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In this article, we will discuss how to beat Grand Theft Auto V, missions 11-23. These Missions are main missions, and will not deal with the side missions of this video game, in order to check out the side mission guide, visit Beat Grand Theft Auto V Side missions (coming soon).


Mission 11 (Carbine Rifles)

As you take control of Michael, you will receive a call from Lester letting you know that you need to rob the tactical police team of their equipment.


On your map, you will notice an H that is constantly moving. You need to locate this vehicle and steal it - by any means necessary. The way we are going to explain in the walk-through is simply killing off all of the police officers by ramming them and getting them to stop, then, exiting the vehicle, getting cover behind your vehicle while taking out the police one by one. Do not be alarmed by the wanted level you receive for it will take the police a couple of minutes to actually get to your location so just focus on killing the officers who are getting out of the truck. Once you have killed all of the cops, take the vehicle and lose the police in order to continue. This will be one of the harder police chases you will face in the game, but after you have lost them, you will receive a Yellow dot on your mini map that you will need to drive to in order to continue the mission. Follow the waypoint in order to get back to the factory. If you chose to play the loud (guns blazing) version of the heist, then you can follow along in this walk-through, for that will be the choice we will explore. Because we have chosen this type of heist you will only need to complete the mission - obtaining the carbine rifles from the police vehicle to prepare for the mission, if you had chosen the other option then you would have had to complete extra missions in order to prepare for the heist.

Mission 12 (The Jewelry Store Job)

After dropping off the vehicle under the tunnel from the previous mission, you will jump into the mission briefing for the jewelry store job with the team you picked.


You will start out as Franklin, with the objective to get to the van in order to start the job. Once in the van you will need to drive following the waypoint. When you have reached a certain distance you will run into a cut scene where your team will simply rush into the jewelry store. Your job is to press the B button next to the cases in order to steal the jewelry, which will get you close to the target number for the robbery. When Lester screams about cops being on to you, head for the door where you will take control of Franklin on the motorcycle with the bag. From here your job is to evade the police successfully, but also stay with your crew in order to continue the mission. As you follow your crew, be careful to not be knocked off your bike. If you are knocked off your bike, you may not be able to complete the mission. Continue through the loops the turns and listen to your partner. The entire time, your partner will let you know what is up ahead during the bike ride. Toward the end of the tunnel, you will perform a high jump in the air, while noticing that the police are surrounding the area. You will then be switched to Michael, who will be driving the van with the task of taking out the police. Simply RAM into the police vehicles in order to knock them out of commission or RAM them during the chase. As you continue to drive down toward the end of the tunne, stop the vehicle and pick up your friends. From here, your mission is to drive to the lockup via waypoint. Once you reach the end of the waypoint, you will reach the cut scene and all will seem perfect, for a moment, but there is more to come. This will be the end of the mission. After the jewelry store heist you will now be in control of Franklin, who is at the strip club. You need to leave the strip club, and make your way to the M on the map to play one of Michael's missions. When you arrive at the M make your way to Michael's door, so you can jump into the cut scene.

Mission 13 (Mr Phillips)

You will take the position of Trevor, another character in the video. Trevor is on his way to find Michael, who he presumes to be dead.


As you take control, follow the Yellow waypoint located on your map in order to continue the mission. When you reach the end of the waypoint Trevor will get out of the vehicle and approach the bikers in a cut scene. You will now begin the chase of some enemies who are friends of the guy who you killed earlier with this character. The goal of this chase is to follow them to their other friends, but in the mean time, during the chase, you can knock off the bikers if you want, but allow the van to make it to the designated location. Once you make it to the end, get out of the vehicle. You should only have one objective - kill off all the enemies in the area. Be very careful in this mission. Trying to run through this level will only result in you being killed, so do your best to be as tactical as you can while advancing on the enemy. Look out for other bikers who will be driving around the area firing at you during the shoot out. After you are finished in the shootout, make your way back to the truck to continue the mission. Get back into the truck and follow the waypoint in order to get to the next area of your enemy, known as the Aztec. With your vehicle in front of his trailer simply hit the acceleration button so that you can RAM the trailer, shoving it into the nearby river. Once he gets out of his trailer, aim your weapon at him to intimidate him. After you've held the weapon on him long enough, then you can shoot him, for the mission to continue. After you kill him, head back to your truck where you will be directed to Ron's place via the Yellow waypoint. When you reach the end of the waypoint, Ron will go into his home and you will automatically be driven to your home where you will learn about Trevor's' save options of the game. When you are done with the mission you will get a phone call from Ron which will set up the next mission for you, drive to the C, located on your mini map, to start the next mission.

Mission 14 (Trevor Phillips Industries)

This mission will begin when you reach the C on the mini map. The mission will begin with a cut scene between you and Mr. Chan's translator making a business deal.


After the cut scene, hop into your vehicle and drive to the meth lab, which is going to be under attack. Drive to the end of the Yellow waypoint. When your reach the end of the waypoint, enter another cut scene of you throwing Mr. Chan and his translator into the freezer while you and Chef prepare to defend the lab. You will be equipped with an assault rifle near the window. You will need to take out your enemies as they approach the building. After you have taken out the first wave, follow Chef outside to your right, in order to defend that side of the building from the gang. Once you have cleared out the guys on that side, follow Chef to the back of the building in order to defend it there. Kill off the first wave, and Chef will give you another weapon - a grenade launcher. Use it to take out all of the enemies. Clear out the enemies on the back end but watch your back. One of your enemies will come from inside the building. Kill him, then follow Chef in order to defend the front entrance of the building. Once you have cleared out the enemies in the front, they will retreat from the area. Your next objective will be to make your way to the freezer, and let the Chinese men you have put in the freezer out, (follow the Yellow waypoint for the location). After you are done with the mission, look for the Trevor's safe house on the mini map, in order to continue.

Mission 15 (Nervous Ron)

This mission starts with Trevor coming home to a ransacked house. After the cut scene, you will be told to get on the ATV. Ride it to ammunition in order to stock up on some weapons and ammo.


Follow the waypoint to get to ammunition successfully, without alerting the cops or people. This will ensure the ride will be smooth during the mission. When you enter the shop, get the sniper rifle (which will be free). You'll also need the scope and the suppressor (also free) Return to your ATV and get on. To finish this mission, you will need to meet up with Ron at the water tower. When you reach the water tower, climb up the ladder to meet up with Ron on the vantage point. When you reach the vantage point, you may see a scene where the time passes by from night to day to night again. At this point, Ron will take off on the ATV. It is your job to take out the enemies from a distance, during the shoot out. Cover Ron while he is trying to enter the area by shooting the first guard he mentions, who will be to your immediate right, underneath a lit area. After you take out the guard, Ron will tell you that a vehicle is approaching. Aim exactly where you killed the last guard, and shoot out the two lights that were above him, so the moving vehicle will not spot the body. When the moving vehicle (van) stops, WAIT until the guy driving the van gets out of the vehicle, then you can take your shot at him for the kill. Next, Ron will point out a guy who has walked out on the tower balcony. Take him out, then aim toward the bottom of the tower to take the second guy, before he notices the bodies you're piling up. Focus your aim back to the top of the balcony. Another guy will exit to check on the guy on the balcony you already killed. Take him out. Then put your cross hairs back on Ron, so he can continue to move into place. Ron will spot another guy, who will be to the right of Ron. Take him out as well, but keep your aim on the door, as another guy will show up right out after you take your shot. If you do not take him out fast, he will raise the alarm and the mission will be over instantly. A biker will appear next to the tank that reads "Put Ron in your tank". Take him out without shooting the tank. A helicopter will approach. You must carefully take out the pilot, when the opportunity for the shot presents itself. The helicopter will go down and you will go into a cut scene where Trevor will drop down from the tower, and get back onto the ATV with the objective to get to Ron. Get to Ron on the ATV. You will meet a number of enemies. You are no longer in stealth mode, so take out the enemies as loud as you want. With the enemies gone, you will have cleared the runway for Ron to take off in the plane. Get to the plane with Ron, and jump onto the wing of the plane. Your mission is to clear out the enemies as you two ride the runway. While doing this, utilize your left D pad button to trigger explosives that Ron set on the tankers, allowing you to kill multiple enemies along the way. Trevor will hop off the plane and into his own plane, which you will be in control of. Right Trigger (RT) - accelerate, down on left stick (LS) rises, up on left stick (LS) - nose dive, left button - straight turn left and right button - straight turn right. Follow Ron in the plane ahead of you to the destination. You will come to a group of boats sending up a smoke signal. This is where you need to drop the cargo on the planes, by pressing the A button when you are close to the boats. After you drop off the cargo, race Ron to the Yellow dot on your mini map to complete the mission. When landing the plane, ensure that you ease into the landing and do not go in at full speed, otherwise you'll wreck the plane and the mission will fail. Use the landing gear by pressing the left thumb stick in to release it safely. After you land the plane safely, drive the plane safely into the hangar, to successfully complete the mission and enter the last cut scene. After the mission is over head to the C on the mini map to start a new mission.

Mission 16 (Crystal Maze)

You will begin this mission by being directed to drive to the O'Neil brother's house via waypoint that has been set for you to travel.

Friends reunited.jpg

Once you get to the end of the waypoint, you will be told you need to get to a vantage point on the hill. Get out of your vehicle and make your way down the path of the waypoint in front of you. Travel until you make it to the top of the hill. You will be shown a cut scene where the O'Neil brothers are preparing for Trevor's arrival to the area. When you regain control, travel, head down, to the estate and take out the nearby enemies in order to advance to the O'Neil brothers lab. The best approach is to shoot everyone you see outside, using the sniper rifle with the suppressor. That way, when you get closer to the home, you will have less enemies to face, affording you a better chance of living. If you try to go onto the farm, guns blazing, you are less likely to succeed. Once you are in the house, focus on getting to the basement of the home. Fight your way to the basement and kill the last cook. He will be pretending to surrender, but don't fall for the trick. Just shoot him. Find the Jerry can and pick it up using the left button. Hold the right trigger button to pour a trail of gasoline from the basement all the way to the outside of the home, indicated on the map by dotted lines for you to follow. Once you make the trail complete pull out your weapon and shoo the beginning of the trail to set the house ablaze. From here you will be instructed to get away from the farmhouse, so get into your vehicle and drive away from the farmhouse. When you get far enough away from the farmhouse your mission will be complete.

Mission 17 (Friends Reunited)

In order to start this mission you will need to go back to Trevor's house in order to start the cut scene that will begin this mission.


When you regain control of Trevor, you will need to get into a vehicle and travel to the trailer park, indicated on your mini map and Yellow waypoint. When you reach the end of the waypoint, you will see a mini cut scene, your job is to set sticky bombs in specific areas which will be highlighted on your mini map. Go to each location, but before doing so, press the left button and select the C4 option so the C4 is ready. In order to throw the C4, aim with the left trigger button and throw with the right trigger button, do this for all the locations that have been set on the mini map. To get a great score in this mission, do your best to place all the charges without being noticed. After setting all of the explosives, press the D Pad button left to detonate all the charges in the trailer park. From there, you can either run straight to Wade in the vehicle, or you can kill off all the bikers then proceed to the vehicle. When you arrive at the vehicle, you and Wade will be on your way to Los Santos to visit Michael.To get to Los Santos, follow the waypoint. When you reach the end of the waypoint, Trevor will exit the vehicle. From there, continue to the dot on the mini map to get a cut scene. Go back to the vehicle. There you will get another objective; drive to Wade's cousin's house by following waypoint to the end. Approach the yellow point on the ground in order to get the next objective, which is to go into to Wade's cousin's house. Follow Wade upstairs in order to enter the next cut scene. After the cut scene this mission will have ended and now you can focus on the M, located on the map to. You need to find and meet up with Michael.

Mission 18 (Fame or Shame)

This mission will begin when you enter the yellow space located outside of Michael's house. It will throw you into a cut scene involving the two of you preventing Michael's daughter from performing on a game show called, Fame or Shame.


When you gain control of Trevor, enter the vehicle and begin driving to the end of the waypoint on your mini map. When you arrive at the end of the waypoint, get out of the vehicle and head to the door of the arena, which is marked on your mini map. There, you will enter a cut scene. After the cut scene, you will exit and then notice the car has been towed. You need to get into the truck because your task is to chase Lazlow down. Although you need the truck to chase Lazlow, do not catch him in the truck. You need to stay close to him until his car runs out of juice. Then you will be engaged in a cut scene. After the cut scene the mission will be complete and now you will have taken over the character Michael. From here, visit the B located on your mini map to start the next mission.

Mission 19 (Dead Man Walking)

When you arrive at the B, go upstairs and approach the man standing by the balcony. All you need to do is walk to him for the cut scene to commence.


You will need to press the A button to wake yourself up and take care of the doctors. After you take care of the doctors, a security officer will enter the room but will have his back toward you. You can easily sneak up on him and press the right trigger button to attack him to knock him out and take his weapon. After you have knocked out the guard, go toward the bodies so you can identify the death of the man you are looking for. Soon, you will realize the guy is not there and that the body is not real. Make your way to the Yellow dot on your map to exit the building successfully. When you turn around, there will be a guard that you need to kill. After you kill the guard, go into the hallway, but stay in cover. There will be a lot of guards you will need to take out along the way. As you take out the guards, take your time going down the hallway, as there will be guards coming out of the double doors exactly north of your position. The farther you go down the hall, the more enemies will come pouring out of the doors. Stay alert and take cover all the way down the hallway. Just before you get to the double doors, there will be an enemy hiding in the room to your right. Make sure you look to your right and defend yourself against this enemy. If you walk into the room to collect this enemy's weapon, be alert, another guard will spawn behind you to take you out. Take cover and then take him out. When you finally get through the double doors, head toward the door next to the elevator. Behind that door are the stairs you need to go up to reach the next level. Be prepared for a guard who will come out of the door quickly. Take him out and then continue through the door. As you go through the door a guard will come from up the stairs, take him out, and proceed upstairs. You will be met by another guard traveling down the stairs. Take him out and continue up. When you arrive at the top of the stairs, take cover. There will be two guards in the room who will fire at you. Kill them. Once you've done that, enter the room where you killed them for there will be cover there to protect you from the guards who will be coming up the stairs right behind you. Take cover and take out the remaining guards on the floor. Exit the room to the left - located on your map and take the health kit. Approach the window and shoot the glass. The option to exit the window by pressing the X button will pop up, and you can exit the building by jumping into the trashcan. Once you regain control of Michael, go to the nearest vehicle and escape from the cops. After you escape the cops, call Franklin and tell him to meet you at the Oil Derricks. Follow the waypoint on your mini map to get there. Once you arrive at the Oil Derricks, you will enter a cut scene with Franklin. After the cut scene is over, you will receive a mission complete. From here you will have a lot of options regarding what mission to take next, ranging from T = Trevor, M = Michael, L = Lester and B = Brandon Martin. For now we are going to stick to the main mission and go for the B to start our next main mission.

Mission 20 (Threes Company)

Once you step on the Yellow area, you will be directed to go to the Dove, indicated on your mini map.

Friends reunited.jpg

Approach the men who will be sitting together at the table to start the cut scene between the three men. After you are done with the cut scene, get into the car and make your way to the location indicated on the mini map. There, you will meet up with your team of Franklin and Trevor. When the cut scene is over, you will be in control of Trevor, flying the helicopter to your destination. Follow the waypoint indicated in order to get to your target location; the Agency Headquarters. When you get to the Yellow area on the map, get as close to the roof of the building as you can so the cut scene of Michael rappelling down may commence. With you controlling Michael, utilize the left stick to rappel down, as well as the A button to jump down accordingly. Once you reach the area you need to be, you will be told to use the B button in order to watch the scene inside of the building, of a man being tortured by officers. After watching the cut scene for a little while you will be given the option to press the A button to smash through the glass window. When you smash through the window, you will be commanded to switch to Franklin, who is across the street. This is so you can help snipe the enemies who are putting Michael in harms way. Once you have taken out the enemies as Franklin, you will be commanded to switch back to Michael and take out the remaining officers in the room. When you are done clearing the room you will be switched back to Franklin. With you controlling Franklin, shoot the helicopter approaching you, only the one approaching you, as this is the only requirement. Trevor and Michael will be in danger so you can switch to either Michael or Trevor to clear out the remaining three helicopters in the sky, that will be shooting at you. A cut scene will commence after the job is complete in full, and the mission will end completely. If you happen to drive around a bit without doing any missions you will receive a call from Steve who will tell you to meet him at the warehouse for a debriefing. Follow your waypoint provided, and drive to the warehouse in order to start your new mission.

Mission 21 (By the Book)

When you arrive at the warehouse you will enter a cut scene with the man you saved in the last mission who was being tortured, Mr. K.


The cut scene will end and you will take control of Michael, who will be told to drive to a location "The House", set on your map via waypoint. Proceed to the location. You will reach a home that will have a TV crew outside. The address that you were given was incorrect, so now you will take control of Trevor who will proceed to torture the hostage. You will be told to pick a weapon from the cart to torture Mr. K. The choice is completely up to you, as long as you get the information needed. The easiest way to get the information is to use the jumper cables to shock the hostage. Be sure not overdo it, for you can in fact kill Mr. K, during this procedure. If you have tortured Mr. K successfully, he will give you a location to explore - Chumash. You will take control of Michael again need to drive to the location set on your mini map via waypoint. The hostage has to give a description of the target so now you will be switched back to Trevor in order to start another torture sequence on the Mr. K. Pick any weapon, and commence torturing Mr. K, ensuring you do not kill him in the process. You will be switched back to Michael, who will be looking down a scope to find the target. He will not be able to identify the target, so you will be switched back to Trevor once again for another torturing session with the hostage to gain more information. Same drill - pick a weapon and torture the hostage to get the information. You will be switched back to Michael with the new information, but it will not be enough to identify the target. You will be switched back to Trevor in order to continue the torture. Now you will be returned back to Michael again and you will need to locate a man who has a beard, smokes and is left handed. He will be wearing a red shirt, which should help in identifying him. Hold your crosshairs over him until you hear that Michael is confident he is the guy to shoot. When he gives the word, take him out. The cut scene will commence and now you will be taking over as Trevor, who will be transporting Mr. K to the airport. Drive to the airport via the waypoint in order to complete the mission. Once you reach the airport waypoint space, Trevor will get out of the car and let Mr. K out, to go into the airport. This will be the end of the mission and from here you can pick another mission of your liking. In this walkthrough we are going to visit the F on the map for Franklin.

Mission 22 (Hood Safari)

Upon meeting up with Franklin, the three of you, including Lamar, embark on your missions together.


When you get into the van to drive, you will be given a waypoint to travel to Grove Street. Follow the waypoint to get to the start of your mission. Once you arrive at the end of the waypoint, exit the vehicle and follow Lamar into the house. After the cut scene, you will enter a shootout This shootout will not be very difficult if you stay in cover and take out the rival gang members. Fight your way up the street to get off of Grove St. As you are fighting your way up the street, switch between Trevor and Franklin to get different views of the street in order to kill the gang members effectively. Once you reach the top of the street, the cops will arrive. Follow Lamar to your left down the alley, in order to escape the police. Continue down to the jet skis, steal them and ride on the water in the section you are in to escape the police. Once you reach open water, Lamar will tell you all to split up and go your separate ways. Either stay on the sea or take the chase on land. Either way, you need to lose the cops. When you do lose the police, the mission will be clear and you can either pick another mission with Lamar or Franklin. From here we will switch to Michael and start his mission, Did somebody say yoga?

Mission 23 (Did Somebody Say Yoga)

This mission will begin with Michael and his wife arguing. The yoga instructor comes in you will perform a series of button matching to execute the moves with Michael during this yoga session. After Michael tries to attack the yoga instructor, the next objective is to go to Jimmy's room. Follow the waypoint to get to Jimmy's room on your mini map. After the cut scene, you will need to get into your car so you can take Jimmy to his friend who is at Burger Shot. Once you have completed the transaction that Jimmy is involved in, make your way back to the house located on your mini map via waypoint. While driving, Jimmy will give you some alcohol that will make you drunk behind the wheel. He will then proceed to throw you out of the vehicle into the street, leaving you there while you hallucinate about aliens capturing your body and doing experiments. During this, you will go through a trippy session where you believe that you are free falling to earth. At the end of your free fall, you will wake up in boxers in the middle of town. You will need to make your way back home, located as a Yellow dot on your mini map. Upon entering the house you need to go into the kitchen. There you will read a letter, left for you by your wife about her leaving you, along with the kids.

Questions and Answers

When I try to switch to Franklin so he can snipe the guys, it won't switch, How can I switch?

You will only be able to switch to Franklin when they indicate to you when you can switch to him also push the D-Pad button to switch to Franklin and not the analog stick in order to change to Franklin successfully.

You need to hold down on the D-Pad and once you hold down on the D-Pad move the highlighted option over Franklin so that you can switch to him. Also wait for the right moment to switch to him during the fire fight.

What button do you press to pick up Jerry can in o'neil's meth lab gta5?

Press the Circle button so that you will be able to pick up the jerry can but understand that you cannot use any other weapon while holding onto the jerry can. Also depending on the system you will be alerted on which button to press so that you can pick up the jerry can.

How do I beat the level where you have to find Michael?

This is the level where you Michael is missing.

  • Go to Franklin's old house.
  • When Trevor strikes, hop to Frank and just wait for Lester's call.
  • When you find Michael, hop towards him and let him loose.
  • Hit "Start", then check the map. You can find him in Cypress Flats.
  • Enter the building that has a black and white roof.
  • You will see a truck; take the guys out of it.
  • After doing this, wait for the guys from the building and take them out.
  • When you find where Michael is, shoot the guys and give him a pistol.
  • Since there is no place for you to hide, use auto aim at any guys appearing. Be mindful of the two guys appearing from the left side.
  • Michael and Franklin should work together to clear the room.
  • At the rear side of the place, there will be a couple of cars waiting; get rid of one and escape with the other. Either you get rid of the thugs or find a good spot where you can apply firepower.

Killing at least 10 of the enemies with head-shots using the auto aim is a good way to go. You should save Michael at 3:30.

The objective in this mission is to follow the signal which is on your phone in the game. Follow the signal until it gets strong enough to where you pick up the signal on where Michael is being help at, there will be no waypoint on this mission so ensure that you are driving around until the signal gets stronger.

GTA 5 franklin mission using Jerry can?

This mission was done by Trevor and not Franklin being that this mission is based on Trevors story and not Franklin so choose Trevor in order to start this mission successfully so that you can complete the message.

I believe you are referring to the mission where you blow up the O'Neil house. I had a problem with it the first attempt because I accidentally missed one spot so the gas trail wouldn't ignite properly. Just ensure that you start in the basement and very slowly walk while holding down the RT button. Pay very close attention to the mini map and make sure to pour the gas along the dotted line without missing a single dot. Then once outside just shoot the start of the trail to ignite it.

How to destroy cars without C4 GTA v?

The only other way for you to blow up the cars in GTA without C4 will be for you to either throw grenades or shoot the car repeatedly until it fully blows up. But certain missions have time limits so the C4 will be the best option so just restart the mission and buy some C4 from Ammunition.

There are many ways to destroy cars on GTA 5. You can use the grenade launcher, shoot it with just about any gun enough times(the bigger the better), and you could even throw a grenade that way. There are also more fun ways of destroying cars, use the attack chopper from the military base, destroy the cars with a tank, or just generally crash into people when you have a bigger vehicle.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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