Be a Girl on Guard in a Relationship

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Cheating is as easy as one, two, three nowadays. Trusting someone, unfortunately or fortunately for others, isn't that lucky to be included in your easy to-do list. Because of technology, it is easier for someone, and in this case for him to be able to slip a little hustle one at a time. In such cases, girls should be equipped not only physically but also mentally in order to avoid such situations. Keep in mind that being a little wary for yourself doesn't mean that you don't love him already, but it only indicates that you want yourself to be protected.

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Using the Five Senses Method

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This is the one method that girls should be equipped with. The basic tools are created just right for them -they just have to use it the correct way, too.

  1. 1
    Owl's Eyes.
    A girl needs an owl's pair of eyes. Eyes that are wide open, and surreptitious in its wake.
    1. Keep your shades away or clean your eyeglasses, but keep in mind all of the details in everything even the minor ones. It might be the key. Nothing should be wasted.
    2. Use your eyes to check for signs. To see is to believe.
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  2. 2
    Trumpeter's Ears.
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    Even with the loud and overwhelming sounds of assurances from him, a girl needs to hear with an ear without a filter. Hear everything, even the unsaid.
    1. Listen. Carefully.
    2. Slips will always be there, but be careful not to appear too suspicious.
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  3. 3
    Detective's Nose.
    Noses are not only for food. Colognes and perfumes that are not familiar might be a clue. A girl needs to be able to smell something fishy.  
    1. Smell the air around the two of you. Suffocating enough for you?
    2. Always check if love is still in the air.
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  4. 4
    Gourmet's Tongue.
    Eng Corp-Chef.jpg
    Does his food taste bland already? Perhaps, awful? A girl needs to taste the love of her love.  
    1. No appetite for a kiss? His or her tooth decay?
    2. Be sensitive with the food around you. Poison might just be around the corner.
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  5. 5
    Clock's Hands.
    Feel not only with your hands, but with every part of your body. A girl needs to be sensitive with touch and not so friendly touch.  
    1. Ask yourself if you are already missing his touch. Is he getting colder?
    2. Squeeze his hand. Does he squeeze back?
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Using Your Handy-Dandy Gadgets

If you're having a hard time developing those tools, use this ones we are born with. Nothing stops you to do just that.

  1. 1
    Instincts. Do not underestimate the power of instincts. Most of the time, girls are saved just by following their instincts. Just like following what you hearts say. When left with nothing, girls usually depend on their instincts to know if he is already chasing another girl's skirt. One just feels it out of the blue, but with apparent reason, visible or not.
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  2. 2
    True friends.jpg
    These creatures are handy-dandy because they serve as police for bad behaviors from him 24 hours/7 days a week without pay. Be careful, still, for hidden motives from these creatures. Is he too handsome? Warnings are served for you then. If these creatures are true and real, it's best to follow their advice. They may love you more than he does.
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  3. 3
    Media. Technology might be his means of cheating, but you can use it, too, against him. Do not underestimate the power of a girl's determination. In her vocabulary, it can always be done. Check. Communicate. Check. Communicate. Repeat.
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Dealing with ways on how to keep your guy from cheating on you

Before that, it would be good to know what men think about the relationship. So why do guys cheat on their partners?

Why Do Men Cheat on Their Partners

  1. 1
    Things Got or are Getting Boring Each. It may be that your man is tired of the same stuff that you do in bed or he simply just doesn't enjoy your company anymore. Reality bites. It is so hard to please men and keep them monogamous.
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  • 2
    Tired of Your Attitude. Nagging is a big no-no in a relationship. He might have met a real nice girl and finds her very calm and democratic and one second he is falling for her. This is what guys often complain about their partners. So if you want to keep your guy from cheating on you, stop this.
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    An Old Flame. He might have bumped into an old flame, finds out that she is nicer and sweeter than you are, had a short chat over a couple of beer and things started to get screwed up.
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  • These are just a few of the reasons why men cheat. So how would you be the girl on guard so you could stop your boyfriend from cheating?

    Here's How You Can Guard the Relationship

    1. 1
      Be more experimental. Add a little more spice into the relationship. If you think your sack sessions have gotten boring, read some sex guide books. Think of all the things that blew his mind or that got him attracted to you when you first met. Bring them all back again and better yet improve them.
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    2. 2
      Always let him feel your presence. This does not mean you have to be with him 24/7. Just let him feel that you would always be there for him. If he is out working or maybe spending some time with his friends, you can drop him few messages like I LOVE YOU or I MISS YOU, GORGEOUS. But don't overdo it by sending him messages asking every minute checking where he is or who is he with. This will only annoy him.
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    3. 3
      Stop Nagging. Nagging can cause a kind of emotional turmoil to guys. He would not want to see you at the end of the day just for you to nag at him. When he just can't put up with your nagging, he might just find a very welcoming soul ready to comfort him and you'll just wake up one day your man is already in another woman's arms. You would not want that scenario to happen, would you?
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    End Note

    At the end of the day, love conquers all, the saying goes. You, as a girl, should know when to put your trust fully into someone. Love is different to everybody. Be with the one you love, and trust him.

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    Questions and Answers

    Do you have advice for protecting a marriage from infidelity?

    I want to trust my new husband but he is so attractive I fear he will respond to the advances of other women.. I have tried: I have tried to keep us at home and not socialize as much at parties or events where there are a lot of women.. I think it was caused by: He is very charming and knows how to flirt with women but I am not sure if that kind of flirting will lead to cheating.

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    Every wife thinks her husband is the most attractive person in the planet and becomes protective. The same applies to husbands; so, he thinks that you are the most beautiful woman on the planet. Being in love is not seeing any disadvantages and thinking of them as of special features. The restrictions you impose on him may only push the person into infidelity. Your husband has vowed to be with you, and letting him decide and judge his own actions is the best thing you can do for him. Trust him fully, and let him enjoy your company without fear. If he feels that you prevent his life from being full, then he may start doing something surreptitiously. The best marriages always are based on full trust and understanding. Suspicion, distrust, and limitations might be negative emotions for both of you. If you want, find a common friend to whom you will trust. He or she may watch you both and guide you if he or she sees something wrong: however, expect him or her to tell your husband that he or she sees your limiting his actions too much; so, you would want to alter your attitude towards your husband beforehand.

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