Be a Good Host/Hostess

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There is nothing worse than showing up at a party, especially a holiday party, at which the host or hostess is negligent or just plain clueless. It can be hard to relax and have a good time unless the party maintains a certain environment.

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The tips below will help you become the best host/hostess on the block.


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    Keep the environment flowing
    There is a lot to being a good hostess - drinks, hors d'oeuvres, dinner and conversation all must be tended to, but sometimes that is easier said than done. When a guest arrives at your door, promptly answer. If you are still cooking, stop, place the dish on low heat or a simmer and tend to the door.
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    When you meet your guest at the door, you want to give them something and take something away
    For example, you can take the coat of your guest, while you give them a drink or an hors d'oeuvre.
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    As each guest arrives, walk them over and introduce them personally to someone that they do not already know
    This will keep the conversation flowing in the room and help the experience be more memorable.
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    It is a good idea to give each guest a small party bag, or party favor (typically $10 or less) as a courtesy, if you can afford it
    If you don't have the money to spend on a party favor, you can always make one! Try something simple like a bag of decorated sugar cookies, homemade and tied with a ribbon.
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    When it comes to the dishes that you are serving, it is a good idea to have several different options available to your guests
    Be aware of your guests' food allergies, if any, well before you make the dinner, and do your best to make them feel comfortable. Don't forget to offer a vegetarian option - salad or pasta for instance - as well as a meat dish, such as a roast or stew.
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    Try to have several topics of discussion prepared in case of silent or awkward moments or breaks in conversation
    This rule applies moreso to formal dinners where you may not feel as comfortable, such as those that involve your mother or father in-law, and would not apply as much during a dinner with close friends.
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    Make sure that you have plenty of toilet paper in the bathroom; you don't want to leave your guest stranded and sitting in the bathroom during your party because they did not realize ahead of time that your roll was empty!
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    Last but not least, you need to have fun
    No one wants to be stuck at a party where the hostess is scarcely seen. Finish the dinner and enjoy your friends; this might be your party, but you are not a servant. Indulge yourself and save the cleanup for after everyone leaves.
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Questions and Answers

How can I be a good hostess while working in a restaurant?

I don't know how formal or friendly to be at my job working as a restaurant hostess.. I have tried: I have tried smiling and being friendly.. I think it was caused by: I want to make sure that customers keep coming back because they get special treatment from the perfect hostess.

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Practice empathy and discover what a client wants. Being a waitress is art. All clients require a special approach, and, for example, if you see someone in a great hurry, do not start a speech; and do only what is required of you. Time is of essence for this person, and it is his greatest "friendliness". Other clients will require your smiling and responding to their jokes; usually, those are the people who converse a lot. Young man would love to see a flirtatious young lady. Couples might need your neutral side: smile to both guests, remain distant. If they are jocular a bit, you can laugh a little. Always thank the guest for paying and ask him or her to come back. For the first couple of visits, you may remain more formal, becoming more colloquial in your small conversations later. With aristocratic guests, pay more attention to etiquette and formal and educated speech.

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