Beat FFXIV Operation Archon Quest

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This quest is third to the last battle in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn MMO. This part of the main story is one of the most difficult way to beat as you need to make a strategy upon beating this boss, not to mention that this is only in Normal mode and not in extreme difficulty unlike other quest that you can change it's difficulty to extreme. In this mission, you need to have a full party of 8 players including yourself. You need to have 4DPS, 2Tanks and 2 Healers.

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Unlike other quest that you just need to keep on hitting the boss till it dies. This article will give you the step by step procedure on how you can beat the boss flawlessly based from my experience beating this mission. Please Pay attention to each role of the each player which you need to assign them properly to avoid repeating the quest over and over again. This question has an option for you to choose from Level 47 equipment and to 8 pieces of Allagan gold coins worth 4,000 Gil and an experience of 14,210.

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If you can get friends from the game is a Whitemage and a summoner, that will be great as summoners can summon DPS, Another Tanker or healer summons and white mage can heal your party with great HP recovery status (Regen) and others. If you choose on random party members, make sure that you share your tactic to beat the boss flawlessly. It doesn't matter if you are a Dragoon, Paladin and so on. This tactic can really help you a lot.

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The Strategy for Operation Archon Quest

Role of the 2 Tankers

As we all know, tankers are the one absorbing the damage from the boss which healers spam their heal to him/her to stay alive. Since in this quest that you have two tankers you need to assign them, It is best that you left the first tanker to wait for the two additions that will come for the second tanker to get those and the other will tank the boss while others hitting and healing. Once the additions appears in the battle field, the 1st tanker should automatically get them

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Role of the two healers

The role of the two healers are very vital as they keep you all alive. Of course, they should spam the heal to all players to keep them alive. In continuing for the tankers, the first role of the healers should stay will all of you as they keep hitting the boss to kill him. Once the additions spawn in the entrance where the first tank took them, the 2nd healer should go to the first tank who took the additions to heal them to keep those in them. If the first tank gets killed, you may need to repeat the mission as the first tank may not be able to hold multiple enemies at the same time. Always keep your distance to avoid the sparks attack

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Role of the 4 DPS

When I first join the mission, we were all Dragoons. The role of the DPS no matter if you have Archers in the party or Blackmage and so on, just make sure that all melee DPS should stay at the back of the boss while the tanker is in front. This is for you to avoid the sparks which is AOE that can damage all in range and always inflict "Heavy Thrust" to get additional damage upon hitting the boss. Remember that you need to apply the "Heavy Thrust" on the side of the boss as it will not take effect if you hit him on the back. Utilize all your attacking skills and buff one at a time, meaning delay the buff at least 10 seconds

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What to avoid during the Operation Archon Quest

  1. 1
    First thing you need to avoid
    Being in front of the boss, as you can throw sparks that can damage all in range. It can cause more than 60% of your health points and when it lands a critical hit, it can kill you all instantly for DPS and Healers.
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    Second, avoid the ring of fire
    The boss can do a damage over time of the ring of fire to where he shots it and do not get in to it. It can damage 10% to 15% of your Health Points.
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    Third, avoid missiles range
    The boss will shot missiles which can damage 95% of your HP gauge and can do an instant kill if you are in the middle. Once the boss shoot his missiles in the air and in order for this to get avoided, you need to use illusive skill if you are a dragoon to jump away. If you are a tanker and once you see he shoots the missile above you need to drag the boss away from where he stands as it is the target place, you need to drag him away.
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Once you follow the strategy above to each role that they must take, you can beat the boss flawlessly.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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