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This article will be on how someone can be a better sports player. There is a bunch of ways that you can be a better successful sports player. If you follow these steps it will help you become a better sports player regardless of whatever sport you are playing for a lot of the rules to becoming a better sports player are all intertwined.

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Steps to Help you Become a Better Sports Player

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    The first step of becoming a good sports player is to believe in yourself beforehand and getting involved in any sport
    If you do not believe in yourself before you start any sport then you are already doubting yourself before you start any sport or event. Be confident before you start anything no matter how much the situation seems to be against you also regardless of how limited the resources are for you to reach your goal.
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    When you start up at your sport just ask yourself what can you do to contribute
    Do not look at the situation as how you can join the team and take over but what can you bring to the team to help them out for the better. Even if it seems that you are at the bottom for the time being just ensure to work harder to be better just as every successful person says "I started from the bottom" which brings the appreciation to when a person makes it to the top. So stay positive and always look forward to the better aspect of everything so that you can be at the position you wish to be in future.
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    Regardless of whatever sport you are playing remember to always respect the rules of the game
    Battling rules and also calls will not help you to be a better player for you will always look at things to work your way instead of the way they are meant to be. If a player does not respect the rules then he or she is not a good sports player. This may give a bad image of the player. When people go against the rules then it questions the players love for the game and also the rules of the game which in turn does not look good for the sport as a whole. Also there are players that use steroids to enhance their ability to play the sports which looks bad on players who play the game naturally. Even though steroids help the player to gain extra abilities over others they also have a long term effect on their health in return.
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    As a good sports player being respectful to your team mates is more important than even winning or playing the game
    Also being a good teammate makes the game more enjoyable for a person than being on a team and not having good chemistry with them at whatever sport you are enjoying. Also being a negative person with your team can set you back career wise also making it look as if you are not a good team player which is expected of all good sports players.
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  5. 5
    Even when you are playing your sport it is important to respect your opponents before, during and after your game play with them even though at the time they are considered to be your enemies
    When not satisfied by the outcome of the game it is still respectful for you to give them a high five, hand shake or even the comment of "good game" this is a true show of good sportsmanship. Rivalries especially even though to be a critical game also makes the game very fun and special for without rivals or opponents there wouldn't be a purpose of playing the game at all.
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    A lot of athletes also have a big issue with respecting the officials of the game and this is not a good show of sportsmanship or traits of a good sports player
    When the officials give off a bad call in your eyes respect the call and the rules accordingly for this will be a great show of sportsmanship. Also by disrespecting an official can cause for another bad call in the future for you have lost the respect of the official in place.
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  7. 7
    Coaches are also a big part of a team and if you are not happy with the coaches calls then keep it inside for they are put in that position for a reason
    If you feel as if the coach is being unreasonable and wish to talk to them then do it tactfully instead of the wrong way like talking to them in a different environment to express how you feel but always express how you respect the call but just want to know the cause of the reasoning. Once you hurt the relationship between you and your coach it is hard to get over this dilemma for it will affect you from now till the end of your career and whatever is done with one coach will follow you on record to any other team or coaching staff you are a part of in the future.
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  8. 8
    As a player on a team it is important to also encourage and help out the other players in areas they are lacking and also as a friend to any of their problems
    The team is a family and everyone contributes to help out the whole team as a whole so do your part with the others in order to keep the family strong and well organized.
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  9. 9
    Motivate everyone on the team regardless if you are satisfied with the decisions and your performance for this can prove to be a great boost to the teams moral
    Some professional players started out at the bottom as what is known as a hype man or person who amps the team up and those people usually get the same support when it is their turn in the spotlight so keep up the motivation during your career for you will also need the motivation later on in your career.
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    When playing a sport do not slack off of your responsibility regardless of what the problem is within you or your teammates
    If you see another teammate slacking off a bit on their responsibilities you can alert them of their actions but do not adapt to what they are doing also for you are your own person and know the responsibilities you need to have for you and your team.
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