through, we will be switching back to Michael (press D pad down to switch to Michael) and start the mission "Carbine Rifles".

GTA 5 Side mission

The main mission must be completed before side missions will be unlocked. Once you have completed the Reposition mission, you will notice a question mark on your map that will indicate where the Strangers and Freaks are. You need to complete all main stories to complete this mission for your Achievement and trophy.

Pulling Favors

"Franklin" In this side mission, you need to help a character named, Tonya, whose boyfriend is lame and can't get up to do his job towing a truck. Go to the question mark ? on your map, then drive Tonya to the impound lot. There you will find two trucks. Choose one of the trucks and wait until Tonya gets inside.

Tonya 1.jpg

Once Tonya is in the car, drive toward your target - the Junker car. Once you have reached the target car, simply align the car to the car facing rear bumper or facing front bumper. Use the your left analog to lower and raise the hook then move the car back to hook it. Once the car has been hooked up, you need to drive the car back to the impound lot. Drive in the proper drop zone and use the directional pad to unhook the car. This will complete the side mission.

Tonya 2.jpg


Paparazzo 1.jpg

When it comes to the paparazzi, Beverly is the creepiest dude in town but at least he is passionate. You will be his driver for this mission, while he takes some pictures of an aging celebrity as she attempts some semblance of privacy within her personal limousine. You will be using a motorcycle here to follow the limousine until you have arrived at the location of the target. Simply drop next to the limousine Windows so Beverly can take some photos. Three shots are enough to get a high ranking to this mission. Another paparazzi named Madison will start taking some snapshots. Catch up to Madison, and Beverly will knock him off by using his bike. Beverly will ask you to drop him at a certain location, and will let you keep his bike as part of his payment.

Paparazzo: The Sex tape

Paparazzo 2.jpg

Beverly will spring back into action, but this time he wants to record one of America's sweethearts having sex. You will find him in front of the starlet's house. The mark for this mission is not a question mark ?, but it is the letter P.

Interact with Beverly and follow him and you will end up at the back of the house where you will spot the celebrity with another young celeb in a sexual situation. The camera will be handed to you and you need to take a video of her by focusing on her face and maintaining the green square on screen.

When Beverly warns you about the sex, move the camera going to the right side to continue filming what is happening in the backyard. When he drives to the construction site, pursued by the very angry celebrity he just filmed, you need to wait until Franklin and Beverly finish their conversation to complete the mission.

Shift Work

This side mission is a street racing mission. Simply go to your contact to activate the mission and you will find a nice car ready to use, parked on the right side of the alley. This side mission does not need a guide as everything will be easy as pie, as Franklin is a good Driver.

Pulling another favor

Talk to Tonya again and do the same car-towing thing. The target-car is parked in a handicapped parking spot. Repeat the same aligning to hook the car and unhook it to the designated place to clear this mission.

Grass roots

Grass 1.jpg

Look for Barry on the sidewalk for this mission. Once you are done talking to him, you'll need to wait until he sends you a text with some information about your mission here. You will find two green dots on your radar as mission markers. One of these markers cuts through the freeway and the other does not. Head to the one that does not and look for a vehicle that is loaded with drugs. A blue marker will appear on screen. Get in the vehicle and drive back to Barry's place to deliver it. Park the vehicle. The other car is located in a junkyard. Wait for the conversation to finish then drive and ride the tow truck - driving it back to Barry's place. Once you park it, you have completed the Grass Roots side mission.

Paparazzo: The Highness

You need to look for Beverly for this mission. You'll find him in a dumpster in the parking lot. After a conversation with him, he will lend you his camera. Once the camera has been handed to you, you will receive an SMS (Text) from Beverly, telling you there will be two locations you need to go to. Check your radar for the marker. After you've arrived at the marker, you will receive a call from Beverly, who will give you information about the European royalty. The Princess can be found behind the store. Sneak around the store and avoid getting caught. Take a picture of the drug deal to satisfy Beverly of his request.


If you want to get a gold rank, simply take a picture of the Princess testing the goods. Simply send the pictures you took to Beverly to complete the mission.

Paparazzo: Reality Check

This mission is a bit odd as Franklin becomes irritated as Beverly is busy with his new career for a reality show. You can kill or leave the scene. To get a gold rank in this mission, killing them all with one shot only, which is a totally impossible using a gun. Simply put some sticky bombs on their cameras and detonate them to blow all the crew away and earn gold rank in this mission.

Risk Assessment

Risk 1.jpg

You need to use Franklin for this mission. Head out of the canyons and look for a dog that can understand. Franklin and this dog will lead you to a place where a guy is tangled in his parachute. Basically, you need to free him and wait for a helicopter to give you a ride. You can skip this scene or watch for some funny moments as the travel may take a little of your time. Once you have reached the location where Franklin needs to jump, aim toward the landing zone on the top of the mountain. There you will find a bike. Race down the mountain being careful not to fly off the cliff, as you might end up dying in this mission.

Risk 2.jpg

Focus on the road until you are in front of Dom. Keep on mashing the A button like there is no tomorrow to get more speed and to win the race.

Liquidity risk

You need to meet up with Dom, who can be found at the airport. After the conversation, drive an ATV up to the ramp. Once the ATV is ready, just get off and deploy your parachute and land to the center or almost near to the center to complete.

Exercising Demons

You need to use Franklin in this side mission. This will be a triathlon mission with a hot chick that is obsessed with the said sport. This will be swimming, biking and a lot more. Of course you just need to beat her to complete the mission.

Targeted Risk

This mission requires that you get on top of a skyscraper designated by Dom. Get a plane from the airport, which will be equipped with a parachute for you. Once you have reached the area where you need to hop out of the plane, land safely and talk to Dom. After the conversation, jump from the top of the building and immediately pop the parachute out and land safely on the pink truck to complete this mission.

Pulling favors

This mission of is a three-series of towing a truck. To get the mission, call or contact Tonya, who will inform you where to locate the cars you need to tow and take them to the designated place for you to complete the mission. Do not forget that this is a three-tow truck mission with different rankings.

Uncalculated risk

This mission can only be unlocked once you have completed the 14 parachute missions throughout the game and is only accessible after talking to Dom. You can look for a parachute on the ground or wait for the helicopter flown by Dom's friend. Go to Dom's location to interact with him, then to the dam. Jump from where Dom jumped and use the parachute immediately to survive the fall and complete the mission.

Starlet in Vinewood

You must find the 50 letter scraps before this mission will become accessible. Once you have the 50 letters, just go to the murderer's location (Dreyfuss) and he will try to escape. You can simply kill him or just let him go. If you kill him, you must do it quickly and use an RPG to blow his van away when he tries to escape.

The Last one

This mission is only accessible once you have completed 100% of the game. The ? will appear on your radar. Go to the location and talk to the Bigfoot hunter. After the conversation, go to the last location Bigfoot was spotted. Follow the mark on the map and you will find Bigfoot, who will start running away from you. You can easily find it on your radar, as Bigfoot is marked as red and, the howl is the clue to where Bigfoot is hiding. Avoid any animal encounters and chase the beast going up the mountain. Once you have a clear view of the beast, you can kill it or just continue observing it. A cut scene will be played for you to complete this mission.

Grass Roots

"Michael" There will be an alien invasion and you can only use a mini-gun to defend yourself. You can use the radar to find the place where they spawn. They will start shooting Michael like they just don't care. Once they damage Michael, the abduction will begin. Wiggle the left analog to resist the aliens. To complete this mission of Michael's, keep on wiggling the left analog until it is finally over.

Questions and Answers

Why do the players stop at the last car and not go any further on the prologue mission?

How come when we exit the bank, shoot the cops and make it to the last car the guys don't follow me?

If you go too fast, the guys won't follow you. You need to take cover at the garage doors, shoot the cops in the distance, and slowly move up from pillar to pillar, taking cover almost the whole time. If you don't to that, then the guys will not follow you. Remember, even though you're probably very good at playing the game, the computer AI for the guys isn't nearly as good as you, and isn't capable of taking the same chances as you can.

How do you start strangers and freaks mission?

How do you start a conversation with Tonya

First, locate her. You can find her opposite of Franklin's house (the "Beer * Wine" house). To start a conversation, just walk up to her: this will start the mission.

How do I begin the friend request mission (Also can't get into Lester's house?)

How do I begin the friend request mission (Also can't get into Lester's house?)

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Hi Man How Can I Get Michael Yacht Back?

How Can I Get Michael Yacht Back

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What buttons do you push to beat the first missions?

I don't know how to do it. How do I do it and what do I have to do

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I can not find cop mission mark in world map can you help me please sir?

I hope you can answer to me the mission mark is lost many days I am trying to fin this mission

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I am in Mission One and the guard has grabbed me, but I don't know how to switch characters and shoot him?

I need to know how to switch characters and shoot the guard?

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Michael unable to enter SubUrban Store?

Few weeks back, I have started playing GTA5 and completed around 10%. There is a mission in which I need to change Outfit @ SubUrbon Store. I park the car opposite to SU (SubUrban) store and stand on yellow marker, nothing happens ! Even the door of the store is not opening! Can you help me please

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After father son mission there is no other missions showing?

After father son mission there is no other missions showing. What is the next mission, how would I know?

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"M" icon does not appear on map for Michael nor Franklin after "Complications" mission completed?

I replayed "Complications" to get the Gold 100% score, I have done all the Towing side jobs for Franklin, I played golf & tennis as Michael, I did the running race with Michael and the Grass Roots event, also did the Gang Intimidation...not able to trigger the next mission "Father/Son" "M" icon on map for Franklin nor Michael...stuck...any help would be great!

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How do I beat the mission with the back people in it?

How do you do that?. I have tried: Yes. I think it was caused by: No

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