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Blogging is a pleasant activity to do, especially if you love writing. You could have a general blog wherein you write about anything under the sun. But you could also be specific.


Try to target a niche in which you are an expert, or related to something you love doing, like, for example, travel. If you love seeing other places, experiencing other cultures, tasting foreign cuisine, and more, then this is the writing job for you: Travel blogging. You can jot down all your experiences, whether pleasant or horrible, on your blog. You can also give suggestions to other travelers about certain places where you have been, and so much more.

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How can I be a successful travel blogger?

  1. 1
    You should understand the essence of blogging, SEO, and marketing
    Of what use is it to do a travel blog if only a few people learn about it? That is a good question. That's why you should try to understand the techniques on how to make people know that you and your travel blog exist!
    1. What is SEO? It means Search Engine Optimization. SEO makes heavy use of keywords or key phrases that will make your blog get top ranking in search engines worldwide. Your goal here is to make your blog appear in the first page of the search results of someone who searches for a certain topic which is heavily used in your blog. For example, say someone searched for travel in Tunisia, and you have written a blog about Tunisia. Of course, in your write-up, you will mention the word Tunisia many times. For sure, it will turn up in the search engines, but in what search page, we don't know. Usually, people do not have the patience to go to page 600 or 700. Usually, the most popular page is obviously page 1.
    2. What is marketing? It involves techniques for making people aware about your product, and in this case, it is your travel blog! The usual thing people nowadays use to advertise their blog is through social media. They have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Then they mention an excerpt in their blog. Then, right after that, they put in a link which people can just click if they are interested and want to read more about the teaser article which you started. And boom, you got someone to go over to your blog and read the whole article. Or you could tell your friends to go to your blog. If they like it, for sure they will tell their own set of friends.
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    You let your readers sign up for your weekly newsletter
    If your travel blog has an established and loyal readership, and you want to expand your base, have a mechanism in your blog that allows you to invite existing or new readers to have, for free, weekly newsletters, delivered straight to their email address. In this way, you will be a consistent read for these people because when they see your newsletter in their email, there is a large chance that they will read it. And because of the numerous blogs cropping up all over cyberspace, and people will have a tendency to forget about your blog, this scheme of delivering newsletters to their email will make them remember you. And if you keep on writing interesting tidbits about your travels, chances are they will keep coming back to read your blog. You can continue doing this, at least until such time that your blog will be there in their subconscious and they will never forget you, the same way they never forget about Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Stumbleupon, etc. You know, when most people surf the internet, they really have no itinerary, but they tend to remember their favorite websites and blogs.
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    Make your readers enjoy the places you write about, whether they stay at home or go to that place.
    Write about the place in the most creative, relaxing, humorous, descriptive, but truthful way you can think of
    Not all of your readers have the money or the time and the luxury to travel to the places which you describe in your blog. Make the place come to life - the people that live there, the food, the smell of the street, the hotel room, the feel of the textile in the flea market that you visited. Let them feel as if they are also there in that place, smelling and tasting and touching the things that you are lucky enough to experience. Make your readers feel also that they are lucky to have discovered your travel blog and enjoy your writing! Add pictures that best represent the place that you visited. Add as many as you can, so your readers will think that they are the ones also taking the pictures with the SLR camera that they have around their neck.
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    Real travel lovers do not mind the sore feet and the backaches from all the journeys
    They are simply curious about the beauties of the world. Your travel blog is like therapy for them if they cannot get out of their work or their budget is just not enough. Beautiful writing on the travel blog is a must. And real travel lovers are bored with seeing the usual front facade tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the leaning tower of Pisa, and the Statue of Liberty. What they want to see are the backstreets and and the back alleys, and the rarely set-foot-on paths and roads, and to discover little shops with magical wares for sale, small restaurants with quaint menus and surprising tastes, interesting people living the real life in those places. Real travelers want to be able to talk to the man on the street - maybe even learn about life with this man's family for a day or two and experience their daily routine. If you have done that and can describe these things elaborately, your readers who are real travelers would also love you for that!
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    You could be an adviser to other travelers
    Help him narrow down his choices of travel destinations. Once he chooses his preferred country or city, help him find the best options for his hotels or hostels too. Or you could suggest host families for a more down-to-earth experience. You could also suggest landmarks to visit, restaurants to dine in, shops to buy from, all the small tidbits, the helpful tips, and the precautionary warnings so that the traveler can benefit from what you write about and enjoy his travel without any fuss.
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    There are times when your readers suggest a certain place to write about
    The majority wins. If a lot of readers want you to write about Italy, then write about this wonderful place. Be detailed. Do not be limited to only one city or vicinity, because Italy is such a beautiful country, you cannot be limited to one topic or to one territory. Write about its wonderful food, the beautiful people, the historic landmarks, and the delightful scenery. Get the pulse of your readers and what they want to read about.
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  7. 7
    Get tips from other travel blogs and sites
    You could learn a thing or two about managing and writing a travel blog from other established travel websites and blogs. Study how the writers write their stories, their styles, their story focus, the way they use photos to enhance their stories, how they make their stories interesting, how they help the would-be traveler with their travel tips. Also, study the format of the website or the blog. Is it also applicable in your case? Or does it give you an idea on how to make your blog better and more exposed on the internet?
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    Get excerpts from other travel blogs and sites which you could use on your blog
    The only thing is, you should do the proper citations and acknowledgements on where you got the excerpts. In reality, if a writer knows that his article or part of his article has been used by another writer and has been properly acknowledged, it is a big compliment on his part. It means his write-up has impacted someone else's writing. If you believe that an excerpt from another source will help your readers understand your article more, then do so.
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  9. 9
    Be wise when writing after a junket or group blogger trip
    Usually, this trip is financed by the owner of the place. All expenses paid: the airfare, the accommodations, the food, even a bit of the shopping. It is but expected that the owner of the place wants you to write positively about the place so as to advertise it to the general public. Sincerely and truthfully, write about the things that you find nice about the place, never leaving or omitting any detail that can make the place a viable option for readers to visit and spend their money. When it comes to negatives, be diplomatic. You enjoyed your stay, so give the owner his money's worth. Touch on the negatives sparingly, but truthfully, without damaging the reputation.
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  10. 10
    Inspire your readers to pack their bags and travel
    It could be that you have readers who were just randomly surfing the net and came across your travel blog. It caught their fancy and they continued reading.
    Your style of writing drove them to feel passionate about traveling - the way you describe the sights and sounds of the place, the way you say that there is nothing like tasting authentic Moroccan food nowhere else but in Casablanca itself, touching the best silk that human beings can make in Cambodia by people who create these smooth specimens for several generations, the way you express it is really different if you experience the Manila Bay sunset when you are really there rather than see it on YouTube, and experiencing a real authentic Italian dinner with real seafood pasta, plain cheese pizza, red wine from the countryside and with Italian friends at sunset.
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    A niche within a niche
    A travel blog could be something varied and general. But it could also be specialized. There are some travel blogs which specialize in the countryside. Others focus on sports, adventure trekking, restaurant dining, the inner city (alleys and back streets), the cosmopolitan city, psychology, senior citizen concerns, arts and crafts, movies, books, video games, electronic gadgets, and a whole lot more specialties.
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