Beat Big Daddies easily on Bioshock 1

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This article will be about how to beat Big Daddies in Bioshock 1. Some people may have had issues with beating Big Daddies in this game and experienced some trouble advancing to the next chapters of the Bioshock series.

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Instructions On How To Beat Big Daddies Easily In Bioshock

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    First off you will need to come up with a strategy to fight the Big Daddies successfully. Instead of using the shoot repeatedly until they die approach, try something different. Electricity and also any electric types of fire will prove to be very useful when taking on the Big Daddies. So that is one way to successfully take them out quickly, whilst saving your ammo and life, which is very much needed in the duration of this game.
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    Another way to make quick work of the big daddy is to freeze them completely which will stall them for a good amount of time. But the Big Daddies will not stay frozen forever so while they are frozen you should attack them with any weapon of choice (mainly the weapon with the most rounds which will be more useful as you will be using rounds that you have more of an abundance of).
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    Propane tanks are also very useful when taking on the Big Daddies, as the tanks can be pulled with your kinesis power to place them in or around the big daddies. This allows you to shoot and deal a big blow of damage to the Big Daddies. This approach saves both ammo, special ammo and a great deal of your health.
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    Wire traps can also be used to set up around the Big Daddies area of approach and can also cause a great deal of damage. The wire traps require a bit of finesse to set while trying to run away, so if you choose this approach ensure you have the skills to pull this off successfully.
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    Hypnotism is also another temporary solution to defeating the Big Daddies. This process will definitely cause the big daddy to be less of a threat when attacking and slow down his speed. When using this approach, the Big Daddy will become greatly weakened and this is when you can go for the kill. Your powers will be decreased from using this approach (EVE), so make sure you have enough power left to kill the big daddy because the spell is broken when you attempt to attack them. So ensure that you have a secure set up in order to take the Big Daddy down when you are ready to attack.
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    The target dummy will distract the big daddy rendering them to attack the dummy instead of you, so while they are attacking the dummy use the time to attack the big daddy successfully.
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These are a just a few different tips and strategies on how to defeat the Big Daddies successfully, instead of just trying to shoot them repeatedly using your ammo.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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