Be Top in Your Class Using the Multiple Exposure Technique vs Traditional Methods

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Method 1: Using the Multiple Exposure Technique

You can choose what grade you want to get in a class. You may think it will take way too much time, but it's actually faster because you'll understand the material much better, and you will have to do very little studying at exam time.

Studies have shown that a person needs to review information 5 times before it's committed to memory.

  • 1st pass = 10% retention
  • 2nd pass = 30% retention
  • 3rd pass = 50% retention
  • 4th pass = 75% retention
  • 5th pass = 90% retention


  1. 1
    Learn some of the material ahead of time so it will be your second pass when the teacher brings it up in the classroom. Then you'll be able to ask more intelligent and pertinent questions. Previewing a lesson ahead of time also helps you determine how much study time you'll need to devote to the topic.
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  2. 2
    Summarize your notes. A summary is a condensed version containing basic details, important points and the main focus or theme of the topic.
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  3. 3
    Study and memorize after each class. Go through your notes from the day and commit anything to memory you don't already know. Make a small notation next to the details that need further attention for you to fully understand the point.
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  4. 4
    At the end of each week, in the margin of your notes, summarize each paragraph into just one or two words. This will make it easy for you to recall the heart of the topic when you are reviewing your notes for an exam.
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  5. 5
    Every week review the past week in detail to make sure you don't forget anything by exam time. A quick review is all you need and you followed these steps, you will most likely get 90% or better on your exam.
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Developing your multiple exposure techniques will allow you to add memory skills. Soon, these techniques will become second nature to you provided if you stick to this system. Improving your memory is rewarding in all aspects of life and you will notice a difference.

Method 2: Using Traditional Methods


  1. 1
    Become Goal Oriented. If your aim is to be at the top of the class then you have to set study goals and assess the time needed for you to retain the required information. Be honest with yourself when determining the time needed for you to complete your study goals before exam time.
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  2. 2
    Find Your Competitive Spirit. Join or create a study group with other students for motivation and encouragement. Studies have shown that reviewing and studying with other students is more effective than studying on your own.
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  3. 3
    Be Disciplined. Unless you're a genius, you won't reach your goal of being at the top of the class unless you're disciplined. You need to manage your time, complete assignments efficiently, and study, study, study. Cutting corners and slacking in general will not get you to the top of the class.
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  4. 4
    Develop and Apply Study Habits. Take notes during class lectures to study from later on. You should also schedule time to study at home. In class, make sure you understand the lesson being taught by the professor. If you don't quite get it, don't hesitate to ask for clarification. Research additional information regarding your the subject you're studying. Give yourself a head start and study and read ahead for the next lesson.
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  5. 5
    Avoid Drowsiness. Refrain from sleeping and feeling drowsy during a lecture since it will affect your comprehension of the lesson...because you'll miss it! Even if you're just nodding off, you won't be focused, and you'll intellectually miss the lesson. If you aren't focused, nothing of the lesson will be stored in your mind. The information you missed during a particular lesson may be really important, so don't sleep while in the class. Avoid junk foods and sugary snacks or drinks before class. Schedule a minimum of 8 hours to sleep each night. If you feel drowsy before class, take a quick brisk walk.
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  6. 6
    Be Active. Participate in class discussions. Discussing the subject during class will help you retain information, and keep you focused and awake. Make sure that your answers are comprehensive and your questions are thought provoking. Class participation could mean a higher grade.
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  7. 7
    Achieve a High Grade Average. Grades from the results of quizzes, classroom work, or assignments all contribute to your overall grade average. Get as high a result as you can. Any extra credit may be helpful in attaining your goal.
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  8. 8
    Make Time to Review. At home you should review your previous lesson notes. You should research anything you didn't understand completely. Reviewing your lessons will also help you to prepare for class discussions and surprise quizzes. When reviewing, be sure to understand the content. You can also rewrite previous lessons while reviewing. This will help you remember.
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  9. 9
    Avoid Peer Pressure. Avoid friends who are a bad influence. You don't want to make any bad decisions that will adversely affect your studies. Find friends in school or class that will help you achieve your goals' by offering motivation and support. Look for friends with similar goals. With all your studying, do make some time to socialize with friends, but go easy on the drinking. It takes your body a long time to recover from a night of excess drinking.
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  10. 10
    Set Aside Disruptions. Separate romantic relationships from school. When love is not separated from school then it may cause problems with your studies. It is better not to have a love life while studying in order to maintain focus on your goals. Problems regarding your relationship may cause distractions. You might be focusing on how to fix your relationship problems rather than focusing on your studies. Keep the television or radio turned off during study time. If you have a program you enjoy watching or video game you like to play...create a weekly schedule to balance study time and relaxation time.
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How to Make it to the Top of the Class

Who would not want to be the first in anything?

For students, who wouldn't want to be the star in the class? You just don't wake up the next day being at the top of your class. You should work hard for it; invest time and effort on your way to the top. While it is true that natural intelligence can help a person get to the top, this is not always the case. There are some people who are gifted with knowledge but do not excel academically.

  1. 1
    Take Time Doing Your Homework. Homework is given for a reason. This can be a teacher's way of gauging how well you understood the lesson, how much interest you have and how much effort you are willing to put into the class.
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  2. 2
    Time Management. There are some people, for whom academics don't come easily, but excel in other areas such as sports, music or arts. If you want to stay on top of the class while not compromising your other interests, manage your time wisely. It will help if you have a planner/organizer to stay on track.
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  3. 3
    Never Stop Learning. Learning does not stop. There's always an opportunity to discover new things. The more you know, the more you'll have over the other students in the class. Heard of the adage, "It pays to know a little of everything"? Just keep learning new things and apply them to everything in your life.
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  4. 4
    Pay Attention During Class. Be sure you are all ears when the teacher is conducting the class. Pay attention so you don't miss anything important. Aside from paying attention, participate when you can. Impress your teacher by being active during discussions and recitations and be interactive to prove you not only listened but understood.
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  5. 5
    Choose Your Company. A student's life is not always about books, exams and grades. You also need time to get a breath of fresh air. But while relaxation is fine, be very mindful of the people you hang out with. The wrong company might compromise your grades by encouraging destructive behavior, and you'll eventually say goodbye your goal of being at the top of your class.
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The road to success is often rocky - but with hard work, it'll be worth it.


  • Drugs and alcohol take a lot out of you. The recovery from a night of over-indulgence will cost you time which this is time you don't have to waste.
  • If you're someone who has a better audio memory than a written memory, tape your notes on your phone, and listen to the notes when you're on the bus, walking to school, etc.
  • Put together a great study group. You'll not only improve your grades, but you'll make some friends. They say the friends you make at college, are the friends you'll keep for life.
  • If you don't understand something, ask the professor, that's what they're there for.

Questions and Answers

How do I get smart and maintain a good social life at the same time?

My GPA is a 2.4. Help me, please? I was wondering how on earth do I become smart; is being smart a natural thing, like from genetics? I really need assistance maintaining both good grades and a good social life. I was also wondering how can I get smarter so it's noticeable. How can I possibly become a better writer- there's nothing I can do to study for that, is there? I am currently hyperventilating, and need assistance with life. Help me, please.

  1. 1
    First, determine which is your learning style. From the following, establish what method is best for you to learn and retain what you've learned.  
    1. Visual/Spatial. If you prefer using pictures, images, and watching videos. You might think in pictures, and when you write, it visually comes alive in your head. Some of the tricks you use might have to do with charts and pictures and color.
    2. Aural/Auditory-musical. You find you learn using sound and music such as the ABC's song as a child, you will sing it back each time you try to organize alphabetically. Although the written word might confuse you, when someone explains a method to you, or when you yourself speak about it, rather than write about it, this is your style of learning. You'll remember what someone tells you, rather than what you read.
    3. Verbal/Linguistic. The more volume of words and information of a subject, the better you learn. You'll remember when you've seen it written, or write it down.
    4. Physical/Kinesthetic. Physically having to perform the lesson in order to learn it. Some call this 'hands on". Your not one to gain much from reading the directions or instructions. When you learn to drive a car, you find reading the manual tedious. You're itching to feel the steering wheel in your hands, the pedals under your feet, and the roar of the engine. When you need to experience it to learn it, you are a kinesthetic learner.
    5. Logical/Mathematical. This is when you have to find the reason for every problem with a clear path to a solution.
    6. Social/Interpersonal. Study groups are always helpful but if you find this is one of the only ways you learn then you are a social learner.
    7. Solitary/Intrapersonal. If a quiet area and just you and your textbook are the way you learn it is because you are a solitary learner. You don't like a lot of environmental stimulation and probably work best in an uncluttered room.
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  2. 2
    Second, organize your study schedule. Once you have determined how you best retain information, you can set up a schedule to correspond with it.  
    1. Organize or join study groups if you find that you are a social learner. If you can't find any at school, consider joining a third party educational tutoring organization.
    2. If you learn via Auditory, record your class lectures and set up study jingles to remember important information.
    3. For kinesthetic learning, you may find that actually writing down your lectures helps you recall the information. You may need to set up extra examples of homework or a lesson to complete for total recall of that lesson.
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  3. 3
    Third, limit your social interaction until you get your study habits under control.  
    1. Only commit to social interactions once you have a study schedule set and you find that you have the time that week.
    2. If you need more social interaction to learn then join a study group with friends where the first half you all study together and the second half you partake in general friendly discussion.
    3. When organizing your schedule, make sure to include hobbies or other things that help you relax. This way you won't feel overwhelmed, which can inhibit your learning. Taking a Yoga class once a week would be a great example.
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How can a low average student be ranked top in class?

I am a student and want to be on the top of my class.

Once you've determined your learning style, you can ask for help from your teachers and peers to get to your goal. Ask your teacher to help you set your goal and then mark milestones along the way to the goal. This will motivate you.

Changing your study habits can take some adjustment but you will gain skills that will help you for the rest of your life. Try the VisiHow article steps and see if this helps make a difference in your overall grades. The change may not be overnight but you will achieve better grades if you persevere.

The beautiful thing is you absolutely know if you work hard, you won't ever get worse grades.

How can I understand the concept?

I am unable to understand the concept. I am unable to concentrate in class.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help from a classmate or professor if you are unable to grasp a new concept. You should also be recording your class lectures. This way you can play them back for better cognition.

How can I remember a lot of details, without it being so difficult?

Please explain how to remember a lot of details like, what the industrial revolution was all about, etc.

Play a game of trying to create acronyms for the basic definition facts that you are learning. For instance, take the word Changes and put it into an acronym about the factory production and engineering achievements of the Industrial Revolution.

How can I get top marks on exams? How can I implement time management?

I want to get 100% on my exams. I am in 8th grade. The main problem with me is that there is no one to explain French to me at home, and it contains marks as part of a third language. I have tried: I tried but there is a lot of homework to do including activities and questions and answers etc. I also have to find time to exercise. I try my best to manage time, but I'm not able to. I think it was caused by: Time is not sufficient and work burden is huge.

It sounds like you are starting to feel overwhelmed. 8th grade is just the beginning of your secondary education journey. This is the time to figure out the best time schedule that includes studying, social activities, and life obligations. There are numerous free online French tutorials and practice programs. One of them is French which is not only free but has an oral comprehension program to help you with pronunciation. Getting 100% on an exam is achievable but the most important thing is that you do your best to retain the information. If that means that you only received 80% on an exam but are working as hard as you can to improve, you will see results in the long run.

Sometimes, I'm extremely motivated - but for a very short span of time.

Other times, I'm a bit careless. Could you please help me figure it out? I have lots of talents, but I can't focus. I am distressed with new problems daily or weekly, which emotionally affect me. I have tried: Implemented every internet tip to be top in class. I think it was caused by: Distraction (technology)

Anxiety can inhibit your path to being top of the class. Perhaps you should consider speaking with a medical professional about the stress and anxiety you are under and how it is distracting you from daily tasks. If technology is interfering with your daily life, then perhaps you should look into certain apps that can lock you out after a certain time. There are many parental control apps that have this function. If needed, have a friend set up the pins and times so that you need them to disable it. This will remove temptations so that you can focus on studying and doing homework. Join a study group for social interaction instead of being social on a social media app.

How to memorize faster is a big problem for me.

I force myself to memorize but it's not working.

Repetition, repetition, repetition will be the best way for you to memorize. You can also try putting important study facts to music. Write study notes on sticky notes and leave them all over your space and personal items so that you see it several times a day. I have even set up Google Calendar alerts for study notes.

How do I take down notes quickly, and still understand them?

Every time my teacher talks, I miss important details. But my school doesn't allow cell phones to record important details. I have tried: I cannot do the right thing. Sometimes I make up wrong words, and when I get to my test, I am so wrong! Even if I listen, I am still so wrong! I think it was caused by: I think because I am a slow writer.

It's understandable why cell phones aren't allowed in the classroom, but perhaps you can ask your teacher about bringing in a tape recorder to take the class. There are some indiscrete small ones available. In fact, you could probably find a really inexpensive one secondhand.

I am a 7-year-old, and would like to be good at math and finish my work on time.

Can you give me a few ideas? I really need to finish my work on time.

Welcome to I have a 7-year-old at home and this is what I do for her because she struggles with getting her work done on time:

  1. 1
    For homework, we use a timer. Then it is a game to get the work done correctly in that amount of time.
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  2. 2
    School work at home is set up in a distraction-free workspace. This is important because anything can make us lose focus. I use a tri-fold blank poster board in front of my child when she is doing her homework. If she achieves her time goal then she gets to put a sticker on the backside of the poster board.
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  3. 3
    Ask your parent to limit your time online. This can send us down a time-wasting rabbit hole. Developing time management skills early on will make you a better student as you get older.
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As for math, it is a beautiful fact based subject. There is no doubt that 2+2=4. Practicing counting and subtracting with your toys such as legos or shopkins. When you are eating your breakfast, see how many bites it takes to finish it. Math is all around us in our daily life, noticing how it impacts can make math fun!

First my major was science. Then I changed from science to commerce.

The thing is, I'm facing a lot of problems, I don't know what to do because commerce is totally new and I am unable to solve the problems. My accounting is very weak.

Why did you make the switch? Can you switch back? Do not feel stuck in a major. If you are struggling early on, it may only get worse. If you are only stuck on one or two subjects and feel that commerce is your ultimate professional path, then join a study group or get a tutor.

How to become topper of your batch which is containing 5 sections, each class having 50 students?

I am working very hard yet not becoming topper of my class. I have tried: I tried my best to give up everything and focus on studying and gaining more knowledge than marks...but still..... I think it was caused by: I don't know....

The important thing is that you are doing all you can to be the best student. Keep striving to attain goals but perhaps make smaller ones on the path to the end goal of being at the top of your class. For instance, perhaps make a goal for your next test in the form of a grade margin between 85-95%. If you achieve it, then it will help with your motivation.

Every time I want to sleep...... why I don't know?

Every time I am feeling drowsy......... I have tried: Yes I am trying my best to avoid sleeping. I think it was caused by: I don't know

Avoid Sleeping During Class is a VisiHow article packed with information on how to improve your alertness during class and study time. One of the biggest changes you can make is creating a scheduled bedtime routine where you get a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night.

I am 13 years old and I am not getting interested in studies?

I want to read, but when I will take out my books to study I will get attracted towards something else or other. Please HELP me...... I have tried: I did meditation, I prepared time table but I was unsuccessful. I think it was caused by: I think its because of my addiction towards PC, Mobiles, TV, Games, etc.

You are hardwired towards stimulating activities. One way around this is to hold something in your hand like a tennis ball while you are studying. Roll it around or squeeze it to keep stimulated. You are a crucial age for developing better study habits. Addiction to technology is a very realistic problem facing many your age. It is how to overcome it that will make a huge difference in your life. This may mean requesting your parent enforce limits on your technology such as removing the cord to your gaming system and hiding your tablet during the school week. The first few days will be frustrating but eventually, you will not miss being on your tablet or watching TV. You can set up goals such as one hour of TV a night if you get all of your studying and homework done.

How do I manage to be the best student in class for the teachers to start noticing me?

So many learners in my class are very smart and for that, I don't get enough attention from the teachers. How do I manage to be good in all subjects. My classmates usually call me the stupid one and I get so offended by such things. And now I badly want to prove to them just how much I can also be smart. I have tried: I tried writing down my own notes and it just doesn't seem to work because I have a schedule. I think it was caused by: Many because I don't study so hard as they do that's why I always seem to fail the tests.

I am deeply sorry that you are being called stupid by your peers. That is disgusting that you are treated this way in class. Unfortunately, there will always be bullies in our life even as adults. Do not let this become an obstacle for you. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me is a schoolyard rhyme that you should take to heart now. Ignore them and their negativity and keep in mind that people who harm others like this often feel inadequate in their own life.

If writing notes down is not working for you, start recording your classes with a mini recorder. Some professors will even keep your recorded by them for the best sound. Go up to your professor and speak from your heart about how you are struggling with the tests and wish to do anything for improvement. Ask if there is a study group that you can attend.

How can I avoid visiting social media instead of doing research for my subject?

Every time I want to study something more about the topics that I encountered, I visit social media and passing the time until it's almost quiz time, resulting myself to get only a passing score and sometimes failing score. My situation is different because I'm on an Advanced program in high school and I'm always slacking, etc. I can't do anything on time, I can't

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What should I do because I have many classmates that are more intelligent than me?

My competitors are already head of class since previous school years... How will I be able to rise to Top 10 if they are my competitors? There are competitions among my situations in which the article didn't tackle among. I have tried: I just started class though. I never tried anything yet because school just started. I think it was caused by: I was busy socializing during the previous school years and I found motivation to aim for Top 1 because of my girlfriend's challenge at me to aim for Top 1 in exchange for one wish

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If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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